Setting Convection Bake - Frigidaire 318205303 Important Safety Instructions Manual

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This mode of cooking enables you to obtain the best culinary
results when baking with multiple pans and racks. Multiple
rack baking may slightly increase cook time for some foods
but the overall result is time saved. Some food may cook
faster and more evenly with Convection Bake. Convection
baking uses the three elements and a fan to circulate
the oven's heat evenly and continuously within the oven.
The oven can be programmed for Convection baking at
any temperature between 170°F to 550°F with a default
temperature of 350°F.
Convection Baking Tips:
Always preheat your oven before using the Convection
Bake mode.
During preheat, the 3 elements and the convection fan
are used in cycle to quickly heat the oven.
If your recipe cooking temperature has already been
converted for convection baking there is no need to re-
duce your oven temperature. If your recipe has not had
the temperature converted for convection baking you
can easily reduce using the Convection Convert feature.
Please see Convection Convert section on next page for
further instruction on temperature conversion.
Use tested recipes with times adjusted for convection
baking when using this mode. Time reductions will
vary depending on the amount and type of food to be
When using Convection Bake with a single rack, place
oven rack in position 2 or 3. If cooking on multiple racks,
place the oven racks in positions 2 and 4 or 1, 3 (offset
rack) and 4.
Most bakeries (except cakes) should be baked on pans
with no sides or very low sides to allow heated air to
circulate around the food.
Food baked on pans with a dark finish will cook faster.
Air circulation during Convection Bake
Figure 1
setting oven controls
Oven Rack Positions
Figure 2
To set the oven for Convection Bake and temperature
to 375°F
1. Arrange interior oven racks.
2. Press convect. "convect" and "BAKE" will flash
and "350" will appear in the display. If a Convection
Bake of 350°F is needed, press start.
3. Press 3 7 5. "convect" and "BAKE" will keep flashing
and "375°" will appear in the display.
4. Press start. The actual oven temperature and the fan
icon will be displayed. A beep will sound once the oven
temperature reaches 375°F and the display will show
"375°", "convect", "BAKE" and the fan icon.
5. Place food in the oven.
Pressing cancel will stop the feature at any time.
Benefits of Convection Bake:
— Multiple rack baking.
— Some foods cook faster, saving time and energy.
— No special pans or bakeware needed.
The convection fan will start AS SOON AS the oven is
set for Convection Bake. The display will show an icon
of rotating fan within a square. This rotating fan icon
indicates when the Convection Fan is operating. The Bake,
Broil and Convection elements will also cycle for a better
heat distribution.
The lower oven of model B is not equipped with a
convection fan & element. All the associated convection
cooking features will not be available in this oven.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents