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Kenwood KDC KDC-V6017 Instruction Manual

Cd receiver
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Take the time to read through this instruction
Familiarity with installation and operation pro-
cedures will help you obtain the best perfor-
mance from your new CD-receiver.
For your records
Record the serial number, found on the back of
the unit, in the spaces designated on the warranty
card, and in the space provided below. Refer to
the model and serial numbers whenever you call
upon your KENWOOD dealer for information or
service on the product.
Model KDC-X617/V6017/516S/57MR
Serial number


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  Summary of Contents for Kenwood KDC KDC-V6017

  • Page 1: Manual De Instrucciones

    Refer to the model and serial numbers whenever you call upon your KENWOOD dealer for information or service on the product. Model KDC-X617/V6017/516S/57MR Serial number...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety precautions Warning...3 Safety precautions ...4 Handling Compact discs ...6 General features Power...8 Switching Modes ...8 Volume...9 Attenuator ...9 Loudness ...9 Non-Fading Output...9 Theft Deterrent Faceplate...10 System Q ...11 Speaker & Woofer setting ...11 Clock display ...12 Audio control features Audio Control Setting...13 Bass Center Frequency ...13 Bass Level...13...
  • Page 3: Warning

  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    DNPS, DNPP, Magazine random play, and CD Text display. Note that none of the KDC-C100, KDC-C302, C205, C705, and non-Kenwood CD changers can be connected. 2CAUTION You can damage both your unit and the CD changer if you connect them incorrectly.
  • Page 5 NOTE • If you experience problems during installation, consult your Kenwood dealer. • Press the reset button if the disc auto changer is first controlled and operates incorrectly. The original operating condition will return. Reset button • We recommend the use of the Security Code function (see p.
  • Page 6: Handling Compact Discs

    Handling Compact discs Playing a CD that is dirty, scratched or warped can cause the sound to skip and the unit to operate incorrectly, resulting in worsened sound quality. Take the following precautions to prevent your CDs from getting scratched or damaged. Handling CDs •...
  • Page 7 Do Not Load CD Accessories Do not use commercially available CD accessories that can be loaded into the CD slot, such as stabilizers, protective sheets, or CD cleaning discs, since they can cause the unit to malfunction. Removing the CD Only remove the CD from the machine in a horizontal direction, holding it flat.
  • Page 8: General Features

    General features 5 / ∞ ATT/LOUD DISP KDC-X617/KDC-516S/KDC-57MR Clock indicator LOUD indicator ATT indicator KDC-V6017 ATT indicator Clock indicator LOUD indicator Power SRC / PWR OFF Turning on the power: Press the SRC (source) button. NOTE Turn the power on before carrying out the following procedures. Turning off the power: Press the PWR OFF button for at least one second.
  • Page 9: Volume

    NOTE • The mode switches to the next mode from any mode which cannot be used. • The external disc control mode will differ depending on the unit that is connected. • To enable the selection of External disc control mode 2/AUX mode, you should connect optional switching adapter KCA- S210A (which allows you to select both External disc control mode 2 and AUX mode) or CD changer (KDC-CPS87, KDC-...
  • Page 10: Theft Deterrent Faceplate

    General features Theft Deterrent Faceplate The faceplate can be reversed to hide the control panel or detached form the unit, helping to deter theft. Removing the Faceplate: • When the control panel is visible: Press the release button. • When the control panel has been hidden: Press the upper side of the faceplate.
  • Page 11: System Q

    NOTE While the control panel is sliding, only available buttons are 0, ATT, L, M and SRC. System Q You can recall the best audio setting preset for different types of the music. Switching the Preset Sound Setting: Each time you press the Q button, the preset sound setting switches as follows: Scan of Flat –...
  • Page 12: Clock Display

    General features Clock display Changing the Clock Display: Each time you press the CLK button, the display switches between the clock and each mode display. NOTE The clock indicator lights while the clock is displayed. Audio control features KDC-X617/KDC-516S/KDC-57MR Selecting mode KDC-V6017 Selecting mode —...
  • Page 13: Audio Control Setting

