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HP b2600 Supplementary Manual: Draw Array Set Extensions; Benefits Of Gldrawarraysethp; Using Gldrawarraysethp

Opengl implementation guide.
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draw array set extensions

glDrawArraySethp is a Hewlett-Packard OpenGL 1.1 extension to
vertex arrays which provides a high-speed mechanism for rendering
multiple primitives. Use of glDrawArraySethp will be easy for
applications which currently store geometry in vertex arrays and use
multiple calls to glDrawArrays for rendering primitives from the arrays.
glDrawArraySethp is especially useful when multiple connected
primitives, such as GL_LINE_STRIP, GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP, etc., are
consecutively drawn from a vertex array. However all OpenGL primitive
types are supported.
Since only glDrawArray calls are made while rendering the vertex array
set, primitive attributes, such as material colors, must be established for
the entire array set or changed per vertex. If OpenGL library calls other
than glDrawArrays are required during rendering the set to properly
draw the array set, then glDrawArraySethp is not appropriate.
benefits of glDrawArraySethp: glDrawArrays and glDrawArraySethp
provide basically the same programmatic benefits, that is reduced
function calls and less user code. Note that glDrawArraySethp's major
benefit is performance. glDrawArraySethp provides from 10%-55%
performance advantage over using glDrawArrays alone.
The amount of performance benefit depends upon several factors,
including the number of primitives in the set, the length of the primitives
in the set, and maximum rendering speed of the graphics device.
To achieve optimum glDrawArraySethp rendering performance, group
as many primitives in each set as possible.
using glDrawArraySethp: To use glDrawArraySethp, the current vertex
array must be set and enabled. This is done using glNormalPointer,
glVertexPointer, glEnableClientState, etc., or
glInterleavedArrays. After the vertex array is established and
enabled, glDrawArraySethp may be used.
The C declaration of glDrawArraySethp is:
void glDrawArraySethp(GLenum mode,
const GLint* list, GLsizei count);
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