Beko 8690842090431 User Manual

Beko 8690842090431 User Manual

Fully automatic espresso machine
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Fully Automatic
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine User Manual CEG7425B 01M-8835733200-4116-03...
  • Page 2 Please read this user manual first! Dear Customer, Thank you for selecting a Beko product. We hope that you get the best results from your product which has been manufactured with high quality and state- of-the-art technology. Therefore, please read this entire user manual and all other accompanying documents carefully before using the product and keep it as a reference for future use.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS 1 Important instructions for safety and environment 1.1 Danger of electric current ....6 1.2 Danger of burning or scalding ....7 1.3 Fundamental safety precautions.
  • Page 4 CONTENTS 4.6 Filling the coffee bean container ..23 5 Operation and use 5.1 Safety precautions ..... . . 25 5.2 Switching on the coffee machine .
  • Page 5 CONTENTS 6 Cleaning and maintenance 6.1 Safety precautions ..... . . 48 6.2 Regular cleaning ......49 6.3 Milk system cleaning program.
  • Page 6: Important Instructions For Safety And Environment

    Important instructions for safety and environment This section includes the safety instructions that will help protect from risk of personal injury or property damage. Failure to follow these instructions invalidates the granted warranty. 1.1 Danger of electric current Danger to life by electric current! Contact with live wires or components could lead to serious injury or even death! Observe the following safety precautions to avoid...
  • Page 7: Danger Of Burning Or Scalding

    Important instructions for safety and environment 1.2 Danger of burning or scalding Parts of the coffee machine can become very hot during operation! Dispensed drinks and escaping steam are very hot! Observe the following safety precautions to avoid burning/scalding yourself and/or others: Do not touch either of the metal sleeves on both •...
  • Page 8 Important instructions for safety and environment If the connecting cable is damaged, it should only • be replaced by a service agent recommended by the manufacturer in order to prevent any danger! Please contact the manufacturer or his customer service centre.
  • Page 9 Important instructions for safety and environment This appliance can be used by children from the age • of 8 up as well as by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental abilities or with lacking experience and/or knowledge, if these persons are supervised or have been instructed how to use the appliance in a safe way and have understood the hazards which could arise from using it.
  • Page 10 Important instructions for safety and environment Never immerse the coffee machine itself, the • mains cable or the mains plug into water or other liquids. Do not clean the coffee machine or accessories in • a dish washer. Do not pour any other liquids apart from water or •...
  • Page 11: Intended Use

    Important instructions for safety and environment 1.4 Intended use WARNING: Observe the This fully automatic coffee machine procedures is intended for use in homes and described in this user similar applications, for instance manual. in staff kitchens, shops, offices No claims of any kind will be accepted and similar areas or by customers for damage or injury resulting from in bed &...
  • Page 12: Compliance With Weee Regulation And Disposal Of The Waste Product

    Important instructions for safety and environment 1.6 Compliance with The manufacturer assumes no liability for damage or injury WEEE regulation and resulting from failure to observe disposal of the waste the instructions in the user manual, product use for other than the intended purpose, unprofessional repairs, Compliance with WEEE unauthorised modifications or use...
  • Page 13: Package Information

    Important instructions for safety and environment 1.7 Package 1.9 Plug Wiring information The moulded plug on this appliance Packaging materials of incorporates a 13 A fuse. Should product the fuse need to be replaced an manufactured from ASTA approved BS1362 fuse of recyclable materials in the same rating must be used.
  • Page 14 Important instructions for safety and environment • Fiting a different plug As the colours of the wires in the mains lead of this appliance may not correspond with the coloured markings identifying the terminals on your plug, proceed as follows: •...
  • Page 15: Your Coffee Machine

    Your coffee machine 2.1 Overview URNEX All declared values on the product and on the printed leaflets are reported up after laboratory measurements performed according to related standards. These values may differ upon usage and ambient conditions. 15 / 80 EN Fully Automatic Coffee Maker / User Manual...
  • Page 16: Technical Data

    Your Coffee machine 1. Function displays 18. Test strip for determining the water hardness 2. ON/OFF button 19. Milk system cleaner 3. Height-adjustable dispenser unit with 20. Milk tube integrated milk outlet 4. Coffee spout 5. Waste container (Grounds box) 2.2 Technical data 6.
  • Page 17: Display