    Audio Control Setting Adjust various parameters of sound quality. Press the AUD button for at least one second to enter the control mode. Selecting mode Press either the FM or AM button. Each time the button is pressed, the adjustment mode will change.
  • Page 14: Middle Center Frequency

    Audio control features Function of the KDC-X617 Middle Center Frequency Adjust the center frequency of the middle. Display and setting: "MID F" : 0.5 / 1.0 / 1.5 / 2.0 kHz. Middle Level Adjust the middle level. Display and setting: "Middle"/"MID"...
  • Page 15: High-Pass Filter Frequency For Front Output

    Function of the KDC-X617 High-pass Filter Frequency for Front Output Adjust the frequency of the High-pass filter for front output. Display and setting: "HPF F" : Through / 40Hz / 60Hz / 80Hz / 100Hz / 120Hz / 150Hz / 180Hz / 220Hz NOTE You can separately set the high-pass filter for front and rear output, including preouts.
  • Page 16: Tuner Features

    Tuner features DISP/NAME.S #1-6 AUTO/ KDC-X617/KDC-516S/KDC-57MR Band display Frequency AUTO indicator ST indicator KDC-V6017 Band display Frequency AUTO indicator ST indicator Tuning You can choose from three tuning modes: auto seek, preset station seek, and manual. The AUTO 1 indicator lights up when auto seek tuning is selected, and the AUTO 2 indicator lights when preset station seek tuning is selected.
  • Page 17: Direct Access Tuning

    received. Direct Access Tuning When you know the frequency of the station that you want to listen to, you can input it directly for quick access. Select the band by pressing the FM or AM button. Press the DIRECT button. "----"...
  • Page 18: Station Name Preset (Snps)

    Tuner features Station Name Preset (SNPS) You can assign names to radio stations with the Station Preset Memory. Up to 32 FM stations and 16 AM stations can be assigned names. Adjust the frequency to the station whose name you want to enter.
  • Page 19 follows: Station frequency SNPS name (only when being preset) CD/External disc control features SCAN KDC-X617/KDC-516S/KDC-57MR Track number IN indicator KDC-V6017 Track number — 19 — DISP/ Release NAME.S button ¢ M.RDM Track time Disc number Track time Disc number IN indicator...
  • Page 20: Cd/External Disc Control Features Playing Cds

    The external disc control mode will differ, depending on the unit that is connected. Mode Display Examples • "CD2" ...when a CD player is connected • "DISC" ...when a disc changer is connected • "DISC-1" , "DISC-2" ...when two disc changers are connected Pausing and Restarting Disc Play: Press the 38 button to make the disc pause.
  • Page 21: Switching Display For Discs

    Switching Display for Discs Switch the display that appears while discs are playing. Switching Display for Discs: Each time you press the DISP button, the display during disc play switches as follows: Track time Disc name (DNPS) (only when being preset) Disc title (Units featuring CD text/MD only) (KDC-516S/57MT : Function of disc changers) Track title (Units featuring CD text/MD only)
  • Page 22: Disc Search

    CD/External disc control features Disc Search Function of disc changers) Search forward or backward through the discs in a disc changer. Making a Reverse Disc Search: Press the AM button to display the desired disc number. Each time the button is pressed, the displayed disc number decreases by one.
  • Page 23: Magazine Random Play

    NOTE Random play is canceled when you eject the disc. Magazine Random Play Function of disc changers) Play the tracks on all the discs in the disc changer in random order. Press the M.RDM button to switch magazine random play on and off.
  • Page 24: Presetting Disc Names (Dnps)

    CD/External disc control features Presetting Disc Names (DNPS) Store the names of discs to be displayed when played. Play the disc whose name you want to preset. NOTE • This function is not available for disc changers that do not feature the Disc Name Preset function.
  • Page 25: Disc Name Preset Play (Dnpp)

