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RCA CC616 User Manual

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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for RCA CC616

  • Page 1 CC616 USER‘S GUIDE C A M C O R D E R...
  • Page 2: Product Registration

    Returning this card allows us to contact you if needed. Keep your sales receipt for proof of purchase to obtain warranty parts and service and attach it here. Record the serial and model numbers located on the bottom of the camcorder. CC616 Model No: _____________________________________ Serial No:...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Assistance We want to make sure you enjoy your new camcorder. If you have any questions, call: Camcorder Exchange Warranty....800-283-6503 (pages 78-79) Customer Service...........800-336-1900 (page 77) Accessories..........800-338-0376 (pages 64-69) Table of Contents • Play Back Your Recording....8 Safety Information ......i •...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Recording • Animation and Time-Lapse • Make a Recording ......22-23 Recording (Remote Only) ..50-51 • Recording Tips ........24 • Audio Dubbing (Remote Only) ..52 • Viewfinder........25 • Edit Insert (Remote Only) ....53 • Viewfinder Displays....26-29 • Built-in Color Enhancement •...
  • Page 5: Assistance

    MUST BE DISPOSED STOP PAUSE INSERT A.DUB OF PROPERLY. Remote Control Rechargeable 6-Volt Battery Part No. 221125 Part No. FB1260 Model CC616 Caution: Do not use this adapter/charger for any purpose other than Cassette Adapter charging the Battery Cassette Adapter FB1260 or (Size "AA"...
  • Page 6: Attach The Adapter/Charger

    First-Time Operation To AC 100- 240V, 50/60 Hz Adapter/Charger Reference Marks POWER Indicator DC OUT Jack Power Connector 2. Attach the adapter/charger. C. Plug the adapter/charger’s plug into an operating outlet. The adapter/ Since the battery must be charged charger’s POWER indicator will before it can be used the first time, light.
  • Page 7: Open Lens Cover

    First-Time Operation EJECT Button Tape Wheel LENS COVER PUSH Control Here to Close Tape Window Handstrap Flap POWER Switch and Indicator Handstrap Velcro Strip (Under Flap) 4. Slide LENS COVER control 6. Place POWER (CAMERA/ to open lens cover. OFF/VCR) switch in CAMERA.
  • Page 8: Select A Recording Speed

    First-Time Operation SP•SLP/T20•30•40 Switch 7. Select a recording speed and tape length using SP•SLP/T20•30•40 switch. • Select T20 SLP if you are using a Select SP or SLP recording speed. tape with 20 minutes or less • SP – Standard play provides the best recording time and want to record in picture, but the shortest recording SLP speed.
  • Page 9: Set The Scene Select Ae Dial

    First-Time Operation Electronic Viewfinder Eyepiece Focus Control SCENE SELECT AE Dial 8. Set the SCENE SELECT AE 9. Adjust the viewfinder and dial to AUTO. eyepiece focus control. • This places the camcorder in the • Rotate the viewfinder into a AUTO mode.
  • Page 10: Play Back Your Recording

    First-Time Operation REW Button STOP Button PLAY Button Thumb Trigger POWER (VCR/OFF/CAMERA) Switch Power Indicator 11. Play back what you have 10. Start and stop recording. recorded. • Press and release the thumb trigger • Place the POWER switch in VCR. to start recording.
  • Page 11: Operating Controls

    First-Time Operation 13. Review camcorder’s operating controls. Power Zoom Lever “W” - Wide Angle “T” - Telephoto Electronic Viewfinder Built-in Color Enhancement Light Eyepiece Focus Control Eyepiece Lens EJECT Button LENS COVER Control LIGHT OFF•AUTO• Remote ON Switch Control Sensor Cassette Door PUSH here to close.
  • Page 12 First-Time Operation 13. Review camcorder’s operating controls. DATE/TIME/CHAR + and – Buttons (Also TRACKING Buttons) SET Button SP-SLP/T20•30•40 DATE/TIME/CHAR SP•SLP/T20•30•40 Button (Also COUNTER R/M Button) COUNTER R/M TRACKING MAN.W.BAL (Manual White MAN.W.BAL Balance) Button EDIT – SEARCH STOP PLAY/PAUSE PLAY/PAUSE Button STOP Button...
  • Page 13: Using Adapter/Charger

