Electrical Requirements; Electrical Shock Hazard; Electrical Connection - Frigidaire 318201613 Installation Instructions Manual

30" electric drop-in range
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1. Electrical Requirements

This appliance must be supplied with the proper voltage
and frequency, and connected to an individual, properly
grounded branch circuit, protected by a circuit breaker or
fuse 40A or 50A.
Observe all governing codes and local ordinances
1. A 3-wire or 4-wire single phase 120/240 or 120/208
Volt, 60 Hz AC only electrical supply is required on a
separate circuit fused on both sides of the line (red
and black wires). A time-delay fuse or circuit breaker is
recommended. DO NOT fuse neutral (white wire).
NOTE: Wire sizes and connections must conform with
the fuse size and rating of the appliance in accordance
with the American National Electrical Code ANSI/NFPA
No. 70-latest edition, or with Canadian CSA Standard
C22.1, Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1, and local codes
and ordinances.
An extension cord should not be used
with this appliance. Such use may result in a fire,
electrical shock, or other personal injury. If you need
a longer power cord you can purchase a 10' (3 m) power
cord kit #903056-9010 by calling the Service Center.
2. These appliances should be connected to the fused
disconnect (or circuit breaker) box through flexible
armored or nonmetallic sheathed cable. The flexible
armored cable extending from the appliance should
be connected directly to the junction box. The
junction box should be located as shown in Figure
1 or Figure 2 and with as much slack as possible
remaining in the cable between the box and the
appliance, so it can be moved if servicing is ever
3. A suitable strain relief must be provided to attach
the flexible armored cable to the junction box.

Electrical Shock Hazard

• Electrical ground is required on this appliance.
• Do not connect to the electrical supply until
appliance is permanently grounded.
• Disconnect power to the junction box before
making the electrical connection.
• This appliance must be connected to a
grounded, metallic, permanent wiring system,
or a grounding connector should be connected
to the grounding terminal or wire lead on the
• Do not use a gas supply line for grounding the
Failure to do any of the above could result in a
fire, personal injury or electrical shock.
In cold weather shipping and storage
conditions, make sure that oven is in final location
at least three (3) hours before switching on power.
Switching on power while oven is still cold may damage
the oven controls.

2. Electrical connection

It is the responsibility and obligation of the consumer to
contact a qualified installer to assure that the electrical
installation is adequate and is in conformance with the
National Electrical Code ANSI/NFPA No. 70-latest edition,
or with CSA Standard C22.1, Canadian Electrical Code,
Part 1, and local codes and ordinances.
Risk of electrical shock (Failure to
heed this warning may result in electrocution or
other serious injury.) This appliance is equipped
with copper lead wire. If connection is made to
aluminum house wiring, use only connectors that
are approved for joining copper and aluminum wire
in accordance with the National Electrical Code
and local code and ordinances. When installing
connectors having screws which bear directly on
the steel and/or aluminum flexible conduit, do no
tighten screws sufficiently to damage the flexible
conduit. Do not over bend or excessively distort
flexible conduit to avoid separation of convolutions
en exposure of internal wires.
DO NOT ground to a gas supply pipe. DO NOT connect
to electrical power supply until appliance is permanently
grounded. Connect the ground wire before turning on
the power.


Table of Contents

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