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Full Panel Detachable
High Power FM/AM Stereo Receiver
Compact Disc Player
ISO Mounting with Removable Trim Ring
FXD-785GD 50W x 4


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Summary of Contents for Sanyo FXD-785GD

  • Page 1 FXD-785GD FM /AM CD RECEIVER FXD-785GD 50W x 4 LO/DX MUTE LOUD AUDIO POWER Full Panel Detachable High Power FM/AM Stereo Receiver Compact Disc Player ISO Mounting with Removable Trim Ring (English) OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS ... GB-1~GB-18...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    • Use the Controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure. • Changes or modifications not expressly approved by SANYO may void the user’s authority to operate this equipment. GB–1...
  • Page 3: Compact Disc Care

    COMPACT DISC CARE Dirt, dust, scratches and warpage can cause a deterioration in the sound or intermittent skipping some tracks during play. • This unit has been designed to play compact discs bearing the identification logo shown on the left. No other discs can be played. •...
  • Page 4: Digital Display

    DIGITAL DISPLAY Radio Frequency, Time, CD Track Number, Audio Track No. Control Selected Mode Preset No. Shuffle Play Disc IN Repeat Play indicator Audio Position FM Bands Volume/Audio Control Level Indicator AM Bands CD Mode Equalizer (Disc IN) Mute Loudness Scan TREBLE Radio Preset Chan-...
  • Page 5: Detachable Front Panel

    DETACHABLE FRONT PANEL The front panel is designed to be removable for antitheft purposes. It is recommended that you remove and carry the front panel with you when you leave your car. HOW TO ATTACH THE FRONT PANEL Align the right side of the panel with the stopper A, and then push the left side of the panel into the unit B until it clicks.
  • Page 6: General Operation

    GENERAL OPERATION FM /AM CD RECEIVER FXD-785GD 50W x 4 LO/DX MUTE LOUD AUDIO POWER TURNING THE POWER ON ........1 Install the front panel and press the POWER MUTE button 1 when ACC is on. TURNING THE POWER OFF ............. 1 Press the POWER MUTE button 1 for more than 2 seconds.
  • Page 7 ADJUSTING THE SOUND CHARACTERISTICS ...........4, 2, 1 Each time you press the AUDIO button 4 until the desired mode is displayed. Rotate the VOL dial 2 to adjust the selected item. Make the adjustment within 5 seconds after selecting. After 5 seconds, the display window will revert to display priority. •...
  • Page 8: Adjusting Equalizer And Sound Stage

    ADJUSTING EQUALIZER AND SOUND STAGE FM /AM CD RECEIVER FXD-785GD 50W x 4 LO/DX MUTE LOUD AUDIO POWER ADJUSTING THE SOUND STAGE ......1 You can adjust the position of sound stage to best serve a particular seat. TO MEMORY THE SOUND STAGE ..........1,2 Press the AUDIO button 1 to select the BALANCE or FADER adjustment mode.
  • Page 9 SETTING THE 6 MODE PRESET EQUALIZER ..3 You can select/store the equalizer settings. SELECTING THE EQUALIZER CURVE ..........3 Press the P•EQ button 3 to display the current equalizer setting on the display window. Each time you press the P•EQ button 3, the equalizer curve change as follows.(“ ”...
  • Page 10: Radio Operation

    RADIO OPERATION FM /AM CD RECEIVER FXD-785GD 50W x 4 LO/DX MUTE LOUD AUDIO POWER SELECTING RADIO MODE ........1 Press the BAND ATP button 1 to switch from CD mode to the radio mode. Each time the BAND ATP button 1 is pressed, the selected band changes as shown below.
  • Page 11 ATP (AUTO TRAVEL PRESET) OPERATION ........1 The Auto Travel Preset function searches for and memorizes the 6 strong stations in one of the two bands (FM III, AM II). This feature is useful when you are driving in an unfamiliar location and want to memorize local stations without changing the standard preset stations.
  • Page 12: Cd Operation

    CD OPERATION You can play CD-Rs (recordable CDs) designed for audio use on this unit. You cannot play 3-inch CDs. FM /AM CD RECEIVER FXD-785GD 50W x 4 LO/DX MUTE LOUD AUDIO POWER LOADING AND EJECTING THE CD ......1 Insert a disc into the CD slot 1 and the CD player will start.
  • Page 13: Error Signs

    PLACING THE CD IN PAUSE MODE ..........5 While playing a CD, press the Preset 6 ( ) button 5. To resume playing, press the Preset 6 ( ) button again. REPEAT MODE .................. 6 Press the Preset 5 (RPT) button 6 to play the current track repeatedly. The “RPT”...
  • Page 14: Hints For Proper And Safe Operation

    10 seconds, the player will reload the disc to prevent damage. • Servicing Should a problem develop, do not open the unit or try to repair it yourself. If servicing is required, bring the unit to a Sanyo Authorized Service Center. GB–13...
  • Page 15: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Sometimes a simple operational error or a mistake in the wiring can appear to be a problem with the unit. Before having the unit serviced, refer to the troubleshooting chart below. Symptom Cause Solution The compact disc does not The volume control is turned Turn up the volume control.
  • Page 16: Accessories And Hardware

    ACCESSORIES AND HARDWARE INSTALLATION Not used Mounting Bracket Mounting Strap Wire harness (Half Sleeve) × 1 × 1 × 1 and Screws Removable Trim Ring Unlock Levers Carrying case × 1 × 2 × 1 INSTALLATION 1. BEFORE INSTALLATION When mounting the unit in a car, keep the unit as level as possible. If the unit must be mounted at an angle, due to the design of the vehicle, make sure the unit does not tilt by more than 30°.
  • Page 17: Unit Removal

    2. INSTALLATION PROCEDURES MOUNTING STRAP USE Mounting Strap FIRE WALL DASH BOARD OR CONSOLE Mounting Bracket Removable Trim Ring When mounting the unit into a DIN–standard cutout (182 × 53 mm) in the dashboard or console, attach the provided Removable Trim Ring to the unit. Insert the mounting bracket into the DIN-standard cutout (182 ×...
  • Page 18: Electrical Connections

    ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS WIRING ANTENNA SOCKET ANTENNA PLUG In the case of a 2-speaker system, tape the ends of unconnected terminals to prevent short circuit 4-speaker System 2-speaker System (White) (White) Front Left Left (White/Black) (White/Black) Speaker Speaker (Gray) (Gray) Front Right Right (Gray/Black) (Gray/Black)
  • Page 19: Line Out Connections

    Notes • When using a two-speaker installation, the Green, Green/Black, Violet, Violet/ Black wires, which are used for a four-speaker installation, are not used. The ends of these wires must be covered with electrical tape to prevent them from shorting to the unit or the vehicle chassis. •...
  • Page 20 SANYO Electric Co., LTD. Printed in Singapore Issue date 08-03 288F0820...

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