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Welcome................................... 2
Surface Cooking ................... 5-6
Oven Controls ....................... 10
Setting Oven Controls .......... 11
Oven Temperature ................. 14
Oven Controls ....................... 15
Care & Cleaning ............... 16-21
........................................... 22-23
Warranty .................. Back Cover
318200711 (0712) Rev. A



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  Summary of Contents for Frigidaire Professional PLEF489GC

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric Range Welcome... 2 Important Safety Instructions . Surface Cooking ... 5-6 Setting Surface Controls ... 7-10 Before Setting Oven Controls ... 10 Setting Oven Controls ... 11 Cooking Informations ... 12-14 Adjusting Your Oven Temperature ... 14 Setting Side Oven Controls ...
  • Page 2: Welcome

    Questions? 1-800-944-9044 (United States) 1-866-294-9911 (Canada) Please attach sales receipt here for future reference. Versión en español Si desea obtener una copia en español de este Manual del Usuario, sírvase escribir a la dirección que se incluye a continuación. Solicite la P/N 318200711E.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    Ask your dealer to recommend a qualified technician and an authorized repair service. Know how to disconnect the power to the range at the circuit breaker or fuse box in case of an emergency. • User servicing—Do not repair or replace any part of the appliance unless specifically recommended in the manuals.
  • Page 4 OVEN • Use care when opening oven door—Stand to the side of the range when opening the door of a hot oven. Let hot air or steam escape before you remove or replace food in the oven. • Keep ovens vents unobstructed. Each vent has its own vent located on the top, near each side and towards the back of the cooktop.
  • Page 5: Surface Cooking

    The health of some birds is extremely sensitive to the fumes given off during the self-cleaning cycle of any range. Move birds to another well ventilated room. IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE The California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act...
  • Page 6 The bottom sur- face of the pan in either of these situa- tions could cause discoloring or crack- ing of the glass range surface. Wire trivets: Do not use wire trivets. Cookware bottoms must be in direct contact with the surface elements.
  • Page 7: Setting Surface Controls

    This will allow residual heat to complete the cooking process. Locations of the Radiant Surface Elements and Controls Your range is equipped with radiant surface elements with different wattage ratings. The ability to heat food quicker and in larger volumes increases as the element wattage increases.
  • Page 8 Do not place plastic items such as salt and pepper shakers, spoon holders or plastic wrappings on top of the range when it is in use. These items could melt or ignite. Potholders, towels or wooden spoons could catch fire if placed too close to the surface elements.
  • Page 9: Indicator Lights

    Indicator Lights Two different surface control lights will glow on your range: Surface Indicator Lights and Hot Surface Indicator Lights. • The surface indicator lights, located on the control panel, glow when any surface unit is turned on. A quick glance at the lights after cooking is an easy check to be sure all surface controls are turned off.
  • Page 10: Before Setting Oven Controls

    To Operate the Warmer (Warm & Ready™) Zone Warmer Zone Control Dial Warmer Zone Recommended Food Settings Food Item Heating Level Breads/Pastries Casseroles Dinner Plates with Food Eggs Gravies Meats Sauces Soups (cream) Stews Vegetables Fried Foods Hot Beverages Setting Surface Controls The purpose of the warmer zone is to keep hot cooked foods at serving tempera- ture.
  • Page 11: Setting Oven Controls

    Before Setting Oven Controls Oven Vent(s) and Racks Ovens Vents Locations For Ceramic Glass Cooktops Models: Each oven has its own vent located on the top, near each side and towards the back of the cooktop. When an oven is on, warm air is released through the vent; this ventilation is necessary for proper air circulation in the oven and good baking results.
  • Page 12: Cooking Informations