    Powering Your Camcorder Using the Adapter/Charger to Power Your Camcorder The power connector attaches to the camcorder and lets you power your camcorder directly from standard household power. The adapter/charger operates on 100-240 volts, 50/60 Hz, so it can be used virtually anywhere in the world to power the camcorder or recharge the battery.
  • Page 14: Using Rechargeable Battery

    Powering Your Camcorder Charging the Battery Caution Hold Battery Indicator Flush and When a battery Reference Marks is attached to Slide POWER the adapter/ To AC Wall Indicator charger, do not Outlet 100-240 turn them Volts, 50/60 Hz. upside down. Indicator The battery may fall off and be...
  • Page 15 Powering Your Camcorder Using the Battery to Power Your Camcorder The battery must be charged as described on the previous page before it can be used the first time. Initial charging will take approximately 70 minutes. When fully charged, the battery should supply about 60 minutes of operating time (depending on how much you use the light, zoom, and pause).
  • Page 16 Powering Your Camcorder Battery Level Indicator The battery level indicator appears in the • As the power is used viewfinder and shows you the amount of appear. power in the rechargeable battery. • When the battery power is almost gone, flashes in the viewfinder.
  • Page 17: Using Optional Car Cord Adapter

    Powering Your Camcorder Optional Car Cord Adapter The optional DCC08 car cord shown on Cautions: The DCC08 is designed to be page 64 allows you to power your used only with vehicles having negative camcorder from the cigarette lighter ground electrical systems. socket of a car, truck, or RV.
  • Page 18: Buttons

    Remote Control A brief description of the remote button’s functions is given here. Many of the buttons perform the same functions as the corresponding controls on the camcorder. START/STOP ZOOM SELF INT. TIME TIME LAPSE PLAY TIME ANIM. STOP PAUSE INSERT A.DUB REW (Rewind) Button...
  • Page 19 Remote Control INSERT Button FF (Fast Forward) Button Used for dubbing video. See page 53. Camcorder’s POWER switch in CAMERA: START/STOP Button • With camcorder in record pause, When the POWER switch is in press and hold FF to visually CAMERA, press START/STOP to search forward on the tape.
  • Page 20: Install Battery Cell

    Remote Control Install Lithium Cell The remote’s lithium cell is packed separately. Install it as follows: Holder Back of Remote Control Insert Pencil Here Lithium Cell Cautions: Lithium cell battery. Replace only with 3-volt lithium cell – such as CR2025. Use of other cell presents a risk of fire or explosion.
  • Page 21: Traveling Tips

    Traveling Tips • Write down your camcorder’s serial • Make sure you have any plug adapters number and keep it separate from the that you may need before taking your camcorder when traveling. If your camcorder to other countries. Consult camcorder is lost or stolen, you will be your dealer for advice.
  • Page 22: Video Cassettes

    Video Cassettes We recommend that our cassettes be used with your camcorder. Use of poor quality tapes or tapes that have been damaged or mishandled can contaminate the video heads, resulting in a snowy picture or no picture at all during playback. Because there is no control over the type of tape purchased or rented by consumers, head cleaning is not covered under warranty.
  • Page 23 Video Cassettes Inserting and Removing Cassettes Caution: EJECT Button Insert the cassette only one way with the tape wheel facing up and Tape the tape win- Wheel dow facing out. The cassette should slide easily PUSH Here to into the com- Safety Close partment.
  • Page 24: Make A Recording

