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Range Installation; Countertop Preparation - Frigidaire 318201613 Installation Instructions Manual

30" electric drop-in range
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3. Range Installation

The electrical power to the range must
be shut off while line connections are being made.
Failure to do so could result in serious injury or death.

Countertop Preparation

• The cooktop sides of the range fit over the cutout
edge of your countertop.
• If you have a square finish (flat) countertop, no
countertop preparation is required. Cooktop sides lay
directly on edge of countertop.
• Formed front-edged countertops must have molded
edge shaved flat 3/4" (1.9 cm) from each front corner
of opening (Figure 3).
• Tile countertops may need trim cut back 3/4"(1.9
cm) from each front corner and/or rounded edge
flattened (Figure 3).
• If the existing cutout width is greater than
30 1/16" (76.4 cm), reduce the ¾" (1.9 cm)
(1.9 cm)
Figure 3
This range is designed to hang from the countertop. It
does not rest on the floor.
Be sure the bottom of any wall cabinets are a minimum
of 30" (76.2 cm) above the rangetop area.
To eliminate the hazard or reaching over heated surface
units, cabinet storage space located above the surface
units should be avoided. If cabinet storage is to be
provided, the hazard can be reduced by installing a range
hood that projects horizontally a minimum of 5" (12.7
cm) beyond the bottom front edge of the cabinets.
Important Note: Door
removal is not a requirement
for installation of the range,
but is an added convenience.
The appliance should be
placed on a table or the
front of the appliance should
be raised to be able to fully
open the door. Please refer
to the Use and Care Guide
for oven door removal
(1.9 cm)
(81 cm)
Formed or tile countertop
trimmed ¾" (1.9 cm) back at
front corners of countertop
1. Install base cabinets 30" (76.2cm) apart, and be sure
they are plumb and level before attaching to
2. Cut countertop exactly as shown in Figure 1. Shave
raised edge level to clear 31 1/2" (81cm) wide rim
on rolled edge styled countertops.
3. Install the wiring junction box in an adjoining cabinet
or under the floor (range has 48"/122cm of conduit).
Cut 1-1/4" (3.2cm) hole to bring conduit to the
junction box.
4. To provide an optimum installation, the top surface
of the countertop must be level and flat (lie on the
same plane) around the 3 sides that are adjacent to
range cooktop. Proper adjustments to make the top
flat should be made or gaps between the countertop
may occur.
To reduce the risk of damaging your
appliance, do not handle or manipulate it by the
ceramic glass. Manipulate with care.
6. Move range in front of cabinet opening.
7. Push the electric conduit through the hole and
attach it to the junction box. Leave enough slack in
the conduit to allow the range to be pulled forward
several inches for service if necessary.
8. Oven door is heavy. It is advisable to remove
door and eliminate its weight as range is
lifted into position. See oven door removal
instructions in the Use and Care Guide. NEVER
lift the appliance by the control panel doing so
may damage the control panel. Lift the range
into position on the countertop and make sure
the appliance is centered in the cutout opening
to be sure that the flanges of the upper side
panel are sitting on the countertop to avoid
glass breakage.
Ranges with Ceramic Glass Cooktop
9. This range is equipped with an anti-tip bracket
attached to the back of the range with two screws.
If countertop thickness is greater than 1/2" (1.3cm),
relocate anti-tip bracket to the lower position 1/4"
(6.4 mm) below (see page 1).
10. Anti-slide brackets Installation (Figure 4):
1. Place the range so that it is about 6" out of the
2. Insert from below the shoulder screws in the
bottom bracket (one on each side)
3. Slide the range into its final position.
4. Position the "L" bracket against the side of the
cabinet so that it is retained by the shoulder
screws, hold bracket and mark the holes on the
inside of the cabinet. Drill pilot holes into cabinet
where you just marked (Caution should be taken
to avoid drilling through the opposite side of the
cabinet). Attach the "L" bracket to the cabinet


Table of Contents

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