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Lock; Memory Feature; Door Alarm; Self Test - LG GB3133PVJK Manual

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Memory feature

Door Alarm

Self Test

Ice Making



• Pressing this button stops operation of other buttons.
• "Locking" or "Un-Locking" is repeated whenever
pressing the 'CHILD LOCK' button. (For "Locking" or
"Un-Locking" press the 'CHILD LOCK' button for 2 secs.)
• When 'CHILD LOCK' is activated, pressing the other
buttons would not work.
Function to save the set temperature and vacation status .
When the power is turned on after the power failure, it will be
restored with the set temperature and vacation status.
• 3 times of warning of 30 seconds if a minute passes with
the door of refrigerator opened or not completely closed.
• Please contact with the local service center if warning
continue to sound even after closing the door.
• This function automatically detects failure when failure
is found in product during the use of refrigerator.
• If the failure occurs at product and it does not operate
by pressing any button and normal indication is not
done, do not turn the power off and immediately
contact with the local service center.
• A lot of time is needed for service engineer to detect
the failed part by turning it off.
• To make ice cubes, fill the ice
tray to the water level and place
it in the freezer.
• If ice cubes are required fast,
press the 'SUPER FRZ.' button.
• To remove ice cubes, hold the
tray at its ends and twist gently.
To remove ice cubes easily, run water on the tray
before twisting.
Defrosting takes place automatically.
The defrosting water flows down to the evaporating tray
and is evaporated automatically.



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