Take A Photo; Record A Video - Nokia 230 User Manual

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With your phone camera, you can easily take photos or record videos.

Take a photo

Capture the best moments with your phone camera.
1. To switch the camera on, select Menu > Camera.
2. To zoom in or out, scroll up or down.
3. To take a photo, select
Tip: To take a selfie, select Selfie >
Tip: To switch the flash on, in camera, select
Keep a safe distance when using the flash. Do not use the flash on people or animals at close
range. Do not cover the flash while taking a photo.
View the photos you've taken
To view the photo right after taking it, select New >
in camera, select

Record a video

Besides taking photos, you can also record videos with your phone.
1. To switch the camera on, select Menu > Camera.
2. To switch the video camera on, select
3. To start recording, select
4. To stop recording, select
Tip: Need more space for your videos? Insert a memory card, and your videos are saved directly
to the card.
View the video you've recorded
To view the video right after recording, select . To view the video later, in the video camera, select
> Videos > Recorded.
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> Photos > Captured.
> Flash on.
> Photos > Captured. To view the photo later,
> Video camera.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents