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Vent System Use; Operating Downdraft Vent; Vent System Care; Surface Of Downdraft Vent - Whirlpool UXD8636DYS Installation Use & Care Instructions

30 76.2 cm and 36 91.4 cm retractable pop-up downdraft vent system


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The retractable downdraft vent system is designed to remove
smoke, cooking vapors, and odors from the cooktop area.
For best results, the vent should be operating before cooking
is started.
If you use large or tall utensils, place them on the large rear
element or burner surface.
A higher heat setting than normally used may be needed
when the downdraft vent is operating.
For gas cooktops, the downdraft vent system may affect
the flame stability and cooking performance. To improve
the burner performance, either decrease the downdraft vent
blower speed or increase the cooktop burner flame setting.
For gas cooktops with flame-sensing ignitions, the downdraft
vent system may disperse the flame away from the spark
igniter and may cause it to continually spark while trying to
reignite a burner that is already lit. To resolve the issue of the
cooktop igniter continuously sparking, either decrease the
downdraft vent blower speed or increase the cooktop flame
setting for that burner.

Surface of Downdraft Vent

To avoid damaging the finish, clean downdraft vent with soap
and water. Do not use scouring powder or abrasive solutions.
Exterior Surfaces:
To avoid damage to the exterior surface, do not use steel wool
or soap-filled scouring pads.
Always wipe dry to avoid water marks.
Cleaning Method:
Liquid detergent, soap and water or all-purpose cleanser.
Wipe with damp soft cloth or nonabrasive sponge, and then
rinse with clean water and wipe dry.
NOTE: To avoid damage, do not soak cloth or sponge.
Frequently remove and clean the filter(s) in the retractable section
of the downdraft vent. This will improve the operating efficiency of
the downdraft vent system.
To Replace:
1. Remove each filter by pulling the spring release handle and
then pulling down the filter.
2. Grease filters should be cleaned using warm water,
dishwashing liquid, and a non-abrasive brush.
3. Reinstall the filter by making sure the spring release handles
are toward the front. Insert metal grease filter into upper
4. Pull the spring release handle down.
5. Push up on metal filter and release handle to latch into place.
6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the other filter.




Operating Downdraft Vent

To Use:
1. Push and hold the button on top of downdraft vent for a few
seconds. (This slight delay helps avoid unintentional raising
of the vent during cleaning of the cooktop area.) Retractable
section of downdraft vent will rise. Blower will begin to vent
immediately if blower control knob slider is set to an On
2. Slide the control slider on the right-hand side of the
downdraft vent to adjust the blower motor speed.
When Cooking Is Complete:
1. Push the button on top of the retractable downdraft vent.
The blower will turn off and the retractable section of the
vent will return to the closed position.
NOTE: If a spill occurs on the cooktop that allows liquids to
seep inside the downdraft vent, you must turn the downdraft
vent off immediately. It is possible to cause damage to the
downdraft vent if water is allowed inside the downdraft vent
while it is operating.
2. Immediately turn off the downdraft vent at the speed control
located on the right-hand side of the downdraft vent.
3. Turn off the power supply to the downdraft vent at the circuit
breaker box or fuse box.
4. Allow plenty of time for the downdraft vent to dry naturally.
Do not open the downdraft vent to remove the water.
To Clean:
1. Remove the filter(s) and clean using warm water,
dishwashing liquid, and a non-abrasive brush. The downdraft
vent will not operate when the filters are not in place.
2. Dry the clean filter(s) and reinstall, making sure that they lock
into place.
If Retractable Downdraft Vent Does Not Operate After
Clean Filters Have Been Installed:
Push the filter in as far as it will go. When the filter is removed,
the microswitch behind the filter is deactivated. This feature will
not allow the vent system to operate until the filter is properly
A. Spring-release handles
B. Left metal filter
C. Right metal filter


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