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  • Page 1 Troubleshooting User Guide...
  • Page 2 Microsoft Corporation. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents 1 Quick checklist The computer will not start up..2 The computer screen is blank..3 The software is functioning abnormally..4 The computer is turned on, but is not responding..5 The computer is unusually warm..5 An external device is not working.
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  • Page 5: Quick Checklist

    Quick checklist If you experience computer problems, follow the troubleshooting steps below: Refer to the information in this chapter. Access additional information about the computer and Web site links through the Help and Support Center. NOTE Although many checkup and repair tools require an Internet connection, other tools can help you fix a problem when the computer is offline.
  • Page 6: The Computer Will Not Start Up

    The computer will not start up. To turn on the computer, press the power button. When the computer is turned on, the power light is turned on. If the computer and the power light are not turned on when you press the power button, adequate power may not be available to the computer.
  • Page 7: The Computer Screen Is Blank

    The computer screen is blank. If you have not turned off the computer but the screen is blank, one or more of the following may be the cause: ● The computer may be in standby or hibernation. ● The computer may not be set to display the image on the computer screen. ●...
  • Page 8: The Software Is Functioning Abnormally

    The software is functioning abnormally. If the software becomes unresponsive or responds abnormally: ● Restart the computer: ● In Windows XP Home, select Start > Turn Off Computer > Restart. ● In Windows XP Professional, select Start > Turn Off Computer > Restart > OK. (If you have been registered to a domain, the button you click will be called Shut Down instead of Turn Off Computer.) If you cannot restart the computer using these procedures, refer to the next section,...
  • Page 9: The Computer Is Turned On, But Is Not Responding

    The computer is turned on, but is not responding. If the computer is turned on, but is not responding to software applications or keyboard commands, try first to shut down the computer through the operating system by selecting Start > Turn Off Computer >...
  • Page 10: An External Device Is Not Working

    ● Open Wireless Assistant and be sure that the wireless devices are enabled and on. Select Start > HP Info Center > HP Wireless Assistant. ● Be sure that the wireless devices are enabled in Computer Setup or the Setup utility.
  • Page 11 ● If the Wireless Network Connection window displays the “Windows cannot configure this wireless connection” message, or the Wireless Networks tab is inaccessible or missing from the Wireless Network Connection Properties window, check to see if a third-party utility has been installed.
  • Page 12 11 are the optimal channels because they do not overlap each other. However, if multiple networks are detected in close proximity, and more than one is using the same channel, there may be interference. For additional information, refer to http://www.hp.com/go/techcenter/wireless. Chapter 1 Quick checklist...
  • Page 13: Customer Care

    Serial number (S/N) listed on the service tag. ● The service tag label is on the bottom of the computer. ● To display the service tag information on the computer screen, click My HP Computer in the Help and Support Center. ● Date the computer was purchased.
  • Page 14: Taking The Computer To A Service Partner

    Taking the computer to a service partner If Customer Care advises you to take the computer to a service partner, be sure to provide the service partner with the information listed in addition ● Be sure either to delete all passwords or to disclose all passwords to the service partner so that they can access the computer.
  • Page 15: Index

    Index blank computer screen 3 checklist, troubleshooting 1 computer screen blank 3 Customer Care 9 overheated computer 5 screen blank 3 software abnormal behavior 4 unresponsive 5 troubleshooting abnormal software behavior 4 blank computer screen 3 computer not starting up 2 Customer Care 9 nonworking external device 6 overheated computer 5...
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