    • Oven too hot. in the center. • Incorrect pan size. • Pan not centered in oven. Cakes not level. • Range not level. • Pan too close to oven wall or rack overcrowded. • Pan warped. Foods not done •...
  • Page 13 Broiling Informations Broil Stop Position Main Oven (some models) Cooking Informations Broiling is a method of cooking tender cuts of meat by direct heat from the broil element of the oven. Meats are placed on the broiling rack and the rack is placed under the broiling element.
  • Page 14: Adjusting Your Oven Temperature

    Air circulation during convection cooking. To select convection cooking mode, press CONV BAKE ROAST button on control panel before setting cooking temperature and time. Convection Roasting Roasting Rack Grid Broiler Pan (some models) Adjusting Your Oven Temperature For instructions on how to adjust the oven temperature refer to the electronic oven control guide. Cooking Informations The convection option, available on some models, is an alternative to the conventional oven cooking methods of baking/roasting.
  • Page 15: Setting Side Oven Controls

    Left Oven Temperature Control Knob Knob may look different Broil Stop Position Side Oven Broiler pan and its grid allow dripping grease to drain and be kept away from the high heat of the broiler. DO NOT use the pan without its grid. DO NOT cover the grid with foil.
  • Page 16: Care & Cleaning

    The health of some birds is extremely sensitive to the fumes given off during the self-cleaning cycle of any range. Move birds to another well ventilated room. Before cleaning any part of the oven, be sure the electronic oven control is turned off or else push CANCEL pad.
  • Page 17: General Cleaning

    Avoid bending the bulb and capillary tube. 3. DO NOT spray any cleaner on the oven door trim or gasket, handles or any exterior surfaces of the range, wood or painted surfaces. The cleaner can damage these surfaces. To Clean the Oven Bottom Clean using hot, soapy water, a mild abrasive cleanser, a soap-filled abrasive pad or oven cleaner following oven cleaner manufacturer's instructions.
  • Page 18: Models With Ceramic Glass Cooktop

    Models with Ceramic Glass Cooktop Ceramic Glass Cooktop Cleaning & Maintenance Consistent and proper cleaning is essential to maintaining your Ceramic glass cooktop Prior to using your cooktop for the first time, apply the recommended Cleaning Creme to the ceramic surface. Clean and buff with a non abrasive cloth or pad.
  • Page 19 Do not use the following on the ceramic glass cooktop: • Do not use abrasive cleaners and scouring pads, such as metal and some nylon pads. They may scratch the cooktop, making it more difficult to clean. • Do not use harsh cleaners, such as chlorine bleach, ammonia or oven cleaners, as they may etch or discolor the cooktop.
  • Page 20: Cleaning Chart

    Cleaning Various Parts of Your Range Before cleaning any part of the range, be sure all controls are turned OFF and the range is COOL. REMOVE SPILLOVERS AND HEAVY SOILING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. REGULAR CLEANING WILL REDUCE THE NUMBER OF MAJOR CLEANING LATER.
  • Page 21 1. Pull the bearing glides to the front of the range (see figure 2). Lever 2. Align the drawer glides with the slots on the bearing glides. 3. Push the drawer into the range until the glides levers “click” (approx. 2 in.). Pull the Right Push down with finger Glide 4.
  • Page 22: Before You Call

    (1) Poor installation. To level range, refer to Leveling Guide,in the Installation Instructions. When range is level, cooktop may appear out of alignment if countertop is not level. (2) Weak, unstable floor. Be sure floor is level and can adequately support range. Contact a carpenter to correct sagging or sloping floor.
  • Page 23 Poor baking results. Many factors affect baking results. Make sure the proper rack position is used. Center food in the oven and space pans to allow air to circulate. Allow the oven to preheat to the set temperature before placing food in the oven. Try adjusting the recipes’ recommended temperature or baking time.
  • Page 24: Warranty

    Major Appliance Warranty Information Your appliance is covered by a one year limited warranty. For one year from your original date of purchase, Electrolux will pay all costs for repairing or replacing any parts of this appliance that prove to be defective in materials or workmanship when such appliance is installed, used and maintained in accordance with the provided instructions.

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