    Recording Making a Recording The steps below tell you how to make a recording and suggest using some of the recording features. Each feature is described in detail on the following pages. SP•SLP/T20•30•40Button Eyepiece EDIT SEARCH – Button Focus Control EDIT SEARCH + Button LENS COVER Control Power Zoom...
  • Page 25 Recording 7. Place the LIGHT OFF•AUTO•ON 9. Start and stop recording. switch in AUTO. • Press and release the thumb trigger The light will turn on automatically to start recording. REC 666 when you need more light. appears in the viewfinder and the tally light will light when the 8.
  • Page 26: Recording Tips

    Recording Recording Tips • Fading in and out of scenes will make your videos appear more professional. • In case of fire or theft, make a video • When recording fast-moving action in recording of your home and contents to outdoor light that you plan to view in store in a safe place.
  • Page 27: Viewfinder

    Recording Viewfinder The camcorder’s viewfinder is a miniature monitor that displays the picture seen by the camcorder when recording. Viewfinder Eyepiece Focus Control Cautions Do not force the viewfinder to rotate completely around. This will damage the viewfinder and/or the camcorder. When carrying the camcorder with the shoulder strap, put the viewfinder down.
  • Page 28: Viewfinder Displays

    Recording Viewfinder Displays MIN T 0:00:00 SPORTS LENS COVER HAPPY HOLIDAYS 10 : 55 Zoom Level Date, Date/Time, or Created Title This indicator tells you whether you • The date, AUTO DATE, date and are zoomed in or zoomed out. time, or title you created appears in Details are on page 34.
  • Page 29 Recording Scene Select AE Cassette Warning • The indicator for the mode selected • The indicator flashes when the with the SCENE SELECT AE dial POWER switch is set to CAMERA appears here. and the safety tab has been removed from the cassette. •...
  • Page 30 Recording Viewfinder Displays (continued) 16X9 FADE PAUSE INDEX FADE M I N Dew Warning ( White Balance The dew indicator appears when • The indicator for the manual white excessive moisture (condensation) balance selected with the has entered the camcorder. The MAN.W.BAL (manual white camcorder will not operate when balance) button appears here.
  • Page 31 Recording • The pause indicator ( ) appears MODE Features (F1 and F2) with when the camcorder • The SCENE SELECT AE dial may is paused during dubbing. not be in AUTO to use these features. Self-Timer and Interval Time •...
  • Page 32: Tally Light

    Recording Tally Light Microphone Tally Light Electronic Indexing An index mark is automatically recorded The tally light lights when the camcorder at the beginning of a recording after the is recording. date advances and a cassette is inserted. Microphone When you play back the indexed tape in The microphone picks up the sound a VCR that has a compatible indexing during a recording.
  • Page 33: Quick Review

    Recording START/STOP Button START/STOP REW and ZOOM SELF FF (Also INT. TIME EDIT TIME LAPSE PLAY SEARCH – TIME Button ANIM. and +) STOP PAUSE Buttons Button INSERT A.DUB POWER Switch in CAMERA Quick Review Feature Camera Edit Feature Press and release EDIT SEARCH – (REW The camera edit feature allows you to on remote) when the camcorder is in position the tape when the camcorder is...
  • Page 34: Time Counter With Memory Stop

    Recording Time Counter The time-counter display shows the actual time elapsed when playing back a segment of a prerecorded tape. The memory-stop feature helps locate a certain point on the tape. When memory stop is on, the tape will stop automatically during rewind or fast forward when the time counter reaches M 0:00:00.
  • Page 35: Tape Time-Remaining Display

    Recording Tape Time-Remaining Display The approximate time remaining on the tape in the camcorder is automatically displayed in the viewfinder. The SP•SLP/T20•30•40 switch must be set for the correct recording speed and tape length before the camcorder can correctly calculate time remaining.
  • Page 36: Zooming

    Recording Zooming The motorized zoom lens allows you to zoom in and out for close ups or wide-angle shots just by sliding the power zoom lever on the camcorder or pressing ZOOM T or W on the remote. Power ZOOM Buttons T = Telephoto Power Zoom Lever W = Wide Angle...
  • Page 37: Scene Select Ae Dial

