Philips SRP 3004/10 User Manual

Philips SRP 3004/10 User Manual

Philips universal remote control user manual
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Summary of Contents for Philips SRP 3004/10

  • Page 1 SRP3004/10 Register your product and get support at EN User Manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Simple Setup Improved with Philips patented (pending) Simple Setup technology, the SRP3004 can be set up easily for TV, DVD player / recorder, VCR and all common set-top boxes, such as Sky, British Telecom, Orange, Freebox, TNT, Canal Digital, Telefonica, Premiere, Kabel Deutschland, Belgacom TV, Telenet, Viasat and many more. Simply follow the instructions in chapter 2.2 to set up the remote control for your devices. To fully benefit from the support that Philips offers, register your product at
  • Page 3: Getting Started

    G etting started 2.1 Inserting the batteries • I nsert 2 AAA type batteries, noting the + and - configuration in the battery compartment. Note When replacing the batteries, all user settings will be retained in the remote control memory for 5 minutes. 2.2 Setting up the universal remote control The example below instructs you how to set up your universal remote control for your TV. You can repeat the same steps for other devices (STB, DVD player/recorder and VCR) which you want to operate, using the SRP3004. The remote control can be set up to operate any 4 of the following devices: Device name Description T raditional TV, flat screen TV and projection TV, TV part of TV / VCR, TV / VCR / DVD and TV / DVD combos STB C able box, satellite receiver, Digital Video Broadcasting Terrestrial device...
  • Page 4: Improving Buttons

    Important If you made a mistake: • P ress the device selection button twice to exit setup. • Restart from the beginning. • If the device does not respond at all or not to all of the button commands or if you cannot find the code for your brand, enter ‘9, 9, 9, 9’ in step 3 and continue with step 4. The remote control will now search its full database for a code that works with your TV.
  • Page 5: Buttons And Functions

    3 U sing the universal remote control 3.1 Buttons and functions The illustration on page 2 gives an overview of all buttons on the remote control. Try out the buttons you need for operating your devices. Notes • B uttons having the same functions as the buttons on your original remote control may have different namings on the SRP3004 (e.g. Info / Display). • O nly functions that are available on your original remote control can be used for operating your devices with the SRP3004.. s witches the selected device on / off. Note For some TV brands / types, this button will only switch off the TV. You will have to press a digit button (direct channel selection) to turn on the TV again. .
  • Page 6: R Esetting A Button To Its Original Function

    5 .. T V: red fasttext key. STB: Red, C. VCR/DVD/STB: s earches fast backwards. 2 / GUIDE ... V CR/DVD: starts playback. DVD: p ressed together with selects Electronic Program Guide. STB: s elects Electronic Program Guide. Pressed together with : starts playback.
  • Page 7: Need Help

    usage, spare parts, warranty, etc. of the SRP3004, you can always contact us. When calling our helpline, make sure to have the SRP3004 at hand when you call, so that our operators can help you determine whether the SRP3004 is working properly. You will find our contact details at the end of this user manual. The model number of your Philips universal remote control is SRP3004/10. Date of purchase: .../ .../ ... (day/month/year) For online support go to: • Click ‘Support’ and follow the on-screen instructions. Helpline Country Phone number Ireland 01 601 1158 United Kingdom 0800 331 6015 Tariff pstn free...
  • Page 8 @sat ..0008 Alltech ..0109 (DB1) 1&1 ... 3908 Alpha ..0112 4Kus ..0005 Altai... 3690 Ambassador ..0120 Amitech ..0130 A.R. Systems ..0012 Amitronica ..0131 AB Sat ... 3689 Amoi ...
  • Page 9 Canal+ ... 0478 Colombia ..0599 Capsonic ... 0486 Columbia ..0604 Carad ..0488 Columbus ..0605 Carena... 0489 Com Hem ..4561 Carrefour ..0492 Comag ... 0606 Cascade ..0496 Comcrypt ..0610 Casio ...0499 Commlink .
  • Page 10 Elsat ..0908 Filmnet Comcrypt . . 3702 Elsay ..0909 Filsai ...1000 Elta ..0910 Finlandia ..1003 Emanon ... 0913 Finlux ..1004 Emerson ..0917 FinnSat ..1005 Emme Esse ... 0919 Fintec ...1006 e-motion ..3496 Firstline ..1008 (DB1) Fisher .
  • Page 11 Huth ...1305 Jiahua ..1435 Hygashi ... 1308 Jinhai ...1439 Hyper ..1309 Jinxing ..1442 HyperVision ... 1311 Johansson... 1449 Hypson ... 1312 JOK ..1451 Hyundai ... 1315 JSR ...1459 JVC ...1464 Iberia ...1320 ICE ..1324 Kabel Deutschland . 1468 ICeS ...1325 Kabel Digital ..4448 ID Digital ..1329 Kaisui ...1471 Iekei...1332 Kamm ...1474...
  • Page 12 (DB1) Pensonic ... 3778 Perdio ...2185 Perfekt ... 2186 (DB1) Philco ...2192 Philharmonic ..2194 Philips ..2195 Philips Magnavox ..3715 Phocus ..2198 (DB1) Phoenix ..2199 Phonola... 2201 Phonotrend ..2202 Pioneer ... 2212 Pionier ..2213 Plantron .
  • Page 13 Polsat ..3716 RadioShack ... 2333 Poppy ..2236 Radiotone ..2334 Radix ...2335 Portland ..2238 Powerpoint ..2241 Rainbow ... 2339 Prandoni Prince ... 4125 Raite ...2340 Precision ..2244 Rank ..2345 Predki ..2245 RBM ..2350 RCA ...2351 Preisner .
  • Page 14 Supervision ..2791 Songdian... 4136 Supra ..2792 Soniko ..2669 Sonitron ..2671 Supratech ... 2793 Susumu ... 2797 Sonneclair ..2673 Sutron ..2798 Sonoko ..2675 Swedx ..2803 Sonolor ..2676 Swissflex ..2805 Sontec ...
  • Page 15 Uniden ... 3101 Vistar ..3207 Union ..3781 Visual Innovations ... 4773 Unisat ..3104 Vivanco ..3209 United ... 3106 Vivax ..3601 United Cable ..3108 Vivid ..3210 United Quick Star .. 4226 Vodafone ... 4944 Unitor ..3110 Volcasat ..4053 Unity DigitalTV .
  • Page 16: Information To The Consumer

    Information to the consumer Compliance with EMF Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. manufactures and sells many products targeted at consumers, which, like any electronic apparatus, in general have the ability to emit and receive electromagnetic signals. One of Philips’ leading Business Principles is to take all necessary health and safety measures for our products, to comply with all applicable legal requirements and to stay well within the EMF standards applicable at the time of producing the products. Philips is committed to develop, produce and market products that cause no adverse health effects. Philips confirms that if its products are handled properly for their intended use, they are safe to use according to scientific evidence available today. Philips plays an active role in the development of international EMF and safety standards, enabling Philips to anticipate further developments in standardization for early integration in its products. Recycling and disposal Your product is designed and manufactured with high quality materials and components, which can be recycled and reused.

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