    Display Function displays Empty Milk Cleaning 8 cups Powder grounds froth box/Door open Refill Instensive Coffee 4 cups water Descaling 2 cups Heating Coffee Medium function Milk 1 cup Espresso Mild Confirmation system cleaning Number of cups per Coffee grinding Program Cup filling volume Messages...
  • Page 18 Display Function displays Menu function Coffee temperature Switch-off time Extra hot 30 min. 1 hours 3 hours Warm min. Exiting the menu 18 / 80 EN Fully Automatic Coffee Maker / User Manual...
  • Page 19: Setting Up

    Setting up 4.1 Requirements for When the appliance place of operation has cooled under 0 ° C, the appliance For safe and trouble-free operation temperature must of the coffee machine, the place reach an area within of operation must satisfy the the recommended following requirements: ambient...
  • Page 20: Mounting The Drip Tray

    Setting up 4.3 Mounting the • The socket must be secured at least 10A fuse breaker. Ensure drip tray that the connecting cable is Position the drip tray with the undamaged and is not laid over hot surfaces or sharp edges. stainless steel grid (8) centrally in front of the appliance.
  • Page 21 Setting up CAUTION: Before If you only wish to opening or closing dispense hot water the door, always the hose may not be push the outlet connected. unit into the upper 3. Close the door with the coffee position, otherwise dispensing unit.
  • Page 22: Filling With Water

    Setting up In the case of newly CAUTION: Only fill opened, not yet the water tank with completely filled fresh, cold water. milk packages, it is possible that milk CAUTION: will drip out of the Observe the maxi- dispenser unit after mum filling level of preparation of a 1.4 litres.
  • Page 23: Filling The Coffee Bean Container

    Setting up 4.6 Filling the coffee 4. Replace the water tank. Push it until it snaps in. bean container Every coffee machine is thoroughly checked before delivery. If the following Therefore, there may be residual ground warning appears coffee in the grinder. on the display, Your coffee machine the water tank...
  • Page 24 Setting up CAUTION: Fill the coffee bean container only with pure coffee beans without sugar coatings or aromatised constituents. Damage to the grinding mechanism! To fill the coffee bean container (11), proceed as follows: 1. Fold back the lid of the coffee container.
  • Page 25: Operation And Use

    Operation and use 5.2 Switching on the This section contains important in- formation on the operation and use coffee machine of the coffee machine. Before switching 5.1 Safety on, always check precautions that the water tank and the coffee Observe the following safety bean container are precautions to avoid danger and full.
  • Page 26 Operation and use • When the operating temperature If you have also has been reached, the coffee prepared a coffee machine automatically performs speciality with milk/ a rinsing cycle. Water may flow milk froth, the coffee here into the drip tray. machine will prompt you to also clean the •...
  • Page 27: Switching Off The Coffee Machine

    Operation and use 5.5 Determining the 2. The coffee machine subsequently prompts you to water hardness empty the waste container (5). Before using the coffee machine The following appears on the display: for the first time, it should be set to the appropriate water hardness for your region.
  • Page 28: Menu Settings

    Operation and use Water hardness soft medium-hard very hard very hard Water hardness mol/m3 up to 1.24 up to 2.5 up to 3.7 over 3.7 German hardness up to 7° up to 14° up to 21° over 21° French hardness up to 12,6°...
  • Page 29: Setting And Storing The Water Hardness

    Operation and use 5.7 Setting and The image below shows the displays for the 4 possible hardness storing the water degree settings. hardness To set the previously determined water hardness, proceed as fol- lows: Switch to the menu function by simultaneously pressing but- Hardness Hardness Hardness...
  • Page 30: Setting The Grinding Fineness

    Operation and use 5.9 Setting the To prepare hot water, proceed as follows: grinding fineness 1. Set the appliance to one cup You can set the the grinding fineness mode. (12) with the help of the lever. 2. Select the appropriate cup size on the appliance.
  • Page 31: Preparing Coffee With Whole Coffee

    Operation and use 5.10 Preparing The setting is implemented as follows: coffee with whole coffee beans fine ground for “intensive taste” To prepare coffee with whole coffee beans, proceed as follows: medium ground 1. Set one or two cups, or if pots for “normal taste”...
  • Page 32 Operation and use 3. Select the desired cup size by The coffee machine pressing the button 4. is set for standard quantities for each cup size by default. If you wish to change any of the cup filling quantities, instructions The following selections are pos- (see section 5.11).
  • Page 33 Operation and use 5. Select the required number An automatic grinding of cups or pot size by pressing quantity correction button 3. measures the ground coffee quantity and adapts this gradually to the set value for the coffee strength. This compensates The following selections are possible: differences...
  • Page 34: Changing And Storing The Cup Filling