    Recording Scene Select AE Dial The SCENE SELECT AE dial lets you select one of several different effects. Turn the dial to select the effect you want. The indicator for the effect will appear in the viewfinder. Set the dial to MAN for normal recording. SCENE SELECT AE Dial Mode Indicator...
  • Page 38: White Balance

    Recording White Balance Making colors look natural is what white balance is all about. This is achieved by adjusting the way the camcorder “sees” and records the light source in the scene you wish to record. Your camcorder is equipped with automatic white balance. However, under certain conditions, such as recording an object with various shades of the same color or when recording a predominant red or brown object outdoors, you may want to adjust white balance manually.
  • Page 39: Mode Button

    Recording MODE Button FADE 16X9 FADE FOCUS FULL TITLE 16X9 AUTO EXPOSURE DISPLAY When the SCENE SELECT AE dial is in any position except AUTO, you can select any one of six functions using the MODE, F1, and F2 buttons. Repeatedly press MODE to select a function.
  • Page 40: Fading In And Out

    Recording Fading In and Out You can add a professional touch to your recordings when you fade in and out of scenes. The picture will gradually appear or disappear. The speed of the fade is automatically controlled by the camcorder. 16X9 FADE FADE...
  • Page 41: 16X9 Mode

    Recording 16X9 Mode The camcorder has a 16X9 recording mode that lets you make recordings compatible with the 16X9 format. When 16X9 is activated, the camcorder records black bars at the top and bottom of the picture to produce the wide-screen effect. This is also known as “letter box”...
  • Page 42: Focusing (Auto And Manual)

    Recording Focusing the Camcorder EXP. FOCUS FOCUS EXPOSURE Auto Focus Focus Lock Feature During auto focus the camcorder will The focus lock feature is useful when focus automatically on the object located objects pass between your subject and the in the center area of the viewfinder. camcorder or your main subject is not located in the center of the viewfinder.
  • Page 43 Recording Manual Focus Conditions Requiring Manual Focus Under certain conditions, such as those listed, you may need to focus manually. • When recording a subject through a window. 1. Make sure the SCENE SELECT AE dial is not set to AUTO. •...
  • Page 44: Exposure Control (Iris)

    Recording Exposure Control (Iris) The camcorder automatically adjusts the iris to provide the best picture. Under certain conditions, you may want to brighten or darken the image manually. EXP. FOCUS FOCUS EXPOSURE To Manually Control Brightness 1. Make sure the SCENE SELECT AE brighten the image or toward W to dial is not set to AUTO.
  • Page 45: Self-Timer (Remote Only)

    Recording Self Timer – Remote Only START/STOP START/STOP ZOOM Button SELF INT. TIME TIME LAPSE SELF INT./TIME Button TIME LAPSE PLAY TIME ANIM. STOP PAUSE INSERT A.DUB The self-timer feature delays recording to 3. Press START/STOP on the remote let the operator join the picture. (thumb trigger on camcorder).
  • Page 46: Titler

    Recording Titler You can superimpose one of the eight preset titles stored in memory over the scene being recorded. You can also create your own title (up to 18 characters), store it, and record it alone or with one of the preset titles. DISP.
  • Page 47 Recording Creating Your Own Title After you create a title you can store it and record it alone or with one of the preset titles as described on pages 48-49. DATE/TIME/CHAR + AND – Buttons SET Button 6. Repeatedly press DATE/TIME/CHAR 1.
  • Page 48: Install The Clock Cell

    Recording Install the Clock Lithium Cell The clock cell indicator will appear in the viewfinder when the cell has not been installed or needs to be replaced. The cell should last approximately one year. Insert object here to remove battery. Clock Cell (+ Side Facing Out) Clock Cell...
  • Page 49: Set The Date And Time

    Recording Set the Date and Time After the date and time have been set, they can be displayed and recorded on your tapes. The clock cell must be installed. DATE/TIME/CHAR + and – Buttons SET Button DATE NOV 18.95 AM 12:00 Viewfinder Display POWER Switch and Indicator 1.
  • Page 50: Select The Date, Time, Or Title To Record

    Recording Select the Date, Time, or Title You Want to Record on Your Tape The clock cell must be installed, and the date and time set before they can be selected and recorded. When the SCENE SELECT AE dial is in AUTO, the auto date mode is automatically selected.
  • Page 51 Recording Date and Time Displays Viewfinder Displays Press F2 to select mode. NOV 18. 95 NOV 18. 95 NOV 18. 95 Date Display TV On-Screen Display Return to Date Display AUTO DATE Date Off Display Auto Date Display NOV 18. 95 PM 11:59 TAYLOR WAYNE Date/Time Display Created Title Display...
  • Page 52 Recording Animation and Time-Lapse Recording — Remote Only SP•SLP/T20•30•40 Switch set to SP START/ STOP START/STOP Button ZOOM SELF INT. TIME LAPSE SELF TIME TIME LAPSE PLAY INT./TIME Button TIME ANIM. STOP PAUSE TIME LAPSE ANIM. REC/TIME INSERT A.DUB Button POWER Switch in CAMERA Animation Recording...
  • Page 53 Recording Time-Lapse Recording Time-lapse recording makes automatic recordings at preset time intervals. The recording will show subtle changes (such as shifts in cloud formations or plant growth) when it remains focused on an object. To Record Using Time Lapse 5. Focus the camcorder on the subject 1.
  • Page 54: Audio Dubbing (Remote Only)

    Recording Audio Dubbing (Remote Only) Audio dubbing lets you record new sound (audio) in place of previously recorded audio. PLAY/PAUSE COUNTER R/M Button Button START/STOP ZOOM SELF INT. PLAY TIME TIME LAPSE PLAY Button TIME ANIM. STOP PAUSE PAUSE Button Button INSERT A.DUB...
  • Page 55: Edit Insert (Remote Only)

    Recording Edit Insert (Remote Only) Edit insert lets you record new video in place of previously recorded video without replacing the audio. START/STOP COUNTER R/M Button PLAY/PAUSE ZOOM SELF INT. TIME PLAY TIME LAPSE PLAY Button TIME ANIM. PAUSE STOP PAUSE Button Button...
  • Page 56: Built-In Color Enhancement Light

    Recording Built-In Color Enhancement Light The built-in color enhancement light will automatically add more light when needed. The POWER switch must be in CAMERA to operate the video light. Built-In Video Light LIGHT OFF•AUTO•ON Button To Use the Light Set the LIGHT OFF•AUTO•ON switch. •...
  • Page 57 Recording Replacing the Bulb We recommend you consult your dealer when replacing the bulb. If you replace the bulb, use only halogen bulb, part #217092, and carefully follow these instructions. Caution: The video light and bulb need to cool for approximately 30 minutes after the camcorder has been used before the light bulb is replaced.
  • Page 58: Attaching The Shoulder Strap

    Recording Attaching the Shoulder Strap The camcorder’s shoulder strap is designed to let you carry the camcorder from your shoulder and – when you are ready to shoot – bring the camcorder to shooting position in one quick movement. To Attach the Shoulder Strap 4.
  • Page 59: Playback

    Playback Viewfinder Playback and Playback Features START/STOP TRACKING Buttons PLAY ZOOM SELF PLAY/PAUSE INT. Button TIME TIME LAPSE PLAY Button TIME ANIM. PAUSE STOP PAUSE STOP EJECT Button STOP Button Button Button INSERT A.DUB FF Button Button Button REW Button POWER Switch in VCR POWER Indicator Stop-Action Pause...
  • Page 60: Using The Cassette Adapter

