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Huawei Sound Joy User Manual
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Summary of Contents for Huawei Sound Joy

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Contents User Guide Quick Start Guide Play Audio from a Phone Stereo Group More Instructions Hot FAQs Other FAQs...
  • Page 2: Quick Start Guide

    User Guide Quick Start Guide Appearance Speaker appearance: Buttons and ports: Button/Port Function Power button Press and hold for 9s to forcibly restart, press and hold for 1s to power off, short press to power on, or press once for less than 1s to check the battery level after the speaker is powered...
  • Page 3 User Guide Button/Port Function Voice control Press to wake up the voice assistant on the phone button Play/Pause Press to play/pause • button Press to answer or end a call, or press and hold to reject a • call Press and hold with the Volume - button at the same time •...
  • Page 4 User Guide Ring Ring Indicator Status Button Speaker Status Indicator Indicator Color Status Bluetooth OneHop Audio Sharing button steady connected Spins Stereo button Setting up a stereo group flashes Stereo button Stereo group set up steady on Turns on and then turns off Power button Checking battery level in stages, and flashes once at...
  • Page 5 Update PC Manager to the latest version on the above laptops to use this feature. • If you are using a Huawei PC not listed above, or a non-Huawei PC, enable Bluetooth • on the speaker and the computer and manually connect them.
  • Page 6: Play Audio From A Phone

    User Guide When the speaker is connected to your phone for the first time, press the voice button on the speaker. A prompt will be displayed on your phone instructing you to select the voice assistant. Go to AI Voice > ALWAYS ALLOW. When you use the speaker again, keep the Bluetooth connection between your phone and the speaker and press the voice button to wake up AI Voice on your phone.
  • Page 7 User Guide To disable Bluetooth on the speaker, press the Bluetooth button again. OneHop Audio Sharing Ever wanted to use the speaker to play audio directly from your phone? To do this, tap your phone against the speaker, and audio played on your phone will seamlessly switch to the speaker with even better audio quality.
  • Page 8: Stereo Group

    User Guide Disconnect OneHop Audio Sharing Do so in any of the following ways. Cancel the Bluetooth connection between your phone and speaker: Access the Bluetooth • settings screen on your phone and touch the name of the connected speaker to disconnect from it.
  • Page 9 User Guide Method 1: Double-press the Stereo button on the speaker to set up a stereo group. Double press the Stereo button on either of the speakers. The ring indicator will turn white and spin. Double press the Stereo button on the other speaker, and wait for the stereo group to set up.
  • Page 10: More Instructions

    User Guide Shaking the speakers to set up a stereo group is available only when the speaker is idle (no ongoing operation or playback). Cancel the stereo group Double press the Stereo button on either of the speakers in the stereo group to ungroup the speakers.
  • Page 11 After the speaker is fully charged, remove the charger to prolong the battery lifespan. It is recommended that you use a Huawei charger and charging cable. The charging speed will be affected if you use a charger that does not support SCP2.0 or PD3.0 with a standard charging cable.
  • Page 12: Hot Faqs

    Can multiple users use the same HUAWEI ID to connect to the speaker? Yes, you can log in to the AI Life app on multiple phones using the same HUAWEI ID and connect to the speaker. However, this may cause inconsistent speaker status across the apps on different phones.