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HP Brio BA User Information

Global positioning system (gps)
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Global Positioning System (GPS)
User Information



Summary of Contents for HP Brio BA

  • Page 1 Global Positioning System (GPS) User Information...
  • Page 2 If you plan to use GPS navigation in your vehicle for an extended period of time, charge your HP iPAQ using an Auto adapter. If you do not have an Auto adapter, you can order one at
  • Page 3: Setting Up Proxy Server Settings

    If you do not have an Internet connection and GPRS service, Internet Explorer displays an error message. 2. Cradle your HP iPAQ and synchronize with your personal computer (PC) using ActiveSync. Then try to visit a web site again. If an error persists, this may indicate that you have to access the Internet through a proxy server.
  • Page 4 OK several times to exit. Verifying the Date and Time Verify the correct date and time on your HP iPAQ. If the date and time are not correct, tap the Clock icon on the Today screen to adjust.
  • Page 5: Verifying Compatibility

    Now. Verifying Compatibility Your HP iPAQ comes with Tom Tom GPS Navigation software pre-installed. If you are interested in purchasing additional GPS navigation software to use on your HP iPAQ, check with the GPS software supplier (before you purchase, download, or install any GPS navigation software) to determine that the application is compatible with your specific HP iPAQ model.
  • Page 6 All GPS software applications need to know which communications port to use to access GPS data. Your HP iPAQ already has the GPS port specified for the GPS software applications that came with the device. However, if you install additional GPS applications onto your HP iPAQ GPS-enabled device, you may need to specify the GPS port in your GPS application’s configuration settings.
  • Page 7 To retrieve the voucher code, tap Start > Programs > Get a Map. Losing A Downloaded Map If you have an HP iPAQ with GPS navigation powered by TomTom and lose a map you can download the same map again to your HP iPAQ without any charge.
  • Page 8: Answering A Phone Call While Using Gps

    The GPS receiver in your HP iPAQ is the GL20000 from Global Locate. This high sensitivity receiver uses Quick GPS Connection technology, so under normal use there is no need for an external antenna. Common Reasons for Interference Interference Type...

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