    Operation and use Remember that in You can stop two cup mode, two coffee dispensing brewing operations prematurely by briefly are implemented pressing “ ” (button in sequence and 6). In the case of correspondingly, strongly uneven or if a pot is selected only one-sided cup for four/eight cup filling during 2-cup...
  • Page 35 Operation and use 1. Press the button 4 repeatedly 4. Press “ ” (button 6) and keep until the required cup symbol it pressed until the desired filling for the desired ground coffee amount is reached. quantity is displayed. 5. Release the button. The new cup The cup filling level filling level is now stored.
  • Page 36: Preparing Coffee With Powdered Coffee

    Operation and use 5.12 Preparing To prepare coffee with powdered coffee, proceed as follows: coffee with 1. Select the “Coffee powder” powdered coffee function by pressing the button CAUTION: Ensure that you only use the measuring spoon supplied and never fill than the container with more than one The following symbol lights up in...
  • Page 37 Operation and use 2. Select the desired cup size by 3. Open the lid of the coffee bean pressing the button 4. container (14) and the coffee powder shaft (10). 4. Pour in the fresh coffee powder. 5. Then close both lids again. CAUTION: Ensure The following selections are possible: that powder does not...
  • Page 38: Changing And Storing The Cup Filling

    Operation and use 5.13 Changing and 7. In order to reduce heat loss and splashing, adjust the height of storing the cup filling the dispenser to suit your cup level in powder mode size by moving it up or down. The coffee machine is set for standard quantities by default.
  • Page 39: Preparing Coffee Specialities

    Operation and use 2. Press the button 4 repeatedly All values remain until the required cup symbol stored even when for the desired ground coffee the coffee machine is quantity is displayed. switched off. Should you change your cup size, you can adapt the cup filling level individually at any time.
  • Page 40 Operation and use The milk froth quality The appliance is also influenced heats up to a higher by the milk type, temperature when content “Coffee speciality” temperature. is selected. The temperature control • You can prepare both “Latte lamp flashes during Macchiato”...
  • Page 41 Operation and use If the height adjuster The standard filling is difficult to move, amounts clean it. Proceed as individual filling described in section amounts you set in 6.5. Chapter 5.11 Changing and saving the cup 4. Open the rotary switch for milk filling level in bean froth/hot water (13).
  • Page 42: Milk Cleaning System After Dispensing

    Operation and use 2. Press “ ” (button 6). Remember that two brewing operations The “Milk system take place in sequence cleaning” symbol in two cup mode. Only and the temperature remove the cups/ control lamp flash glasses when both while the heating brewing operations...
  • Page 43 Operation and use 5. After rinsing is complete, empty If several drinks are the container with the cleaning prepared with milk, solution, rinse and fill with 200 the milk system should ml fresh water to rinse the subsequently system. cleaned. Otherwise program will...
  • Page 44: Setting And Storing The Coffee

    Operation and use 5.16 Setting and The image below shows the displays for the 3 possible coffee storing the coffee temperature settings. temperature 1. In order to set the coffee tem- perature, proceed as follows: Switch to the menu function by simultaneously pressing buttons 2 and 3 for approx.
  • Page 45: Setting And Storing The Shut-Off Time

    Operation and use 5.17 Setting and image below shows displays for the 4 possible storing the shut-off switch-off times. The appliance time is programmed for the highest 1. In order to set the switch- possible saving of energy. The pre off time, proceed as follow: set shut-off time is 9 minutes.
  • Page 46: Setting The Water Tank Illumination

    Operation and use 5.18 Setting The image below shows the displays for the 2 possible settings. the water tank illumination 1. In order to set the water tank illumination, proceed as follows: Switch to the menu function simultaneously pressing Illumination off Illumination buttons 2 and 3 for approx.
  • Page 47: Resetting The Unit To The Factory

    Operation and use 5.19 Resetting the The reset is confirmed by the symbols flashing several times. The unit to the factory appliance returns automatically to settings (Reset) the normal operating mode. This function resets all previously changed values to their original factory settings.
  • Page 48: Cleaning And Maintenance

    Cleaning and maintenance This section contains important WARNING: Do not information on cleaning and use any scratching, maintenance of the coffee machine. abrasive or corrosive Keep your coffee machine clean at agents. Wipe the all times to ensure a consistently inside and outside of high coffee quality and trouble-free the housing with a...
  • Page 49: Regular Cleaning

