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Canon LU A 8S Instruction Manual

Canon camcorder user manual
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Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Canon LU A 8S

  • Page 1 Lea tambien el manual de instrucciones • Digital Video Software Digital Video Instruction Camescope Manuel d'instruction Manual de Instrucciones DIRECT r|LD|U_":Cm'°_':_--e PRII_r instruction manual. d'instruction suivant. siguiente. PUB.DIM-670 Camcorder English Manual num_rique [Fran_ais E Videoc&mara digital _=Z__ o ... _-_#_---_ •...
  • Page 2 • Consult the dealer or an experienced Use of shielded cable is required Do not make any changes or modifications If such changes or modifications should Canon U.SA One Canon Plaza, Lake Success, Tel No. (516)328-5600 CAUTION: TO PREVENT ELECTRIC SHOCK, MATCH WiDE BLADE FULLY iNSERT.
  • Page 3 In these safety instructions the word "product" refers to the Canon Digital Video Camcorder ELURA901ELURA85tELURA80 accessories. 1. Read Instructions -- All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the product is operated. 2. Retain Instructions -- The safety and...
  • Page 4 Improper of other controls may result This indicates Parts -- When replacement be sure the service parts by Canon or that have as the original substitutions may result that the product is in return it to the responsible 100 and 240 V AC. For areas plug adapter.
  • Page 5: Using This Manual

    Using this Manual Thank you for purchasing the Canon manual carefully before you use the camcorder Change the display language SymbQ!s _nd References : Precautions related to the camcorder : Additional topics that complement O C[:3 : Reference page number.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Functions Preparations Preparing the Power Supply ... Loading/Unloading a Cassette ... Installing the Backup Battery ... Preparing the Camcorder Using the Wireless Controller ... Adjusting the LCD Screen ... Setting the Time Zone, Date and Time ... Recording Recording Movies on a Tape ...
  • Page 7 Editing Recording to a VCR or Digital Video Device ... Recording from Analog Video Devices (VCR, TV or Camcorder) ... 81 Recording from Digital Video Devices (DV Dubbing) ... Converting Analog Signals into Digital Signals (Analog-Digital Audio Dubbing ... Transferring Video Recordings to a Computer (IEEE1394) ... 88...
  • Page 8: Checking Supplied Accessories

    Lens Cap and Lens CR2025 for Wireless Cap Cord Controller IFC-300PCU SDC-8M Cable Card The serial number of this product camcorder. Write down the number permanent record of your purchase Date of Purchase: Model Name: Purchased From: Serial No.: Dealer Address: Dealer Phone No.:...
  • Page 9: Components Guide

    Components _) REC SEARCH + button (C[3 29)/ (fast forward) button (C[3 34) t CARD 4- button (_ 108) @_REC SEARCH - button (C_ 29) t _3 (record review) button ([_29) (rewind) button (_ 33)t CARD - button ([_ 108) (3_ D.
  • Page 10 0_ Dioptric adjustment lever (C[3 18) (_ Viewfinder ® Strap mount ([Z] 19) (4_ DC IN terminal (_) Start/stop button ([_ UNLOCK button (C[_ 134) _7_Power switch (C[3 5, 134) (_) _ N (printtshare)button ® Accessory shoe (C[3 62) Zoom lever (C[3 30) @ PHOTO button (E_ 93) @ TAPE/CARD @ Program selector (C[_3 46)
  • Page 11 ® ® Terminal cover MIC terminal* (C:[3 62) AV terminal (E_ 36) t _) (phones) terminal (C[3 35, 61 ) DVterminal (C[3 79, 88) ® USB terminal (_ 118, 129) ®,Flash* (C[_ 97) * ELURA90/ELURA85 only. Bottom View © _7_Stereo microphone ®...
  • Page 12 WireJess Con ® ® ® ® ® ® ® Transmitter (_) START/STOP button (C]:3 25, 100) _b CARD -t+ buttons (C[3 108) _!) DATE SEARCH N_tt_JN (_ REW _ button (E:Z333) (_)-t_ H button (1:_ 34) _7_PAUSE |l button (C:[3 34) (_ SLOW _1_-button ([:Z3 34) (_ AUDIO DUB.
  • Page 13: Preparing The Power Supply

    DC IN terminal. The CHARGE indicator starts flashing. It glows steadily when charging is complete. 4. When charging is complete, disconnect the power from the camcorder. Unplug power cord from the power and disconnect it from the adapter. 5. Remove the battery pack after use.
  • Page 14 O You may hear some malfunction. O Do not disconnect Charging may stop. The battery CHARGE indicator glows steady. correctly when pack and attach it back to the camcorder. O When the power adapter flashes rapidly O The CHARGE 0-50%: Flashes More than 50%:...
  • Page 15 O We recommend that you prepare think you might need. O To conserve battery power, turn off the camcorder pause mode. Times and vary according to the charging, NB-2LH NB-2L BP-2L12 135 m n.
  • Page 16: Loading/Unloading A Cassette

    O Do not interfere automatically, has fully retracted. O Be careful not to get your fingers If the camcorder unloaded even if the POWER a Cassette marked with the _°_D logo. switch Tape protection tab compartment opens cassette.
  • Page 17: Installing The Backup Battery

