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HP Compaq 2210b User Manual: Chapter 8 Troubleshooting

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Short description
Credential Manager has
incompatibility issues with
Corel WordPerfect 12
password GINA.
Credential Manager does
not recognize the
Connect button on
Users can lose all
Credential Manager
credentials protected by
the TPM.
The user is unable to log
on to Credential Manager
after transitioning from
sleep mode to hibernation
on Windows XP Service
Pack 1 only.
Restoring Embedded
Security causes
Credential Manager to fail.

Chapter 8 Troubleshooting

administrator attempts to change the
Windows password from Credential
Manager, the administrator gets an error
logon failure: User account restriction.
If the user logs on to Credential Manager,
creates a document in WordPerfect, and
saves with password protection,
Credential Manager cannot detect or
recognize, either manually or
automatically, the password GINA.
If the Single Sign On credentials for
Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) are
set to Connect, when Single Sign On is
relaunched, it always enters Save As
instead of Connect.
If the TPM module is removed or
damaged, users lose all credentials
protected by the TPM.
After allowing system to transition into
hibernation and sleep mode, the
Administrator or user is unable to log on
to Credential Manager and the Windows
logon screen remains displayed no
matter which logon credential
(password, fingerprint, or Java Card) is
Credential Manager fails to register any
credentials after the ROM is restored to
factory settings.
domain user does not have a physical account on the
local PC, Credential Manager can only change the
password used to log on.
HP is researching a workaround for future product
HP is researching a workaround for future product
This is as designed.
The TPM Module is designed to protect the Credential
Manager credentials. HP recommends that the user
back up their identity from Credential Manager prior to
removing the TPM module.
Update Windows to Service Pack 2 via Windows
Update. Refer to Microsoft knowledge base article
813301 at
information on the cause of the issue.
In order to log on, the user must select Credential
Manager and log on. After logging on to Credential
Manager, the user is prompted to log on to Windows
(the user may have to select the Windows logon option)
to complete the logon process.
If the user logs on to Windows first, then the user must
manually log on to Credential Manager.
Credential Manager fails to access the TPM if the ROM
is reset to factory settings after installing Credential
The TPM embedded security chip can be enabled using
Computer Setup utility, BIOS Configuration, or
HP Client Manager. To enable the TPM embedded
security chip using Computer Setup, follow these steps:
Open Computer Setup by turning on or restarting
the computer, and then pressing
= ROM Based Setup message is displayed in the
lower-left corner of the screen.
Use the arrow keys to select Security > Setup
Password. Set a password.
Select Embedded Security Device.
Use the arrow keys to select Embedded Security
Device—Disable. Use the arrow keys to change
it to Embedded Security Device—Enable.
Select Enable > Save changes and exit.
for more
while the f10



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