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Beko CEG5311 User Manual

Beko CEG5311 User Manual

Fully automatic espresso machine


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Fully Automatic
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  • Page 1 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine User Manual CEG5311X EN DE FR TR ES CS PL RO SL AR 01M-8813573200-2718-01...
  • Page 2 CONTENTS ENGLISH 5-19 DEUTSCH 20-38 FRANÇAIS 39-55 TÜRKÇE 56-72 ESPAÑOL 73-91 ČESKY 92-108 ITALIANO 109-126 POLSKI 127-147 SLOVAK 148-166 ROMÂNĂ 167-183...
  • Page 3: Technical Data Power Supply

    Technical data 1. Coffee Beans Container Cover 2. Coffee Bean Container Power supply: 3. Control Panel 220-240 V~, 50-60 Hz Power: 1350 W 4. On/Off button Technical and design modifications 5. Steam Nozzle reserved. 6. Nozzle cover 7. Adjustable coffee spout 8.
  • Page 4: Meanings Of The Symbols

    Following symbols are used in the various section of this manual: Dear Customers, Thank you for selecting an Beko product. We hope that you get the best results Important information or useful hints from your product which has been about usage.
  • Page 5: Danger Of Burning Or Scalding

    1 Important instructions for safety and environment 1.2 Danger of This section includes the safety instructions that will help providing burning or scalding protection against personal injury Parts of the coffee machine can and material loss risks. Failure to become very hot during operation! follow these instructions invalidates Dispensed drinks and escaping the granted warranty.
  • Page 6: Important Instructions For Safety And Environment

    1 Important instructions for safety and environment If the connecting cable is damaged, This appliance can be used by • • it should only be replaced by a children from the age of 8 up as service agent recommended by the well as by persons with reduced manufacturer in order to prevent physical, sensory or mental abilities...
  • Page 7: Intended Use

    1.4 Intended use • machine itself, the mains cable or The fully automatic coffee machine Beko is intended for use in homes and similar applications, the mains plug into water or other for instance in staff kitchens, shops, offices and liquids.
  • Page 8: Limitation Of Liability

    1 Important instructions for safety and environment 1.5 Limitation of liability 1.8 Package information All technical information, data and instructions Packaging materials of the product are on installation, operation and maintenance of manufactured from recyclable materials the coffee machine contained in these operating in accordance with our National instructions represent the current status at the Environment Regulations.
  • Page 9: Control Panel

    Display 2.1 Control Panel Flashing: Low water level/ Water tank missing Lack of bean Lights up stably: coffee grounds container is full Flashing: Internal Drip Tray/coffee grounds container is missing Lights up stably: Brewer is missing/ installed improperly Flashing: Service door is opened / installed improperly Lights up stably: Requires to do descaling Flashing: Descaling is under process Empty System Function is running...
  • Page 10: Installation

    Preparation 3.1 Installation Remove any protective films, stickers and any other packing material on the appliance. 150mm 150mm 150mm 150mm 150mm Choose a safe and stable surface with an Insert the external drip tray. Make sure it Unwind and straighten the power cord easily reachable power supply and allow is inserted correctly.
  • Page 11: Grinding Adjustment

    Preparation WARNING: Never fill the water tank with warm, hot, sparkling water or any other liquid which might damage the water tank and the machine. Place the water tank back by using the lid Close the water tank by using the lid. as the handle.
  • Page 12: Filling The Bean Container

    Operation 4.2 Filling the bean container When is flashing, the appliance needs to be filled with coffee bean. Remove the bean container lid. Slowly pour in the coffee beans. Place the container lid back. WARNING: Fill the coffee bean container only with coffee beans. Grounded coffee, instant coffee, caramelized coffee and any other objects may damage the machine.
  • Page 13 Operation Switch off the appliance by pressing the power on/off button. Depending on the taste of coffee you would like to have, press strong espresso button or mild espresso button . Press the hot water button to clean inside of the coffee maker before first use. The Appliance is equipped with auto-shut off.
  • Page 14: Hot Water

    Operation 4.5 Preparing Frothy Milk for Coffee As the temperature of steam is higher than the temperature of espresso, so espresso should be prepared before making frothy milk; otherwise the espresso might be burnt. Prepare the espresso coffee with larger Press the steam button.
  • Page 15: Mode Selection

    Operation 4.7 Mode Selection The machine has two different setting: default setting, ECO mode and speed mode. In ECO mode, the appliance helps to save more energy. In speed mode, the user can make their coffee faster than in default setting. ECO Mode Speed Mode Default Setting...
  • Page 16: Cleaning Of The Appliance

    Cleaning 5.1 Cleaning of the appliance 1. Disconnect the power cord from the mains supply outlet. 2. Pour away all the water in the internal and external drip tray 3. Use a damped cloth or non-scratching cleaner to clean the water stains on the appliance. WARNING: Never use any abrasive, vinegar or descaling agents not included in the box to clean the appliance.
  • Page 17: Self-Cleaning

    Cleaning Pull down the service door and remove it. Press the release knob. Remove the brewer. Wash the brewer with fresh water. Dry the brewer after- wards. When lights up stably, it indicates that the brewer is missing / installed improperly. When is flashing, it indicates that the service door is missing/installed improperly.
  • Page 18: Manual Rinsing

    Cleaning 7. Will be flashing indicates that the appliance is undergoing the self-cleaning process. WARNING: Keep skin/body away from the hot water. 8. When all the water in the water tank is being dispensed out, and strong espresso button will be flashing.
  • Page 19: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Problem Cause Solution The appliance does not work. The appliance is not connected to the mains. Plug in and press the switch. Check the cable and the Plug No or delayed response in several trials of Appliance is under an electromagnetic Unplug the appliance.

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