    Ins,ailing The backup battery (lithium button time (_ 22) and other camcorder Connect a power source to the camcorder settings. 1. Press OPEN button panel. battery 2. Pull out the holder. battery 3. Place lithium facing side downward battery holder.
  • Page 18: Preparing The Camcorder

    Preparing Adj U_ti_g h 1. Turn on the camcorder and keep the LCD panel closed. 2. Pull out the viewfinder. 3. Adjust the dioptric adjustment lever. 4. Push the viewfinder back in. 1. Attach the cord to the lens cap.
  • Page 19 panoramic...
  • Page 20: Using The Wireless Controller

    Using Point it at the camcorder's sensor when you press the buttons. inserting the Batt_ The wireless controller 1. Press in the the arrow and pull out the battery holder. 2. Place the lithium with the + side facing 3. Insert...
  • Page 21: Adjusting The Lcd Screen

    90 of the LCD screen between normal and bright by pressing This is useful for outdoor recordings. button. of the recording pack, the camcorder retains the setting of the POWER switch. when the LCD screen or the viewfinder even if you is set brighter (C13 15).
  • Page 22: Setting The Time Zone, Date And Time

    6. Turn dial dial. • The next part of the display • Set the month, day, hours and minutes Time Zone you first start using your camcorder, battery. _> T.ZONE/DST,,,N.Y. to open the menu. to select [SYSTEM] to select [T.ZONE/DST] appears (see table on the next page).
  • Page 23 H. KONG (Hong Kong) TOKYO SYDNEY SOLOMON Once you have set time zone, each time you travel to another your destination, and the camcorder to close the menu and to Timezone WELLGTN SAMOA HONOLU, ANCHOR. L,A, (Los Angeles) DENVER CHICAGO...
  • Page 24 g Date You can display the date and time in the lower left corner of the screen. MENU DISPLAY SETUP/_ 1. Press the MENU button 2. Turn the SET dial to select [DISPLAY SETUP/_- ] and press the SET dial. 3.
  • Page 25: Recording

    1. Turn the POWER switch to OFF. 2. Close the LCD panel. 3. Replace the lens cap. 4. Unload the cassette. 5. Disconnect the power source. on a Tape if the camcorder operates 142). at the LCD correctly. If necessary, _bo0 ©...
  • Page 26 LCD and viewfinder extremely high-precision 99,99% of the pixels pixels may occasionally no effect on the recorded O The camcorder mode to protect 20 seconds to OFF and then O Wait until the tape counter O When you do not remove...
  • Page 27 When [LCD MIRROR] is set to [ON], only tape or card operation and self-timer displays appear on the LCD screen (all displays appear on the viewfinder screen).
  • Page 28 "_J" battery When you attach an empty pack, the power displaying time in hours, The actual battery indicated condition and camcorder time of the tape during when the "_t_" button battery tape time may needs rep ac ng. indicates the charge pack.
  • Page 29 Press and hold the REC SEARCH - button (reverse). • Release the button at the point you wish to begin recording. • The camcorder returns to record pause mode. REC SEARCH REC SEARCH properly. (record review) button.
  • Page 30: Zooming

    Zooming The camcorder is equipped 20x optical zoom Move the zoom lever toward W to zoom out (wide- angle). Move it toward Press the zoom lever slightly faster zoom. O You can also use the lr and W' buttons cannot control the zoom speed.
  • Page 31 O Digital zoom cannot screen is selected. O A zoom indicator appears zoom is set to 80x(ELURA90) in dark blue when set to 400x(ELURA90) the camcorder automatically zoom, image resolution becomes 72x/360x mode) (72x in CARD CAMERA _,) DoZOOM...OFF to open the menu.
  • Page 32: Tips For Making Better Videos

    Tips for Making Holdincj the Camcorder For maximum stability, right elbow pressed against with your left hand. Be careful that your fingers do not touch the microphone or lens. For More Stability Lean against Lie on your elbow When recording...
  • Page 33: Playing Back A Tape

    C) About the screen display: minutes, seconds and frames. the time left is less than 15 seconds. a Tape clean the video heads using a Canon digital video head-cleaning (VCR) to @. to rewind the to begin ® close the LCD panel.
  • Page 34 Plays back at 2 times normal normal or reverse playback. C) There is no sound during O The picture may become O The camcorder mode to protect tape and video heads. button during normal playback. Playback) (Rewind speed (forward or fast forward.
  • Page 35: Adjusting The Volume

    [OFF] appears. Turn the SET dial up to increase volume again. Volume for playback, the camcorder does not sound when you close the LCD panel. Use as AV terminal. Headphones If not, change the setting I_ AVIPHONES [VCR SETUP].
  • Page 36: Playing Back On A Tv Screen

    Refer also to the TV or VCR instruction 1. Turn off all devices 2. Connect the STV=250N Stereo Video Cable to the camcorder's terminal and the audio/video Connect the white plug to the white audio terminal L (left), the red plug to the red audio terminal R (right) and the yellow plug to the yellow video terminal VIDEO.
  • Page 37 5. Press the MENU button The setting resets to the LiR setting when playing back a tape with audio CH ... OUTPUT SETUP] CN] and press to close the menu. when you turn the camcorder recorded on two "b00 B" off.
  • Page 38: Menus And Settings

