Kenwood KDC-715S Instruction Manual: Security Code

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Security Code

When the battery is removed from the unit's power switch, you
cannot turn on the unit again unless the preset security code is
input. This function helps prevent theft.
You must follow steps 1 to 9 to be able to use the Security Code
function. Turning off the power during the procedure will
deactivate the security code setting.
Once the security code function has been activated, "Security"
disappears from the MENU system. Note that it will no longer be
possible to cancel this function afterwards.
Press the SRC button repeatedly to select the standby mode.
"ALL OFF" is displayed when the standby mode is selected.
Select the four digits to use in your security code.
The four-digit security code is very important, as you will need it
to turn the unit on again when the code security function is on.
Choose the number carefully and do not forget it (write it down
and keep it separately in a safe place).
Press the MENU button for at least one second.
"MENU" is displayed and the menu mode is turned on.
Keep pressing the FM button until the "Security" appears in the
Press the AM button to search in the other direction.
Press either the 4 or ¢ button for at least two seconds.
"ENTER" will appear in the display for one second, indicating
the code setting mode has been entered. When "CODE"
appears in the display, you can start inputting the code.
Press the preset button and enter the security code that you
have selected in step 2.
Example: Use "3510" as the security code.
Button to press
Press the DISP button for at least three seconds.
The security code will be set.
"RE-ENTER" will appear in the display for one second, asking
you to enter the code once again for confirmation. When
"CODE" appears in the display, you can start inputting the
Press the Preset button and input the security code again.
Press the DISP button again for at least three seconds.
"APPROVED" will appear in the display, with the security code
function turning on. From this point on, if the unit is
disconnected from the battery, the security code must be
entered the first time that the unit's power is turned on.
"ENTER" and "CODE" will appear in the display, asking you to
input the code.
If you input an incorrect security code, the code setting mode
will be canceled automatically. Follow the steps from 5 to 9
above again.
If you press the RESET button or remove the battery:
The first time you turn the unit on again, "CODE" will appear in
the display, asking you to input the security code.
Repeat steps 8 and 9 above, and input the security code.
You can start operating the unit again when "APPROVED"
appears in the display.
If you enter the incorrect code, the power will turn off. Enter
the correct code to turn the unit on.
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