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Appendix; Troubleshooting - LG AN-VC100 Owner's Manual

Video call camera
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For the problems listed below
If Skype doesn't start
If the Notification Window is not
displayed when a call is received
If there is a problem with echo.
(When you can hear your own
voice back through the speakers)
If the video is disconnected or
low quality
If the call disconnects suddenly
If the Skype menu does not
appear on the
Check the following areas
Check the connection status between the Video Call Camera, USB Cable
and TV USB port.
Check the network connection status.
Check 'My status' is "Do Not Disturb".
When using certain TV functions, an incoming call cannot be received
(e.g. during a software update, etc.).
Check 'Privacy Settings' is "Allow calls from people in my contact list
Position the Video Call Camera at the top-center of your TV.
Change the home theater audio setting to stereo rather than surround.
Reduce the speaker volume.
When the other party is calling using a device other than an LG TV, we
recommend using a headset.
The quality of audio sound could be decreased in echoic space.
Test microphone using the 'Echo / Sound Test Service' .
Internet or network congestion can degrade video quality.
Using wireless can also degrade video quality. We recommend using a
wired internet connection.
Screen quality can decrease when using Zoom-In. We recommend you
use minimum zoom during video calls.
Check 'Call quality information' is "critical" (see page 10). In this case,
video quality would be degraded.
When certain TV functions are activated, the call may be disconnected.
(e.g. Sleep timer, etc.)
Do not unplug the Video Call Camera during a call.
Check whether your TV supports the Video Call Camera (see page 2).
Connect the camera to your TV, then update the software. For details
about how to update the software, refer to your TV manual.
Abnormal operation may be due to network congestion or problems with
the Skype server.
For further inquiries about Skype functions, visit



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