    Menus and Settings Many of the camcorder's advanced functions are selected from menus that appear on the screen. SET dial Se!_,c,tin N,_,n u_ ,and,,, Settings 1. Press the MENU button 2. Turn the SET dial to select a submenu SET dial.
  • Page 45 DATE, TIME, DATE See list of languages. ON, OFF (_(_3 ON, OFF See list of time zones. START-UP IMAGE NO IMAGE, CANON OFF, DEFAULT, MY SOUND a printer with direct print function. Options & TIME LOGO, MY IMAGE =< "11...
  • Page 46: Using The Recording Programs

    Using the Recording D,Easy Re _ Qrd ing _Qg _ m The camcorder adjusts automatically, allowing Program AE Modes [_Auto The camcorder adjusts automatically. However, manually. _Sports Use this mode to record sports moving objects (such as roller coasters). I_ Portrait...
  • Page 47 Availability of Functions RecordiogProgram Image Stabilizer Focus White Balance Shutter Speed Exposure Lock Digital Effects Card Mix O: Available x : Not available Shaded area: Can be used only in CAMERA mode. * The setting is automatically set to ON. Set the program selector...
  • Page 48 O Sand & Snow mode: - The subject image on the screen. - The picture O Low Light mode: - Moving subjects - Picture quality - The camcorder press dial. on the upper left corner of the the mode during recording mode: smooth when...
  • Page 49: Using The Night Modes

    3. Press the NIGHT MODE button. • The symbol of the selected mode appears on the screen. • Pressing the NIGHT MODE button again resets the camcorder to the Auto mode. Modes you to record in dark places where sacrificing color•...
  • Page 50 • "_" appears. • Pressing the NIGHT MODE button again resets the camcorder to the Auto mode. O Do not point the mini video light at persons C) Do not look at the mini video light for a long time.
  • Page 51: Skin Detail Function

    [NORMAL] POWER switch or the program O To obtain the best effect, use this function Note that areas similar to the skin color may lack in detail. the camcorder automatically for a more complimentary SKIN DETAIL,,NORMAL [CAMERA SETUP].
  • Page 52: Adjusting Exposure Manually

    2. Press button. • "E.LOCK +0" appears • When you operate brightness of the image EXpQsureAdjustment When the exposure is locked, conditions• The camcorder's Turn dial to adjust The adjustment range depends locked the exposure• Exposure Manually EXP button ... when...
  • Page 53: Adjusting The Focus Manually

    Adjusting the Focus Autofocus may not work well on the following Subjects Reflective contrast or without surfaces vertical SET dial FOCUS button ... 1. Set the program selector 2. Adjust zoom. When you operate the zoom after adjusting subject may not stay in focus. Adjust 3.
  • Page 54 O The setting resets to autofocus O Readjust the focus when you have turned off the camcorder. Infinity E_us Use this function when you wish to focus fireworks. Press the FOCUS button the Focus Manually. "MF oo" appears. When you operate...
  • Page 55: Setting The White Balance

    2. For custom white balance: zoom in until it fills the whole Keep the camcorder zoomed at the white object until step 3 is completed. 3. Open the menu and select select a setting option When you have selected [SET_]: complete.
  • Page 56 C) Use the auto setting O When the program C) The camcorder However, it resets to [AUTO] when switch. C) When you have set the custom - Depending better than with the auto setting. - Reset the white balance - Turn off the digital zoom.
  • Page 57: Setting The Shutter Speed

    1t500 1/1000 1/2000 6. Close the menu. O If the shutter speed to CARD CAMERA O Do not point the camcorder 1t1000 or higher. O The image may flicker when O Recording under fluorescent mode or the night modes, fluorescent...
  • Page 58 AUtQS|oW 8butte ... In Easy Recording mode and when camcorder uses shutter CAMERA mode. This allows However, you can set the camcorder Only when ([_38) MENU CAMERA SETUP Open menu it to [OFF] O When set to [ON], moving O The camcorder mode.
  • Page 59: Using The Selftimer

    1. Open menu select it to [ON _.) ] and close "Q" appears. 2. Press start/stop button. • The camcorder starts recording using the wireless controller). • To record a still image, press the PHOTO O To cancel the self-timer, begun,...
  • Page 60: Changing The Recording Mode (Sp/Lp)

    0 If you record in both SP and LP modes on the same tape, the playback may become 0 If you play back a tape that has been recorded device on this camcorder, distorted. ]_[REC cannot be used for audio dubbing,...
  • Page 61: Audio Recording

    Audio Recording Changing the AudiQ MQde You can record sound in two audio sound on two channels (stereo sound later. Select the 16-bit mode for higher sound A00,0sEToP Open the menu and select to [16bit] and close the menu. "16bit" appears for approximately 4 seconds. Using HeadphQnes The headphones terminal...
  • Page 62 2. When using a commercially available microphone, to the MIC terminal. O When recording noise of the camcorder. microphone. O When using a commercially - Use a microphone all stereo microphones connected. - Long microphones wind noise automatically. However,...
  • Page 63: Using Digital Effects

