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Dell Foldable Keyboard for Pocket PC User Manual

Dell Foldable Keyboard for Pocket PC User Manual

Foldable keyboard for pocket pc


User Manual
Foldable Keyboard for Pocket PC


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Summary of Contents for Dell Foldable Keyboard for Pocket PC

  • Page 1 User Manual Foldable Keyboard for Pocket PC...
  • Page 2 Reproduction in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Dell Computer Corporation is strictly forbidden. Trademarks used in this text: Dell and the DELL logo are trademarks of Dell Computer Corporation; Microsoft and ActiveSync are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction Specifications...3 Features………………………………………………3 Opening and Folding the Keyboard Opening the Keyboard ...4 Folding the Keyboard ...5 Charging Function ...6 Installing the Keyboard Driver and Connecting the Keyboard Installing the Keyboard Driver ...6 Enabling the Keyboard ...8 Connecting the Keyboard to Your Device ...10 Customizing Your Keyboard Configuring the Keyboard ...10 Keyboard Shortcuts ...11...
  • Page 4: Specifications

    Introduction The foldable keyboard is a convenient and portable input accessory for your Pocket PC device. Specifications Physical Extended Closed Weight Environmental Temperature endurance Power Consumption Operating Storage Features • Easy connection to your Pocket PC device • Keyboard shortcuts •...
  • Page 5: Opening And Folding The Keyboard

    Opening and Folding the Keyboard Opening the Keyboard Press the button on the side of the keyboard. See Figure (1). Raise the lid and stand until they are fully extended. See Figure (2). Lift the keyboard connector stand to a fully upright position.
  • Page 6: Folding The Keyboard

    Folding the Keyboard Gently pull the left and right section of the keyboard apart. See Figure (1). Push the left and right sections toward the center of the keyboard. The middle section automatically shifts down to make room for the left and right sections. DO NOT push down on the middle section.
  • Page 7: Charging Function

    Charging Function You can charge your device when it is connected to the keyboard. Installing and Enabling the Keyboard Driver Installing the Keyboard Driver Before you install the keyboard driver, disable any other keyboard programs that you have installed on your device to prevent conflicts. Also, ensure that you have at least 100 KB of free memory to install the driver.
  • Page 8 Follow the instructions on the screen to install the driver. If the CD does not autorun or if you are installing the driver from a floppy disk: Open My Computer and double-click the CD drive or floppy drive icon. Open the folder for the language that you want to install.
  • Page 9: Enabling The Keyboard

    Enabling the Keyboard Turn on your device. The Foldable keyboard will be detected and auto-enabled when connected with your device. You could also enable the keyboard manually. a. Tap the Start button and tap Programs. Foldable Keyboard User Manual Page 8...
  • Page 10 b. Tap the Foldable Keyboard icon. c. Tap to select Enable Keyboard. Foldable Keyboard User Manual Page 9...
  • Page 11: Connecting The Keyboard To Your Device

    Connecting the Keyboard to Your Device Align the connector on the bottom of the device with the connector on the keyboard. Slide the device down onto the connector as far as it will go. To disconnect the keyboard, pull the device straight up and off the connector.
  • Page 12: Keyboard Shortcuts

    • Tap the Enable Sound check box to hear a click every time you press a key. • Use the Delay until repeat slider to lengthen or shorten the time the keyboard waits before repeating a pressed key. • Use the Key repeat rate slider to speed up or slow down the rate at which the keyboard repeatedly displays a pressed key.
  • Page 13 Fn + W Fn + E Fn + R Fn + T Fn + Y Fn + A Fn + Fn + CapsLock Fn + Tab Fn + Backspace Fn + number key Fn + Enter Fn + up arrow Fn + down arrow Fn + left arrow Fn + right arrow...
  • Page 14 Ctrl + Z Shift ( ) + right arrow Shift ( ) + left arrow Shift ( ) + up arrow Shift ( ) + down arrow French Keyboard Most keyboard shortcuts on the French keyboard are the same as shortcuts on the U.S.
  • Page 15: Assigning Hotkeys

    Assigning Hotkeys You can launch programs using hotkey combinations, <Fn><0> through <Fn><9>. To configure hotkey: On your device, tap the Start button, tap Programs, and tap the Foldable Keyboard icon. Tap the Hotkeys tab. In the top pane, tap the hotkey combination that you want to configure.
  • Page 16: Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions How do I uninstall the driver? Tap the Start button→ Settings→ System tab→ Remove Programs. Select Foldable Keyboard from the list of programs. Press the Reset button on your device for several seconds. I pressed a key on the keyboard, but the letter did not register. Ensure that the keyboard is securely connected to the device.
  • Page 17: Technical Support

    Customer Support: See "Contacting Dell" in your Dell™ Axim™ User’s Guide to find the appropriate contact information for obtaining customer assistance. Foldable Keyboard User Manual Page 16...

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