    Cleaning and maintenance 5. Wipe the coffee bean container WARNING: with a dry lint-free cloth. Observe the cleaning and descaling 6.3 Milk system instructions. cleaning program 6.2 Regular cleaning If you switch off the coffee ma- 1. Clean the outer surfaces of the chine with the ON/OFF button appliance with a soft damp cloth, after dispensing a coffee special-...
  • Page 50 Cleaning and maintenance 2. Insert the milk tube down to You can only the bottom of the container dispense coffee with the cleaning solution. again when cleaning Open the rotary switch for milk has been performed. froth/hot water. You can cancel the cleaning program at any time by pressing “...
  • Page 51: Emptying The Waste Container

    Cleaning and maintenance 6.4 Emptying the The clear water is fed waste container into the appliance via the milk tube and (Grounds box) discharged via the The following appears on the display: outlet unit into the drip tray. 6. After rinsing is complete, close the milk froth/hot water rotary switch.
  • Page 52: Removing And Cleaning The Coffee

    Cleaning and maintenance 3. Close the door with the coffee Generally, the waste outlet. container should be – The coffee machine is now cleaned daily if the ready to dispense coffee again. coffee machine is used every day. You Only empty the waste will be reminded of container when the this each time by...
  • Page 53: Cleaning The Hose Distribution System

    Cleaning and maintenance 6.6 Cleaning the 3. Release the distribution hose on the door by pulling it lightly hose distribution from the inside of the door system towards the outside 2 and 1. Grip the loose hose end near pressing to the left 3 so that to the spring and pull the cross it clicks out of the fastener.
  • Page 54: Installing The Coffee Dispensing Unit

    Cleaning and maintenance 4. Subsequently clean the parts 6. Now insert both sleeve ends with the solution and rinse (with the hoses) into the them thoroughly with clean dispensing tubes 2 and press water. them in until they snap in properly.
  • Page 55: Cleaning The Brewing Unit

    Cleaning and maintenance 2. Pull the hose from the inside WARNING: through the door opening 2, Danger of burning! press it to the right into the The dispensing unit holder 3 and push the funnel- may still be hot if shaped part of the hose back you have recently into the collar until it fits...
  • Page 56 Cleaning and maintenance 3. Remove the coffee grounds 5. Turn the brewing unit round. container by pulling it out of The brewing unit is open and the device. the ejector folded down. The two stainless steel screens are now freely accessible. If the brewing unit is closed, you can loosen it on the...
  • Page 57 Cleaning and maintenance 7. Also rinse out the three 10. Replace the brewing unit designated openings by filling by turning it into the right in sufficient water to rinse position (the outlet tube facing out any accumulated coffee downwards and to the front), residue.
  • Page 58: Running The Cleaning Program

    If other clean- has to be restarted. ing solutions are used, Beko assumes no li- Before running the ability for any damage cleaning program, caused. the metal sieves in...
  • Page 59 Cleaning and maintenance 1. Press button 2 until the function 6. Then press “ ” (button 6). display “Cleaning program” is – The appliance will implement selected. several cleaning cycles. After 2. Then press “ ” (button 6). the cleaning phase is complete, the “...
  • Page 60: Running The Descaling Program

    Cleaning and maintenance 6.10 Running the 9. Then push “ ” (button 6). – The appliance then initiates the descaling program rinsing phase. The descaling program enables simple and effective descaling of your coffee machine. You should descale the appliance at regular intervals, but at the latest when the following indication is flashing on the display:...
  • Page 61 “durgol swiss hardness and to set espresso“ descaling corresponding solution. If other hardness descaling solutions coffee machine! are used, Beko Please refer assumes no liability sections 5.5 and 5.7 for for any damage instructions on this. caused. “durgol” descaling solution is available from your retailer.
  • Page 62 Cleaning and maintenance 3. Remove the water tank (7). CAUTION: Rinse 4. Add 125 ml “durgol swiss off descaling solu- espresso“ descaling solution to tion with clean wa- the water tank. ter. Obtain medical advice after eye con- 5. Then pour 250 ml of water into tact.
  • Page 63 Cleaning and maintenance – After completion of the 1st The drip tray serves phase of the descaling process, as collecting container the indication for “Milk froth” is for the cleaning water. flashing. You can alternatively 10. Close the rotary switch for milk place a container froth/hot water.
  • Page 64 Cleaning and maintenance 16. Then push “ ” (button 6). 20. Then push “ ” (button 6). – The cleaning phase of the descaling process begins. – The appliance carries out a rinse programme with 250 ml fresh water. – The “Fill water tank” display lights up permanently.
  • Page 65 Cleaning and maintenance – The “Milk froth” indication is 28. Then push “ ” (button 6). flashing. – The following message is displayed: 29. Remove the brewing unit and clean it thoroughly from the 25. Close the rotary switch for milk inside and from the outside froth/hot water.
  • Page 66: Cleaning The Nozzle Of The Milk Frother