    Using Digital Faders (_ 65) Begin or end scenes with a fade to or from black. Fade Trigger (FADE-T) Corner Wipe (CORNER) Flip (FLIP) //I! Zigzag (ZIGZAG) Tide (TIDE) Effects Wipe (WIPE) Jump (JUMP) Puzzle (PUZZLE) Beam (BEAM)
  • Page 64 Effects (_ 66) Add flavor to your recordings. (ART) Mosaic (MOSAIC) Wave (WAVE) Multi-Image Screen (q3 66) Captures moving subjects one time. Sound will be recorded 4 Sequences Black and White (BLACK i & WHITE) i Ball (BALL) Color Mask (COLOR i MASK) in 4, 9 or 16 sequences of still images...
  • Page 65 Availability of Digital Effects CAMERA Still Movies Images Faders Effects Multi-image screen O: Available x : Not available * : Black and White only. In CAMERA mode, set the program selector to @. 1. Open the menu select 2. Select [D.E.SELECT] 3.
  • Page 66 Se!e¢_ing a_ Effec_ In CAMERA mode, set the program 1. Open the menu and select [D.EFFECT SETUPI. 2. Select [D.E.SELECT] [EFFECT TYPE], 3. Select close the menu. The name of the selected 4. Press D.EFFECTS • The name of the selected •...
  • Page 67 6. Press start/stop button The multi-image screen is recorded O Turn off the digital effect when you do not use it. O The camcorder retains the setting AE mode. O The image quality may be slightly O Digital effects cannot...
  • Page 68: Widescreen Tv Recording (16:9)

    Widescreen The camcorder uses the full width of the CCD providing Press WIDESCREEN • "_" appears. • The LCD screen switches on the viewfinder appears O When you turn off the image stabilizer, view. O The multi-image O Simultaneous widescreen mode is selected.
  • Page 69: Magnifying The Image

    Magnh ing the Image The playback image can be magnified dial 1. Move the zoom lever toward T. • The image is magnified • A frame appears indicating • To further enlarge the image, To shrink the image below 2 times zoom lever toward 2.
  • Page 70: Displaying The Data Code

    Displaying The camcorder maintains camera data such as shutter _ou can display the data code and select MENU button SET dial S_!_cting tb_Datel!ime MENU DISPLAY Open the menu and select set it to [DATE] or [TIME] MFNU DISPLAY Open the menu and select...
  • Page 71 MENU DISPLAY SETUPI_ ([_ 38) Open the menu and select it to [ON] and close the menu. the next time you turn on the camcorder. in CARD PLAY mode. when you begin playback, I_ 6SEC.DATE ... OFF [DISPLAY SETUP/_]. Select...
  • Page 72: End Search

    When you have played recorded scene. END SEARCH In stop mode, press • "END SEARCH" appears. • The camcorder rewinds/fast recording and stops the tape. • Pressing the button again cancels O End search cannot O End search may not work properly...
  • Page 73: Returning To A Pre-Marked Position

    Returning to a Pre-marked If you wish to return to a particular later, mark the point with the zero set memory and the tape will stop at that point when you rewindlfast forward the tape. This function is operated with the wireless controller.
  • Page 74: Date Search

    Date Search You can locate the change zone with the date search function. This function is operated controller. Press or _ • Press more than once to search for further 10 times). • Press the STOP C) A recording of longer O Date search of the date/time with the wireless...
  • Page 75: Other Functions Customizing The Camcorder

    (collectively S etti n g s OPER. SOUND, • • DE FAULT [SELF-T SOUND.DEFAULT CAMERA]. change. wish image, set the camcorder to CARD PLAY mode. close menu. images, or the images EX for Windows options [MY IMAGE] and [MY SOUND].
  • Page 76: Changing The Display Language

    SETUP/_ ]. Select [LANGUAGE_ menu. O If you have mistakenly menu item to change O The displays button names on the camcorder language. You can select between and [2005. 1.1]. M$:NU DISPLAY Open the menu and select [DISPLAY...
  • Page 77: Other Camcorder Settings

    Other Camcorder You will hear a beep upon camcorder timer countdown, and unusual If you turn off the beep, all camcorder settings will be turned off. SYSTEM To turn the beep off, open the menu and select set it to [OFF] and close...
  • Page 78 "((t))" disappears. O The image stabilizer EASY. O The image stabilizer shake. O The image stabilizer The demonstration mode displays when you leave the camcorder 5 minutes. However, you can set the camcorder MENU DISPLAY Open the menu and select set it to [OFF] and close the menu.
  • Page 79: Recording To A Vcr Or Digital Video Device

    VCR or Digital Device You can copy your recordings by connecting the camcorder to a VCR or a digital video device. If you connect a digital video device, you can copy recordings with virtually no generation loss in image and sound quality.
  • Page 80 DV terminal. O We recommend a VCR, the quality of the edited tape will be slightly a digital video device: reconnect the DV cable or turn the camcorder cannot be guaranteed for all digital If operation does not work, powering...
  • Page 81: Recording From Analog Video Devices (Vcr, Tv Or Camcorder)

    O Depending on the signal properly (e.g. signals signals such as ghost signals). We recommend powering Analog Video TV or Can, corder) from a YCR or analog camcorder to the analog video device. (C_ 36). (VCR) mode load recorded cassette. button.
  • Page 82: Recording From Digital Video Devices (Dv Dubbing)

    Stop playback. may be recorded as anomalous reconnect the DV cable or turn the camcorder from devices with the j[_r logo recording (note that signals format Q3 148). powering the camcorder from a household protected.
  • Page 83: Converting Analog Signals Into Digital Signals (Analog-Digital Converter)

