Electrical Requirements; Check Operation; Grounding Instructions - Frigidaire GLGC36S9ESA Installation Instructions Manual

30" & 36" models
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Electrical Requirements

120 volt, 60 Hertz, properly grounded branch circuit
protected by a 15 amp circuit breaker or time delay fuse.
Do not use an extension cord with this cooktop.

Grounding Instructions

IMPORTANT Please read carefully.
For personal safety, this appliance must be properly
The power cord of this appliance is equipped with a 3-
prong (grounding) plug which mates with a standard 3-
prong grounding wall receptacle (see Figure 9) to
minimize the possibility of electric shock hazard from the
The wall receptacle and circuit should be checked by a
qualified electrician to make sure the receptacle is
properly grounded.
Preferred Method
Grounding type
wall receptacle
Figure 9
Where a standard 2-prong wall receptacle is installed, it
is the personal responsibility and obligation of the
consumer to have it replaced by a properly grounded 3-
prong wall receptacle.
Do not, under any circumstances, cut or remove the
third (ground) prong from the power cord.
Disconnect electrical supply cord from
wall receptacle before servicing cooktop.
(For 30" & 36" Models)
Do not, under any
circumstances, cut,
remove, or bypass
the grounding
Power supply cord with 3-
prong grounding plug.

Check Operation

Refer to the Use and Care Guide packaged with the
cooktop for operating instructions and for care and
cleaning of your cooktop.
Do not touch the burners. They may be hot enough to
cause burns.
1. Install Burner Caps
This cooktop is equipped with sealed burners as
shown (see Figure 10).
A. Unpack your burner heads and burner caps.
B. Place burner head over each gas orifice,
matching the head with the orifice size. Be
careful not to damage the electrode while
placing the head over the orifice. Make sure
electrode fits correctly into slot in burner head.
C. Place a burner cap on each burner head,
matching the cap size to the head size. Each
burner cap has an inner locating ring which
centers the cap correctly on the burner head.
D. Be sure that all the burner caps and burner
heads are correctly placed BEFORE using your
Locating Ring
Burner Cap
Burner Head
Burner Skirt
NOTE: There are no burner adjustments necessary on
this cooktop.
Gas Opening
Figure 10

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents