People & Messaging; Make A Call; Send And Receive Messages - Nokia 230 User Manual

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People & messaging
Contact your friends and family using your phone.

Make a call

Learn how to make a call with your new phone.
1. Type in the phone number.
To type in the + character, used for international calls, press * twice.
2. Press
3. To end the call, press
Answer a call
Tip: To handle your calls hands-free, pair your phone with a compatible Bluetooth headset (sold
separately). To switch Bluetooth on, select Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Bluetooth, and
switch Bluetooth to On.
Save a name and phone number
Save and organise your friends' phone numbers.
1. Select Menu > Contacts > Options > Add new contact.
Tip: You can select which memory you want to use for storing contacts. Select Options >
Settings > Memory.
2. Write the name, and type in the number.
3. Select Save.
Tip: To save a phone number in the dialler, type in the number, and select Save.

Send and receive messages

Keep in touch with your friends and family through text messages.
1. Select Menu > Messaging > Create message.
2. Type in a phone number, or select Add and a recipient from your contacts list.
3. Write your message.
Tip: To insert special characters, such as a smiley or symbol, select Options > Insert options.
4. Select Send.
Tip: You can also press
You can send text messages that are longer than the character limit for a single message. Longer
messages are sent as two or more messages. Your service provider may charge accordingly.
Characters with accents, other marks, or some language options, take more space, and limit the
number of characters that can be sent in a single message.
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to send the message.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents