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Frigidaire feb27s5db: install guide
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If oven is used in a new branch circuit installation
(1996 NEC), mobile home, recreational vehicle, or
where local codes DO NOT permit grounding
through the neutral (white) wire (see figure 4):
1. Disconnect the power supply.
2. Separate the green (or bare copper) and white
appliance cable wires.
3. In the circuit breaker, fuse box or junction box:
connect appliance and power supply cable wires as
shown in Figure 4.
Cable from Power Supply
Ground Wire
Ground Wire
(Bare or Green
Junction Box
Cable from appliance
Figure 4
DO NOT ground to a gas supply pipe. DO NOT connect
to electrical power supply until appliance is permanently
grounded. Connect the ground wire before turning on
the power (Figure 4).
If connecting to a 4-wire electrical
system (mobile homes), the appliance frame MUST
NOT be connected to the neutral wire of the 4-wire
electrical system.
NOTE TO ELECTRICIAN: The armored cable leads
supplied with the appliance are UL-recognized for
connection to larger gauge household wiring. The
insulation of the leads is rated at temperatures much
higher than temperature rating of household wiring. The
current carrying capacity of the conductor is governed by
the temperature rating of the insulation around the wire,
rather than the wire gauge alone.
(and Optional Electric or Gas Cooktop Combination)
White Wire
White Wire
U.L.-Listed Conduit
Connector (or CSA listed)
Heavy Weight Hazard
• Use 2 or more people to move and install wall oven.
• Failure to follow this instruction can result in injury
or damage to the unit.

Model and Serial Number Location

The serial plate is located along the interior side trim of
the oven and visible when the door is opened.
When ordering parts for or making inquires about your
oven, always be sure to include the model and serial
numbers and a lot number or letter from the serial plate
on your oven.
Single Wall Oven
Serial Plate Location
Double Wall Oven
Serial Plate Location

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents