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Canon PIXMA K10339 Getting Started

Cannon all in one printer owner's start manual.
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Photo All-In-One
Equipo multifunción fotográfico
Read Me First
Guía de inicio
Léame en primer lugar
Make sure to read this manual before using the machine. Please keep it in hand for future reference.
Asegúrese de leer este manual antes de usar el equipo. Consérvelo a mano para utilizarlo como referencia en el futuro.

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  • Page 1: Getting Started

    Photo All-In-One Equipo multifunción fotográfico series series Getting Started Read Me First Guía de inicio Léame en primer lugar Make sure to read this manual before using the machine. Please keep it in hand for future reference. Asegúrese de leer este manual antes de usar el equipo. Consérvelo a mano para utilizarlo como referencia en el futuro. ENGLISH ESPAÑOL...

  • Page 2

    ■ Symbols Used in This Document Instructions including important information. Be sure to read these indications. Instructions as notes for operation or additional explanations. Descriptions for operations that take some time to complete. Indicates operations in Windows. Indicates operations in Macintosh. •...

  • Page 3

    P re p a r a t i o n P re p a r a c i ó n R e mo v e t h e P r o t e c t i v e M a t e ri a l R e ti ra d a d e l m a t e r i a l p r o t e c t or Tu rn th e P o w e r On E n c e n d i d o d e l e q u i p o...

  • Page 4

    ■ Check the Included Items ■ Compruebe los elementos que se incluyen Before turning on the machine, remove all orange tape, protective sheets and protective material from the inside and outside of the machine. Antes de encender el equipo, retire todas las cintas naranjas y las hojas y el material protectores del interior y el exterior del mismo.

  • Page 5

    Open the Paper Output Lift the Scanning Unit (Cover) (B) and fix it with Tray (A). the Scanning Unit Support (C). Abra la bandeja de salida del papel (A). Levante la unidad de escaneado (cubierta) (B) y sujétela con el soporte de la unidad de escaneado (C).

  • Page 6

    Plug the power cord into the left side of the machine, then connect the other end to the wall outlet. Conecte el cable de alimentación en la parte izquierda del equipo y enchufe el otro extremo a la toma de corriente. •...

  • Page 7

    Lift the Scanning Unit (Cover) (A) and fix it with the Scanning Unit Support (D). Close the Document Cover (E) and lift it with the Scanning Unit (Cover). The FINE Cartridge Holder (F) moves to the installation position. Levante la unidad de escaneado (cubierta) (A) y sujétela con el soporte de la unidad de escaneado (D).

  • Page 8

    Open the Ink Cartridge Locking Cover on the right side. Pinch (G) firmly and pull up the cover. Abra la cubierta de bloqueo del cartucho de tinta Sujete (G) firmemente y levante la cubierta. Remove the Black FINE Cartridge from its package. Extraiga el cartucho FINE del lado derecho.

  • Page 9

    Place the Black FINE Cartridge into the right slot Coloque el cartucho FINE negro en la ranura derecha • Do not knock the FINE Cartridge against the sides of the holder. • Install in a well-lit environment. • Install the Black FINE Cartridge into the right slot, and the Color FINE Cartridge into the left slot. •...

  • Page 10

    Insert the Color FINE Cartridge into Lift the Scanning Unit (Cover) slightly and fold the Scanning Unit Support, then gently close the Scanning Unit (Cover). the left FINE Cartridge Holder in the same way as Introduzca el cartucho FINE de color Levante la unidad de escaneado (cubierta) ligeramente y pliegue el soporte de la unidad de escaneado para luego cerrar en el contenedor de cartucho FINE suavemente la unidad de escaneado (cubierta).

  • Page 11

    To use the machine by connecting it to a computer, software including the drivers needs to be copied (installed) to the computer's hard disk. The installation process takes about 20 minutes. (The installation time varies depending on the computer environment or the number of applications to be installed.) The screens below are based on Windows Vista operating system Ultimate Edition (hereafter referred to as "Windows Vista") and Mac OS X v.10.5.x.

  • Page 12

    □ If the Found New Hardware or Found New Hardware Wizard dialog box appears: □ Si aparece el cuadro de diálogo Nuevo hardware encontrado (Found New Hardware) o Asistente para hardware nuevo encontrado (Found New Hardware Wizard): If you connect a USB cable to the machine before installation of the drivers, this screen appears. Si conecta un cable USB al equipo antes de instalar los controladores, aparecerá...

  • Page 13

    □ For Windows Vista/XP If you are using Internet Explorer 7 or later, you can use the Web print software Easy-WebPrint EX. An internet connection is required for installation. (It is also possible to install this software later.) □ Para Windows Vista/XP Si utiliza Internet Explorer 7 o posterior, puede utilizar el software de impresión para web Easy-WebPrint EX.

  • Page 14

    Turn on the computer, then insert the Setup CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive. The setup program will start automatically. Encienda el ordenador y, a continuación, introduzca el CD-ROM de instalación (Setup CD-ROM) en la unidad de CD-ROM. Comenzará automáticamente el programa de instalación. •...

  • Page 15

    Windows Vista Windows XP/2000 • If the CD-ROM folder does not open automatically, double-click the CD-ROM icon on the desktop. • Si la carpeta del CD-ROM no se abre automáticamente, haga doble clic en el icono del CD-ROM del escritorio. Click Run Msetup4.exe on the AutoPlay screen, then click Continue on the User Account Control dialog box.