    Disc Name Preset Play (DNPP) If you have preset the name of a disc that you want to listen to in the disc changer, you can look for it by name and start playing it. Press the DNPP button on the remote. "DNPP"...
  • Page 26: Direct Disc Search

    CD/External disc control features Direct Disc Search (Function of disc changers with remote) Using the remote, directly input the disc number that you want to listen to. Using the number buttons on the remote, input the number of the disc that you want to listen to. The selected disc number will blink in the display for 10 seconds.
  • Page 27: Menu System

    Menu System You can set the defaults for additional functions in the menu mode. Make a setting for each function, referring to the following operations. Enter the menu mode Press the MENU button for at least one second. "MENU" is displayed when the menu mode is entered. The function that you can adjust is indicated with the current settings displayed.
  • Page 28: Security Code

    Menu settings Security Code When the battery is removed from the unit's power switch, you cannot turn on the unit again unless the preset security code is input. This function helps prevent theft. NOTE You must follow steps 1 to 8 to be able to use the Security Code function.
  • Page 29: Touch Sensor Tone

    Touch Sensor Tone This function produces a beep sound that accompanies button operation. It can be switched on or off. Display and setting: "Beep ON" : Beep setting is on. (Default setting) "Beep OFF" : Beep setting is off. NOTE The beep sound is not output from the preout jacks.
  • Page 30: Variable Illumination Color Setting

    Menu settings Function of the KDC-V6017 Variable Illumination Color Setting You can set the display to a desired color. Display and setting: Select the display "Color" during the selecting function in the menu mode. To set a color manually: Hold down on the 4 or ¢ button. Pressing the ¢...
  • Page 31: System Q

    Function of the KDC-X617 System Q When this system is set to on, the System Q factors (Bass center frequency, Bass quality factor, Bass extend, Middle center frequency, Middle quality factor, and Treble center frequency) appear during the audio control mode. Display and setting: "System Q ON"...
  • Page 32: Basic Operations Of Remote

    Basic Operations of remote Accessory of the KDC-X617/KDC-V6017 KDC-X617 FM/DISC ¢ TUNE TRACK DSIC AM/DISC – DNPP/ DIRECT DNPP REMOTE CONTROL UNIT KDC-V6017 FM/DISC ¢ TUNE TRACK DSIC AM/DISC – DNPP/ DNPP REMOTE CONTROL UNIT 2CAUTION Do not set the remote on hot places such as above the dashboard.
  • Page 33: Tuner Features

    Basic operations • VOLUME buttons Press the button to turn the volume up. – Press the button to turn the volume down. • SRC button Each time you press the SRC button, the mode switches as follows: Tuner mode CD mode External disc control mode 1 External disc control mode 2 / AUX mode Standby mode...
  • Page 34: Cd/External Disc Control Features

    Basic Operations of remote Accessory of the KDC-X617/KDC-V6017 CD/External disc control features • 4/¢ buttons Press the 4 button to search through the tracks backward. Press the ¢ button to search through the tracks forward. Use to move the cursor while entering disc name. •...
  • Page 35: Accessories

    Accessories External view ...1 ...1 ...2 ...4 ...4 ...1 ...1 ...1 2CAUTION The use of any accessories except for those provided might result in damage to the unit. Make sure only to use the accessories shipped with the unit, as shown above. Installation Procedure 1.
  • Page 36: Connecting Wires To Terminals

    (Pink / Black) (KDC-X617 only) Ignition wire (Red) Car fuse box Battery wire (Yellow) Ground wire (Black) - (To car chassis) — 36 — To KENWOOD disc changer/ DAB control input/ KPA-SD100/KPA-HD100/KPA- SS100 NOTE To connect these leads, refer to the relevant instruction manuals.
  • Page 37: Installation

    Installation Installation Firewall or metal support Accessory6 Self-tapping Accessory2 Metal mounting screw strap (commercially available) NOTE Make sure that the unit is installed securely in place. If the unit is unstable, it may malfunction (for example, the sound may skip). Installing in Japanese-Made Cars Refer to the section “Removing the hard rubber frame (P.
  • Page 38 Installation Removing the hard rubber frame Refer to the section “Theft deterrent faceplate (P. 10)” and then remove the faceplate. Engage the catch pins on the removal tool and remove the two locks on the upper level. Push upward the frame and pull it forward as shown in the figure.
  • Page 39 Locking the faceplate to the unit If you want to lock the faceplate to the unit so that it does not fall off, follow the directions below. Refer to the function "Theft Deterrent Faceplate" (page 10) and remove the faceplate. Insert the provided screw into the hole at the center of the bottom side of the faceplate which you have removed from the unit.
  • Page 40: Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting Guide What might seem to be a malfunction in your unit may just be the result of slight misoperation or miswiring. Before calling service, first check the following table for possible problems. PROBLEM The power does not turn on. The fuse has blown.
  • Page 41 PROBLEM Can’t remove disc. The cause is that more than 10 minutes has elapsed since the vehicle ACC switch was turned OFF. Free switching of the sound The system Q function is set on Scan mode. quality. Audio control setting cannot be The system Q function is set on Scan mode.
  • Page 42 Troubleshooting Guide CD/External disc control mode PROBLEM The disc control mode cannot No wire has been connected to the disc changer input be selected. terminal on the unit. The specified disc does not The specified CD is quite dirty. play, but another one plays The CD is upside-down.
  • Page 43 ] Cool down the unit by opening the windows or turning on the air conditioner. As the temperature falls below 60°C (140°F), the disc will start playing again. If this indicator blinks, the CD player is malfunctioning. ] Eject the CD and try inseting it again.
  • Page 44: Specifications

    AM tuner section Frequency range (10 kHz space) ...530 kHz – 1700 kHz Usable sensitivity (S/N = 20dB) ...28 dBµ (25 µV) CD player section Laser diode ...GaAlAs (λ=780 nm) Digital filter (D/A) ...8 Times Over Sampling D/A Converter ...1 Bit Spindle speed ...500 –...
  • Page 46 You cannot presetrng disc names on a CD where while thus unrt IS controlling a CD changer “KDC-C662”, or “KDC-C462” 1 REMARQUE II n’est pas possible d’attribuer une etrquette est present lorsque cette unrte sert a dinger “KDC-C665”, “KDC-C465”. “KDC-C662”, ou “KD’X462”...
  • Page 47 Andorra Iceland Malta Norge Schwelz Svrzzera Sursse Sverrge Dear Customer, Thank you for purchasrng this kenwood product. As mentioned booklet, our warranty IS only valid In the countries please contact your retailer for rnformation KENWOOD Corporation Customer Information 3-17-9 Aobadar Meguro-ku Tokyo 1.53-0042...
  • Page 48 The following are not covered by the warranty: Any product which is not distributed authorized Kenwood car stereo dealer or an automobile dealer unless the product is purchased through the U S A Military Exchange Service Any product on which the serial number has been defaced, modified or removed...
  • Page 49 &me of set / Nom de I’appareil Modello deli’apparecchio i Modelo KDC-X617 II 1111 II Ill lllllllllll I1111111 019048 6740 Sales dete I Date d’ schat / Data I Fecha de venta Dealer stamp / Cachet du vendeur Signature of Dealer/ Firma del vendedor This equipment fill it out completely...
  • Page 51 Please send otlier correspondence to: Kenwood USA Customer Service NECESSARY P.O. Box 22745 Long Beach, CA 90801-5745 on the web or by mail Register your excelon...
  • Page 52 City E-mail Address: Model number: Serial number: Date 01 purchase: Name of store where purchased: Do you own Kenwood home audio products? What factors most influenced this purchase? 06 0 (check all that apply) 07 0 01 0 Brand Name...

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