    Cleaning and maintenance 30. Replace the brewing unit CAUTION: by turning it into the right Residues of descaler position (the outlet tube facing may cause damage downwards and to the front), to the brewing unit insert the brewing unit into in the long run! It is the guide grooves and push imperative that you...
  • Page 67 Cleaning and maintenance 3. Pull the milk hose out of the milk 7. Remove the milk frother nozz- frother. le from the milk frother by in- serting the rounded end of the measuring spoon into the slot of the milk frother nozzle and turning 45°...
  • Page 68 Cleaning and maintenance 9. Subsequently use the brush of 13. Replace the lid 1 (pay attention the measuring spoon to clean all to the direction). parts of the milk frother nozzle. 14. Replace the milk frother in the Make sure that all vents of the coffee machine and push the milk frother and its nozzle are lever downwards to lock.
  • Page 69: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting 7.1 Safety This section contains important information on localising and precautions eliminating faults. WARNING: Danger from unqualified repairs! Observe the following safety precautions to avoid danger and material In case of failure, the lights “cleaning”, damage: Do not open “descaling”, “empty grounds”...
  • Page 70: Coffee Machine Messages, Possible

    Troubleshooting 7.2 Coffee machine messages, possible causes and remedies Display Cause Remedy • Brewing unit •Remove the brewing unit soiled and rinse it thoroughly with flowing water. * • Brewing unit •Insert the brewing not/or not unit into the appliance correctly fitted andclose the door.
  • Page 71 Troubleshooting Display Cause Remedy •Set a coarse grinding •Grinding fineness is fineness or use different, set too fine or coarser coffee powder. * coffee powder used is too fine •Water system Run cleaning or descaling is calcified •programme. * •The adapter •Remove the adapter without filter from the water tank.
  • Page 72 • Coffee Beko call center temperature is incorrect 444 0 888 • Brewing • Use the splined opening on unit is blocked...
  • Page 73: Causes And Remedies

    5.10 under Notes. Very loud noise • Grinding mechanism coffee •Send during grinding. clogged by foreign machine Beko matter. customer service for inspection. The coffee machine can still be operated with powder coffee. 73 / 80 EN Fully Automatic Coffee Maker / User Manual...
  • Page 74 Troubleshooting Problem Cause Remedy No milk froth or • Milk system not •Check milk system milk not dispen- correctly connected. connection: see section sed. 4.4, 6.5, 6.6 und 6.7. • Milk frother is not •Checking the milk completely inserted frother: see section 6.11. •...
  • Page 75 Troubleshooting Problem Cause Remedy Low quality • Milk too warm, too •Use cold, low-fat milk. froth. old or fat content too high. • Froth nozzle is dirty. • Clean froth nozzle: see section 6.11. • Milk system is dirty. •Clean milk system: see section 6.3.
  • Page 76 Troubleshooting Problem Cause Remedy “Empty grounds • Waste container was •Empty the waste container” is emptied while the container only when displayed outside coffee machine was the coffee machine is the allowed switched off switched on. dispensed • Depending on quantities (6 - 14).
  • Page 77 (e.g., coffee bean). If you cannot resolve the problem with the steps described above, please contact customer service. Beko call center: 444 0 888 77 / 80 EN Fully Automatic Coffee Maker / User Manual...
  • Page 78: Proper Packing Of The Coffee Machine

    Troubleshooting 7.4 Proper packing of 3. Place the upper styrofoam tray on top so that the coffee the coffee machine machine is so sitting correctly in In the event of a warranty claim, its prescribed tray. Lay the drip pack the coffee machine into the tray in the prescribed tray and original carton using the original close the box.
  • Page 79: Storage

    Storage If you do not intend to use the coffee machine for a prolonged period, clean it as described in section 6 in order to prevent mould from building up. Mould is harmful to health. Store the coffee machine and all accessory parts in a dry, clean and frost-free place which is protected against direct sunlight.
  • Page 80: Guarantee

    Product Guarantee 12 months breakdown and repair guarantee Guarantor: Beko plc, 1 Greenhill Crescent, Watford, Hertfordshire. WD18 8UF The guarantee does not in any way diminish your statutory or legal rights. Your appliance has the benefit of our manufacturer’s guarantee which covers the product for 12 months from the date of original purchase.
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