    The DV terminal serves as output _. n n np__tin n the_ D_vie.____ Turn off all devices before starting the connections. Unload the tape from the camcorder. Refer also to the instruction manual of the connected device. Signals Converter) to a VCR or 8mm video camcorder,...
  • Page 84 O For normal use, set [AV,_ DV] to [OFF]. If it is set to [ON], digital signals be input via the camcorder's O Depending on the software not be able to transfer We recommend SETUP]. Select [AV_ DV], set it to [ON]...
  • Page 85: Audio Dubbing

    See Recording with an External Microphone ([_3 62). MENU AUDIO SETUP 1. Set the camcorder to PLAY Use a tape recorded in SP, 12-bit mode with this camcorder. 2. Open menu select [AUDIO IN] or [MIC.IN] Locate scene 4. Press PAUSE button controller.
  • Page 86 When using the built-in microphone, for audio dubbing. with this camcorder, may decrease when you add sound to the same scene for more the picture on the LCD screen. an audio device, check...
  • Page 87 1 and Stereo 2. The mix balance adjust mi× Select [MIX BALANCE], close menu. the volume of Stereo when you turn the camcorder by the camcorder. 2 (added sound), or adjust ,,ERE01 [12bit AUDIO], can be adjusted. level: Open menu...
  • Page 88: Transferring Video Recordings To A Computer (Ieee1394)

    98 Second Edition and Mac operating automatically. O Operation may not work correctly specifications/settings O If the computer and reconnect cable, turn off camcorder and reconnect O Before connecting that camcorder other 1394 device O We recommend it is connected...
  • Page 89: Using A Memory Card Inserting And Removing A Memory Card

    Re_Q_ing the Ca[d Do not forcefully remove the memory 1. Turn off the camcorder. Make sure that the card access indicator is not flashing before you turn off the camcorder. 2. Open the cover. 3. Push the memory card to release it.
  • Page 90: Selecting The Image Quality/Size

    Selecting _banging the StiU image Quality You can choose from Superfine, MENU ([_38) CARD SETUP Open the menu and select [CARD SETUP]. [SUPER FINE] or [NORMAL] 6banging ,tb_ Stil! !mage Size You can choose from 1280 x 960 pixels and 640 x 480 pixels. MENU (_38) CARD SETUP...
  • Page 91 Changing tb_ You can choose between 320 x 240 pixeis and 160 x 120 pixels. MENU CARDSETUP Open the menu and select [CARD SETUP]. [160×120] and close the menu. O Movies recorded O Maximum recording Image Size 320 x 240 160 x 120 ]_ MOVIE SIZE...320x240...
  • Page 92: File Numbers

    The file number will be reset each time a new memory inserted. If the memory card already consecutive file number will be assigned. The camcorder memorizes the file number assigns the consecutive file number when a new memory card is inserted.
  • Page 93: Recording Still Images On A Memory Card

    O When you are using a SD Memory set to allow recording. on a Memory from a tape in the camcorder or AV terminal. You can also record a still image _._!/ CAMERA mode.
  • Page 94 * Up to 4 seconds If the subject locks the focus. Adjust O When the Focus=Priority No focusing frame appears. In step 2, @ turns green, and focus and exposure O The camcorder power. "_ AUTO continue recording, Screeo Disp!ays Indicates the image quality image.
  • Page 95 R_ q_d,i 8g f_#m a Tap i8 b ii!il i¸'I! ¸ ! ::i iii 1. Play back tape. 2. Press PHOTO button appears. • The camcorder pauses information appear. • When you press the PHOTO immediately. 3. Press PHOTO button •...
  • Page 96 Recording from Qther You can record images function), or via the DV terminal instructions, refer to page 36 and 79. 1. Set the camcorder to PLAY (VCR) mode. • If a cassette is loaded, • When recording via the AV terminal, screen.
  • Page 97 Using You can use the built-in flash for recording equipped with the red-eye reduction PHOTO button Flash Assist lamp _A (auto) (red-eye reduction, auto) (flash on) (flash off) Press _ (flash) button. • The setting changes with each press of the button. •...
  • Page 98 O The red-eye O About the AF-Assist While the PHOTO AF-assist lamp responding camcorder to focus more accurately. - The camcorder lighting. - The AF-assist in public places such as in restaurants button halfway. the flash can be used in record pause I.REC]...
  • Page 99: Reviewing A Still Image Right After Recording

    Reviewing a Still Image Recording You can select to display a still image for 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 seconds recorded. o°.o (E_ 38) CAMERA SETUP Open the menu and select [CAMERA setting option and close O A still image is displayed O The FILE OPER.
  • Page 100: Recording Motion Jpeg Movies On A Memory Card

    Card, a cassette during recording. using a Canon SD Memory right after you have formatted cards not formatted has been repeatedly performed, may stop. the focusing point when recording XP: When you plan to connect...
  • Page 101 Re_o_ding You can record movies from devices function), or via the DV terminal page 36 and 79. 1. Set the camcorder to PLAY (VCN) mode. * If a cassette is loaded, make , When recording via the AV terminal, screen.
  • Page 102 O A movie recorded compressed. O The data code of the movie will reflect the date and time it has been recorded on the memory from a tape in the camcorder from an image in widescreen card. or other video devices:...
  • Page 103: Selecting The Focusing Point

