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Teletext; Entering / Exit Teletext Mode; Page Selection; Teletext Format Picture & Sound Control - NEC PF32WT100 Instruction Manual

Nec colour television instruction manual
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- Select the desired program with teletext.
- Press the remote control TELETEXT ( ) button (A22) to select teletext
mode. The initial page (or the last page viewed if you have already used
teletext in the present channel) appears.


- You can directly enter the 3 figure page number by using the remote control NUMBER 0...9 buttons (A3).
- You can sequentially select teletext pages by pressing the remote control PAGE UP (A6) / DOWN (A21) buttons.
- At the base of the screen a menu of coloured page links is available, showing either page numbers or a title with
headings (eg Sport, News) in RED, GREEN, YELLOW or CYAN colour. These pages can be accessed by using the
corresponding coloured buttons (A11, A12, A26, A25) on the remote control.
Once a request is made, the page number is shown in the extreme top left corner of the screen. If the requested page
is not immediately available the rolling header will be active until the page arrives.
Doubling character height
Repeatedly pressing the HEIGHT button
the following order:
Upper half of the page (UP) > Lower half of the page (DOWN) > Return to normal
If the page is in UP or DOWN mode, then normal size is automatically set if :
- A new page request is made (e.g. CYAN, INDEX or PAGE UP/DOWN).
- CANCEL mode (A8) function is used.
- VOLUME menu is activated the with the MENU button (A19).
Note : The menu at the base of the screen is always visible
Volume and brightness control in teletext mode
VOLUME ( and sound MUTE), BRIGHTNESS controls are all possible in teletext. The
BRIGHTNESS controls is dedicated to the teletext display.
- Access the VOLUME control by pressing the MENU button (A19) in teletext mode. A
bar graph will appear in the lower part of the screen (as in TV mode). If MUTE is
active, a mute icon is also shown.
- A second press on the MENU button (A19) will access the BRIGHTNESS control,
and the third press will back to normal condition.
- The active bargraph will timeout after 3-4 seconds (as in TV mode VOLUME control)
or by pressing on the MENU button (A19) third time (after brightness control)
- Each control can be adjusted by using the remote control CURSOR RIGHT (A20) /
LEFT (A7) buttons.
- Mute can always be activated by pressing the SOUND MUTE button (A2).
- Any change to the VOLUME level will cancel the SOUND MUTE.
(A23) doubles the character height in


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