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Nokia Mediamaster 120T Introduction Manual

Nokia mediamaster 112t 120 t intro guide
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  • Page 1 Introduction Guide...
  • Page 2 Nokia operates a policy of continuous development. Therefore we reserve the right to make changes and improvements to any of the products described in this manual without any prior notice.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    This Introduction Guide describes how to connect the Mediamaster and how to perform the first-time installation. It also describes the main features of the product. A more detailed User Guide in the English language is available from the support pages on the Internet.
  • Page 4: Remote Control

    Remote control This section describes how to operate the Mediamaster using the buttons on the remote control. mute Press once to turn the sound off/on (mute/unmute). Press and hold for a few seconds to switch the Mediamaster into standby mode. In addition, press this button to switch the Mediamaster on.
  • Page 5: Connecting The Mediamaster

    Slot Reset button 112 T = for a Viaccess smart card 120 T = for a Conax smart card TV SCART socket * * for connection to the TV SCART Digital audio...
  • Page 6: Common Connections

    In this section, you will see some of the most common ways to connect your equipment. If you have problems with your connections and need help, contact your retailer or Nokia Support. Connecting to the TV with SCART • Connect the antenna cable to the TV aerial input on the Mediamaster.
  • Page 7: Connecting A Video Recorder With Scart

    Connecting the Mediamaster Connecting a Video recorder with SCART • Remove the aerial lead from your TV and connect this to the TV aerial input socket on the Mediamaster. • Connect a SCART cable between the main SCART socket on the TV and the TV SCART socket on the Video.
  • Page 8: About Smart Card

    The 112 T Mediamaster is equipped with a built-in decoder for the Viaccess encryption system. The 120 T Mediamaster is equipped with a built-in decoder for the Conax encryption system. Insert a valid smart card fully into the slot on the back of the Mediamaster.
  • Page 9: Connecting The Mediamaster & First-Time Installation

    • Place the aerial by the window and direct it towards the TV transmitter, if possible. • It is recommended that you use a Nokia active aerial with a built-in amplifier to provide a stronger signal. The strength of the TV signal varies according to reflections from, for example, buildings.
  • Page 10: First-Time Installation

    First-time installation Switching on for the first time and start • Plug in your Mediamaster and the "First-time installation" menu is shown. • Press ok to continue with the channel search. The menu will be shown as long as the Mediamaster is searching for TV and radio channels.
  • Page 11: Watching Tv & Listening To The Radio

    Watching TV & listening to the radio Navigating with the Navi Bars Navi Bars are used for selecting TV/Radio channels and to enter menus in which you can perform different settings. 1. Display Navi Bars by pressing the navi or ok button; to hide them, press the back button.
  • Page 12: Edit Lists Folder

    Watching TV & listening to the radio Edit lists folder The TV folder may contain a lot of channels. By creating your own lists you can make it easier to handle channels. You can create and edit favourite channel lists in these menus. Select list If you have several lists and want to make changes to them, select which list you want to change by using the...
  • Page 13 Watching TV & listening to the radio Delete selected list If you want to completely delete a list, first select the list with buttons on the line "Select list". Then, move down to "Delete selected list" and press ok. Rename selected list Give the list a new name.
  • Page 14: Sorting Channels

    Watching TV & listening to the radio Sorting channels You can select how the channels will be sorted in the All TV and All Radio folders. When any of the TV or Radio folders are in focus in the Navi Bars, press the opt button on the remote control.
  • Page 15: Nokia Mediamaster Software End-User License

    This Software Agreement ("Agreement") is between You (either an individual or an entity), the End User, and Nokia Corporation, Nokia Home Communications ("Nokia"). The Agreement authorizes You to use the Software specified in Clause 1 below and which is included in this Nokia digital TV receiver. This is an agreement on end-user rights and not an agreement concerning sale.
  • Page 16: Technical Specifications

    The model code, variant and serial number, are located on a label on the underside of the receiver. The Viaccess Conditional Access (CA) System is embedded in 112 T and the Conax CA system in 120 T. DC power to the Mediamaster...
  • Page 17 Technical specifications GB 17...
  • Page 18 Nokia is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation

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