    Focus-Priority to the center if you turn off the camcorder, mode or move the program in the following zoom. ahead I'lL F°c°sPR' [CAMERA SETUP].
  • Page 104 Drive Mode Captures a quick series of still images For the number of frames per second, The camcorder records a still image normal, light in 1/2 EV steps), allowing shot. Records a single still image when you press the PHOTO...
  • Page 105 iilZi ¸¸:¸!,::_!, ,!!:: } }}} il { !! i_; i i!!!_!'!!_i Press the PHOTO button. Three still images in different Make sure that there is sufficient _:} I exposures are recorded to the memory space on the memory {iZ: ¸¸!::!_ _:: _::! i_::_ii card.
  • Page 106: Recording Panoramic Images (Stitch Assist Mode)

    Recording Assis, Mode) You can shoot a series of overlapping scene using the supplied When Recording in Stitch PhotoStitch detects the overlapping include a distinctive item (landmark, 1. Press button. 2. Select the direction CARD + button: clockwise. CARD - button: counterclockwise. 3.
  • Page 107 5. Record the second image so that it overlaps image. • Minor discrepancies in the overlapped area can be corrected with the software. • You can retake an image by pressing the CARD +I- button to return to the previous image.
  • Page 108: Playing Back A Memory Card

    (or the REW_/FFD_¢_ rewind playback. with this camcorder, [:_ 114), edited on a computer may not be played camcorder, change the position open the memory indicator...
  • Page 109 ii!:!!:_:::::_! :_:!:!:i ¸ :i i ii: ¸ :_:'::: 1. Press SLIDE SHOW Images are played back one after another. 2. Press SLIDE SHOW show. /:::!! !!_!! i::: :ii _i::i :!::: !i!:! ¸: ! :_:i 1. Move zoom lever • Up to 6 images appear. •...
  • Page 110: Protecting Images

    Protecting You can protect important or index screen. If a memory card is formatted, will be erased permanently. Movies can only be protected 1. Select image 2. Press dial In CARD CAMERA are reviewing a still image, or when you press the SET dial right after recording. 3.
  • Page 111: Erasing Images

    Erasing In, ages You can erase images singly or all at once. Be careful when erasing O Protected images cannot be erased. (DMovies can only be erased when the first scene is displayed as a still image. Eras ing a Sing!e !mage 1.
  • Page 112: Combining Images (Card Mix)

    Combining You can produce effects one of the sample images (such as picture frames, recording. Card Chroma Key (CARD CHROMA) Combines frames with your recordings. the blue area of the card mix image. Mix level adjustment: blue area of the still image. Live video recording Card Luminance Key (CARD LUMI.) Combines...
  • Page 113 • The screen shows the combined • When you have selected between [CORNER], [STRAIGHT] image. Card mix image ,,,,,i _CARD CHROMA from the DIGITAL VIDEO camcorder. from Your Computer to the Memory Manual. [D.EFFECT SETUP]. wish to combine with LUMI.], [CAM.CHROMA] and [C.ANIMATION] sample image image.
  • Page 114 Card Luminance Key Camera Chroma Card Animation be used when [STILL I.REC] on a memory card cannot images provided on the supplied and adjust it with the SET is set to [_ FINE] or be combined with camcorder DIGITAL VIDEO SOLUTION...
  • Page 115 For more information, please visit their website on the supplied DIGITAL VIDEO use with this camcorder. images on CD-ROM features premium quality brochures, and more. SOLUTION DISK Do not use these reports,...
  • Page 116: Formatting A Memory Card

    O Formatting a memory C) Images erased O If you use a memory camcorder..: ... °°°ocAR00 s I'lL F°R'AT J 1. Open menu 2. Select [FORMAT]. [CANCEL] and [EXECUTE] 3.
  • Page 117: Creating A Start-Up Image

    Creating a Start-up You can create a start-up image M_NU MY CAMERA (CZ] 3 8) 1. Select a still image with 2. Open menu select 3. Select [CREATE START-UP [SET THIS AS START-UP 4. Select [YES]. [OVERWRITE MY IMAGE?], 5. Select [YES].
  • Page 118: Printing Still Images

    Printing Still You can print still images function. You can also use the print order settings Following printers can be connected Canon Printers PictBridge printer*lBubble seriestSELPHY Bubble Printer CP- 10tCP-100 PictBridge compliant non-Canon *Includes the CP-330iCP-220iCP-300iCP-200. Connecting the _[inte[ 1. Turn camcorder images.
  • Page 119 O Do not connect the camcorder other than the CARD O Refer to the instruction cable to use with the camcorder. The Canon CP-Printers interface cables. Use the cable with the USB logo on the connector O We recommend...
  • Page 120 The print setting • If you wish to continue O Observe the following be performed - Do not turn off the camcorder - Do not change - Do not detach the cable. - Do not open the memory O Images...
  • Page 121: Selecting The Print Settings