  • Page 16

    Click Easy Install. The drivers, application software, and on-screen manuals are installed all together. Haga clic en Instalación simple (Easy Install). Los controladores, las aplicaciones de software y los manuales en pantalla se instalan todos a la vez. • If you want to select particular items to install, click Custom Install. •...

  • Page 17

    □ Necessary Information for the User Registration □ Información necesaria para el registro de usuario (User Registration) Serial No. * * * * * * * * * The product serial number is required when registering the product. The serial number is located inside the machine (as shown in the illustration).

  • Page 18

    Click Exit to complete the installation. If Restart is displayed, follow the instruction to restart the computer. After restarting the computer, remove the Setup CD-ROM and keep it in a safe place. When using Macintosh, it is necessary to restart the computer before scanning using the Operation Panel on the machine for the first time. Haga clic en Salir (Exit) para finalizar la instalación.

  • Page 19

    Open the Paper Support (A) and pull it straight up, then slant it back. Abra el soporte del papel (A), tire de él derecho hacia arriba y luego échelo hacia atrás. Move the Paper Guides (B) to both edges. Desplace las guías de papel (B) hacia ambos bordes.

  • Page 20

    Load paper in the center. Load paper in portrait orientation with the printing side facing up. Cargue el papel en el centro. Cargue el papel con orientación vertical con la superficie de impresión hacia arriba. Slide the left and right Paper Guides against both edges of the paper. Make sure that the paper stack does not exceed the line (C).

  • Page 21

    on-sc re en m an u al s Manu ales en p an t al la For details on opening the on-screen manuals, refer to page 20. G et t ing Sta rted Ba sic Guid e ( th is m anu al) Describes basic operations and media, and gives an introduction to other functions available.

  • Page 22

    Open various applications and on-screen manuals with a single click. You can start Solution Menu from the Canon Solution Menu icon on the desktop (Windows) or on the Dock (Macintosh). If you have a problem with machine settings, click the Change settings or find solutions to problems. in Solution Menu to open My Printer (Windows only).

  • Page 23

    Various application software are installed on the computer along with the drivers. You can print creative items by correcting/enhancing photos using the applications. Junto con los controladores, en el ordenador se instalan varias aplicaciones. Puede imprimir elementos creativos corrigiendo/ mejorando fotos con las aplicaciones. For details on how to use the application software and the machine, refer to the on-screen manuals: Basic Guide and Advanced Guide.

  • Page 24

    You can copy a document by simply placing it on the Platen Glass and pressing the start button. This section explains with plain paper. For various copying procedures, refer to "Copying" in the on-screen manual: Basic Guide. Para copiar un documento sólo tiene que colocarlo en el cristal de la platina y pulsar el botón de inicio.

  • Page 25

    Place the document face-down and align it with the Alignment Mark (B). Coloque el documento boca abajo y alinéelo con la marca de alineación (B). • Do not place objects weighing 4.4 lb / 2.0 kg or more on the Platen Glass (C), or do not apply pressure to the document by pressing on it with a force exceeding 4.4 lb / 2.0 kg.

  • Page 26

    Easy-PhotoPrint EX allows you to print photos easily. This section explains how to print borderless photos using 4" x 6" size Photo Paper Plus Glossy II. The screens are based on Windows Vista. Easy-PhotoPrint EX permite imprimir fotografías fácilmente. En esta sección se explica cómo imprimir fotos sin bordes con Papel Fotográfico Brillo II (Photo Paper Plus Glossy II) de tamaño 10 x 15 cm (4"...

  • Page 27

    Start Solution Menu from the icon on the desktop (Windows) or on the Dock (Macintosh), then click One-Click to Photo Print. Easy-PhotoPrint EX starts. Inicie Solution Menu desde el icono del escritorio (Windows) o del Dock (Macintosh) y, a continuación, haga clic en Imprimir fotografías con un clic (One-Click to Photo Print).

  • Page 28

    After a period of use, the inside of the machine may become stained with ink. To avoid staining your hands or clothes with ink, it is recommended that you clean the Ink Cartridge Locking Cover (A) and the inside of the tray (B) with a facial tissue or the like as required. If the Scanning Unit (Cover) is left open for more than 10 minutes, the FINE Cartridge Holder moves to the right automatically.

  • Page 29

    Windows: Operation can only be guaranteed on a PC with Windows Vista, XP or 2000 pre-installed. • To upgrade from Windows XP to Windows Vista, first uninstall software bundled with the Canon inkjet printer. • Some functions may not be available with Windows Media Center.

  • Page 30

    Windows: sólo se garantiza el funcionamiento en un ordenador con Windows Vista, XP o 2000 preinstalado. • Para actualizarse de Windows XP a Windows Vista, desinstale primero el software incluido con la impresora de inyección de tinta Canon. • Es posible que algunas funciones no estén disponibles con Windows Media Center.

  • Page 31: Getting Help From Canon, Ordering Information

    PG-210XL 2973B001 CL-211XL 2975B001 PG-210 2974B001 CL-211 2976B001 Call 1-800-OK-CANON to locate a dealer near you, or visit the Canon eStore at CANON U.S.A. INC. One Canon Plaza, Lake Success, NY 11042 U.S.A. QT5-2560-V01 XXXXXXXX Asistencia de Canon Dirección de correo electrónico de la asistencia...

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