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Memorizing Channels; Managing Channels; The Channel List Tools Menu; Auto Program - Samsung UN40EH6000F User Manual

6000/6050 series led tv.
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Table of Contents
Channel Menu

❑ Memorizing Channels

When you first set up your TV using Plug & Play, the TV memorized
the channels that were available over the air or through your cable
system and added them to the Channel List. The Antenna and
Auto program functions described below let you re-run the channel
memorization function without having to re-run the Plug & Play
Antenna (Air / Cable)
Before your television can memorize the available channels, you
must select your TV's signal source, Air (using an antenna) or Cable.
Select Menu >Channel > Antenna > Air or Cable. After you have
selected the signal source, go on to the Auto Program function.
Selecting the signal source using the Antenna function also
determines the signal source the TV is tuned to. For example,
if you receive your TV signal over the air, and you select Cable,
you will see only snow. You must select Air to see a picture.

Auto Program

The Auto Program function memorizes all channels that are
available over the air or through your cable system and adds them to
the Channel List.
To start Auto Program, follow these steps:
1. Push MENUm → Channel → Auto Program → ENTERE on
your remote. The Antenna Source screen appears.
2. On the Antenna Source screen, select the source of your TV
If your TV is connected to an antenna choose Air, and then press
ENTERE. The TV will automatically start memorizing channels.
If your TV is connected to a cable outlet, choose Cable, and then
press ENTERE. Go to Step 3.
If you choose Auto, and then press
automatically select the correct Antenna source. Go to
Step 3.
3. On the Cable Type screen, use the ◄/►/▲/▼ buttons to select
the type of digital and analog cable systems you have: STD, HRC,
or IRC. Most systems are STD (Standard). When done, select
Start, and then press ENTERE. The TV will start memorizing
Channel memorization can take up to 45 minutes, depending
on your cable system.
Memorized channels are added to the Added Channels
list. These are the channels you will see when you use the
Channel buttons on your remote.
Clear Scrambled Channel
This function filters out scrambled channels after Auto Program is
completed. This process may take up to 20~30 minutes.
Press the ENTERE button to stop the Clear Scrambled
This function is only available in Cable mode.
, the TV will
- 4 -

❑ Managing Channels

Channel List
See your list of Added channels, Favorite channels, or channels
you've scheduled for viewing. Add or delete Favorite channels, add
or delete channels from the Added Channels list, schedule channels
or programs for viewing. Watch a channel by selecting the channel
in the All Channels, Added Channels, or Favorite screen, pressing
the ▲ / ▼ buttons, and then pressing the ENTERE button.
♥ TV #6
♥ TV #7
♥ TV #9
♥ TV #10
♥ TV #11
Select T Tools ► Next Program
Channel List Screens icons are listed on the left side. Select an
icon using the ▲/▼ buttons to view each list.
All Channels: Shows all currently available channels including
those you deleted from the Added Channels
Added Channels: Shows all Added Channels. These are the
channels that appear when you press the CH button.
Favorite: Shows all favorite channels.
Programmed: Shows all channels and programs currently
scheduled using Timer Viewing.
Remote control buttons active on the Channel List screen.
Green (Zoom): Enlarges or shrinks a channel number.
Yellow (Select): Move the cursor to a channel. Press the Yellow
button to select the channel. A c mark appears. Repeat to select
additional channels. Then, open the Tools menu and apply a
function to the channels you selected.
T (Tools): Displays the Channel List Tools menu. (The Tools
menus may differ depending on the situation.)
Display Icons Used in the Channel List Screens
A selected channel.
A Favorite channel.
A reserved program.
A program currently being broadcast.
❑ The Channel List Tools Menu t
The Channel List Tools menu contains most of the functions you
can use on the All Channel, Added Channels, and Favorite List
screens. To view, select a list screen, select a channel, and then
press the
■ Add / Delete: Delete a channel from or add a channel to the
Added Channels list.
To delete channels from the Added Channels list, follow these steps:
1. Select one or more channels in the Added Channels list using
the ▲/▼ buttons and the Yellow Select button on your remote.
2. Press the
button on your remote. The Tools menu
3. Select Delete in the Tools menu, and then press the ENTERE


Table of Contents

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