    The image's slightly. when using card size paper with the CP Printers and [NR] can be selected with Canon to all printers. Other print Check which icon appears and refer to the relevant on the printer model.
  • Page 122 Paper Settings 1. in the print setting menu, [PAPER] and press the SET dial. 2. Turn the SET dial to select the paper size and press the SET dial. Select the paper size of the paper set in your printer. 3.
  • Page 123 Setting the Print Effect (image Optimize) This function uses the camcorder's yielding high quality prints. 1. In the print setting menu, (print effect) press 2. Turn the SET dial to select a setting and press the SET dial. S_tti_g the Pdnt...
  • Page 124 3. Turn dial dial. • Select the paper size of the paper set in your printer. • Pressing the MENU settings menu. 4. Turn the SET dial to select press the SET dial. 5. Turn dial press dial. Pressing the MENU menu.
  • Page 125 Selecting the Imaqe Style 2. Make sure that _ (IMAGE) the SET dial. 3. Turn the SET dial to select press the SET dial. Pressing the MENU button brings you back to the print settings menu. Selecting the Borders 2. Turn the SET dial to select press the SET dial.
  • Page 126: Trimming Settings

    Press the SET dial to (uptdown or right/left). button brings you back to the print frame (Canon settings. trimming size. (The trimming on the image size, paper size or borders is magnified beyond recommended setting applies only to one image.
  • Page 127: Printing With Print Order Settings

    Digital used for printing on DPOF compatible can be selected. _e!ecting StiU images fQr Printing (_dnt Q_de_) Do not connect a USB or DV cable to the camcorder 1. Select still image 2. Press dial to open 3. Select [_PRINT ORDR].
  • Page 128 - When you delete a still image with print order settings. F_ [_PRINT select [CARD OPERATIONS]. ORDERS ERASE]. [NO] and [YES] appears. to the camcorder (C]3 118). select _PRINT]. appears, when you connect _PRINT] without having is selected...
  • Page 129: Transferring Images Transferring Memory Card Images To A Computer

    O The image files on your memory disk drive of your computer image files on your computer, retaining the original. 0 Make sure that camcorder before connecting the camcorder Otherwise, the computer O We recommend powering it is connected to the computer.
  • Page 130: Direct Transfer

    Computer in the Digital setting. in the Digital Video Software menu appears on the camcorder time on, you only need to connect images. button. images that have not yet been orders to the computer. as wallpaper. you need to install the software Instruction Manual.
  • Page 131 [ _,._._ N EW IMAGES] or [_TRANSFER 2. Press button. • The images are transferred the Main Window of ZoomBrowser • The camcorder displays complete. • To cancel transfer, turn the SET dial to select press the MENU button. Transferring a Se!e¢_d 1.
  • Page 132 O When the protect transfer, the images transferred again when you select the operating mode while the camcorder still images and Motion JPEG compressed or [_TRANSFER Turn the SET dial to select with the _ N button, the camcorder the position [E_ SELECT &...
  • Page 133: Selecting Images For Transfer (Transfer Order)

    You can select images for transfer compatible with the Digital Print Order images can be selected. Do not connect a USB or DV cable to the camcorder 1. Select image 2. Press dial to open 3. Select TRANS.ORDER] • "_"...
  • Page 134: About The Network Mode (Dv Messenger Version2)

    2. Connect power 3. Press UNLOCK switch to NETWORK. 4. Connect the camcorder DV cable. • "NETWORK MODE" appears on the camcorder screen. 5. Start DV Messenger. Before connecting that camcorder other 1394 device O In NETWORK except for the following...
  • Page 135: Screen Displays

    2 seconds. on the index screen. you can select to hide the camcorder you can show the camcorder TV SCREEN ... [DISPLAY SETUP/_ ]. Select menu. [DISPLAY SETUP/_ ]. Select...
  • Page 136 Screen Disp!ays @ @@@®@@ _1_Program AE (C[3 46) (_ Exposure (C_[352) Shutter speed (C_57) (4_ Manual focus (C[_J 53) (_) White balance (_ Card mix ([_ 112) Digital effects ([_ (_) Date and time (_ * ELURA90/ELURA85 only. PLAY (VCR) Mode ®...
  • Page 137 CARD CAMERA Mode (see • ... ==.,. • ... _ ... * ELURA90/ELURA85 only. CARD PLAY Mode also 101) ,==_,=,, °.._==_•. Focusing frame (C[3 103) (_ Flash* (121397) _Camcorder shake warning (_ Drive mode ( _ ® Slide show (C[3 109) (_) Data code ([_ _3_Lap time _ Length of the movie...
  • Page 138: List Of Messages

    The camcorder play back the image. The error may be temporary. If the message seconds and "E]_" flashes red, turn the camcorder the card and reinsert the card. If "F=d" continue recording/playback. No remaining capacity on the memory card or erase images.
  • Page 139 Select [CONTINUE] or a Canon Service Center listed or the printer manual to replace to print an image...
  • Page 140 200 still images in the print order. that was recorded with another settings. and turn it back on. Check the printer your dealer or a Canon Service with the printer or the printer printer. the USB cable. Check the consult...
  • Page 141: Maintenance/Others

    O Avoid sudden changes in temperature. cold temperatures may cause Storage 0 If you do not intend to use the camcorder in low humidity, and at temperatures O After storage, check the functions is still working properly.
  • Page 142 Heads O When the message the playback picture becomes O To maintain the best picture frequently with the Canon commercially available O Tapes already recorded when you clean the video heads, O Do not use wet type cleaning Condensation Moving...
  • Page 143 [E_]-shaped Terminal cover attached Charged warning charge them on the to metallic pack. pack and the camcorder. the battery pack fully and it fully at least once a year. If at the same time for all diminishes substantially is from 0 °C to 40 °C (32 °F...
  • Page 144 If it is swallowed, case may break and the battery heat or immerse the battery slack and damaged, in the camcorder after use. cassettes as video heads into the small holes of the cassette, with a memory...
  • Page 145 O Do not turn off the camcorder, cover or remove the memory O Do not use memory cards in places O Do not leave memory cards O Do not disassemble...
  • Page 146: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting If you have a problem with Canon Service Center Power Source Problem Camcorder will not turn on. camcorder switches by itself. Cassette compartment will not open. Cassette compartment stopped during loading/ unloading. LCD/viewfinder switches and off. Battery pack will not charge.
  • Page 147 (such as fireworks, or concerts), sound distorted or may in the actual level. This is not a Solution a Canon Service mode. date and the backup battery zone, date battery with outward date and the tape...
  • Page 148 TV screen. No sound from the built-in speakeE Noise comes outofthe headphones. Editing Problem Dubbing via the camcorder's DV terminal does not work. Cause Camcorder is turned off, or is not set to PLAY (VCR) mode. The TAPE/CARD switch is set to CARD.
  • Page 149 Insert a memory is protected. Cancel the protection. card is protected. Change protect switch. Turn off the camcorder. Remove memory memory persists. Cause is set to 1. Set the camcorder mode. CARD 2. Disconnect the USB cable.
  • Page 150: System Diagram (Availability Differs From Area To Area)

    Shoulder Strap Video Cassette MiniDV CB-2LT Battery Controller STV-250N Stereo _vailable DV Cable SDC-128M SD Memory MultiMediaCard Soft SC-A50 Soft Canon Case Carrying Case PictBridge-compliant differs from area to area) NB-2L, NB-2LH, BP-2L12, BP-2L14 Charger Battery Pack CA-570 Compact Power...
  • Page 151: Optional Accessories

    Optional Accessories Call or visit your local retailer/dealer obtain genuine accessories for your Canon U.S.A. Information Center. Use of genuine Canon accessories This product is designed to achieve Canon accessories. Canon shall not be liable for any damage accidents such as fire, etc., caused accessories (e.g., a leakage...
  • Page 152 TL-H34 Tele-converter This Tele-converter lens increases length of the camcorder 1.5. • The image stabilizer is not as effective the Tele-converter is attached. • The minimum focusing maximum wide angle. • _When picture when you record with flash or assist...
  • Page 153 Carrying Case This lightweight bag keeps the camcorder within easy reach without weighing or getting in the way. This mark identifies genuine use Canon video equipment, accessories or products bearing the same Case you down Canon video accessories. When you...
  • Page 154: Specifications

    Image Stabilization Memory Card Recording Media Number of Recording Pixels File Format * This camcorder supports communication between camcorders camcorder's image data at the time of shooting is used and optimized, Image Compression Method 2 rotary heads, heticat scanning system), digital component PCM digital sound: 16 bit (48 kHz/2 ch);...
  • Page 155 Headphone Terminal USB Terminal Power/Others Power supply (rated) Power consumption (AF on) Operating temperature Dimensions (W x H x D) Weight (camcorder body only) CA_5ZO CQmpact Pawer Power supply Power consumption Rated output Operating temperature Dimensions Weight NB_2LH Batte_ Pack...
  • Page 156: Item Codes

    Item Codes Provided Accessories Lens Cap CA-570 Compact Power Adapter NB-2LH Battery Pack STV-250N Stereo Video Cable SS-900 Shoulder Strap WL-D85 Wireless Controller IFC-300PCU USB Cable WA-34 Wide Attachment Optional Accessories BP-2L12 Battery Pack BP-2L14 Battery Pack NB-2L Battery Pack CB-2LT Battery Charger...
  • Page 157: Index

    Index 12bit audio 16:9 widescreen 6-second auto date Abroad, using the camcorder Accessories AF-assist lamp Analog line-in Analog-digital converter Assist lamp ... Audio dubbing Audio mode Auto Auto Exposure Bracketing Autofocus AVtheadphones terminal AV-DV Backlight Backup battery Battery charger Battery pack Beep ...
  • Page 158 MIC terminal Microphone Mini video light Movie size Multi-image screen MultiMediaCard My Camera settings ND filter NETWORK Mode Night mode ... Night+ mode ... Operating Mode Output channel Playback - Memory card Playback pause Playback- Tape ... Portrait mode Power adapter Print order Program Protect...
  • Page 159 The sole warranty or producer thereof, for use of Canon DV Camcorders and incompatible software. Canon retail dealer from whom you purchased CENTER AT 1-800-828-4040). in normal use of the equipment due to abuse, mishandling, accident, sand, dirt or water damage;...
  • Page 160 ICANADAI CANON CONSUMER DIGITAL VIDEO EQUIPMENT LIMITED WARRANTY limited warranty set forth below equipment purchased in Canada. purchase for this Canon digital Canon consumer video digital equipment materials or workmanship as follows: Parts: Defective parts wilt be exchanged of one year...

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