    Playback Using the Cassette Adapter The camcorder uses a smaller size cassette, but records in standard VHS format. The cassette adapter allows you to play your VHS-C cassettes in a VCR just like other standard VHS cassettes. Insert the VHS-C cassette into the cassette adapter. Insert the cassette adapter into the VHS VCR like a normal VHS cassette.
  • Page 61 Playback Load Detector 4. Gently close the cassette compartment Caution: If the load detector is still lid until it locks into place. Make sure extending from the side of the cassette the cassette reel area under the adapter adapter after you have attempted to load is free to turn while the cassette is the cassette, loading is not complete.
  • Page 62: Playback On Tv (Or Vcr) With Audio/Video In Jacks

    Playback Playback on TV (or VCR) with AUDIO/VIDEO IN Jacks To connect your camcorder to a TV monitor (or VCR) with AUDIO/VIDEO IN jacks, you will need an optional audio/video cable such as AH075G shown on page 64. If your TV is already connected to a VCR, you can attach the camcorder to the VCR and watch what the camcorder is recording or playing on the TV.
  • Page 63 Playback Playback Operation and How to Copy Tapes on the VCR 1. A. Camcorder connected directly to • During playback, use the playback TV: Turn on the TV and tune it to features on page 57. the video input channel. 4.
  • Page 64 Playback Playback on a TV Without Audio/Video Inputs To connect your camcorder to a TV without audio/video inputs, you will need an optional 1CVA147C RF output adapter and an optional coaxial RF cable, such as AH065G or AH066G shown on page 66. If your TV has AUDIO and VIDEO IN jacks (or is connected to a VCR), refer to pages 60-61.
  • Page 65 Playback Playback Operation 5. Press PLAY/PAUSE on the camcorder. 1. Set the CH3/CH4 switch on the RF output adapter to channel 3 or 4. • During playback, use the playback features described on page 57. 2. Turn on the TV, and tune it to the same channel you selected with the •...
  • Page 66: Optional Accessories

    Optional Accessories We invite you to take a look at some great ideas for sparking creativity and adding to the fun of using your compact VHS camcorder. The following pages have a selection of accessories to help make your memorable moments look and sound even better. These accessories are designed to make the process of recording and watching your videos more enjoyable.
  • Page 67 Optional Accessories FB1260 and FB120 Rechargeable Using the Optional AC088 Tripod Batteries Mounting the camcorder on a tripod, such as AC088, will keep the camcorder steady and produce excellent video results. This tripod’s fluid-effect head provides smooth camera pan and tilt. The quick- release mount makes it easy to attach or These rechargeable nickel-cadmium remove the camcorder.
  • Page 68 Optional Accessories 1CVA147C RF Output Adapter 193983 Cable Transformer This 300-to-75 ohm transformer is used to connect a standard (300 ohm) antenna twin-lead to a standard round 75-ohm connector. This RF output adapter is used with a coaxial RF cable, such as AH065G or AH011 Cable Transformer AH066G, to connect your camcorder to a standard TV (one without audio/video...
  • Page 69: Accessory Order Form

    Accessory Order Form Order Form for Camcorder Model CC616 Description Part No. Price Qty. Total Soft Camcorder Case AC025A $ 59.95 Super Lightweight Tripod AC088 $ 39.95 Shoulder Strap ACS091 $ 13.95 75-300 Cable Transformer AH011 $ 1.90 Y-Adapter AH25 $ 1.95...
  • Page 70 Accessory Order Form Charge your order on your VISA or MasterCard by filling in below USE YOUR CREDIT CARD ® IMPORTANT: Copy complete account number from your VISA card My card expires: IMPORTANT: Copy complete account number from your MasterCard Copy Number My card above your...
  • Page 71 Accessory Order Form To order accessories, contact your local Dealer. If a dealer is not nearby, you can also follow the directions below to order by telephone or direct-by-mail. United States and Canada Orders To place your order by phone, have your Visa or MasterCard ready and call the toll-free number listed below between 8AM and 8PM Eastern Standard Time.
  • Page 72: Trouble Checks

    Before you call or take your camcorder to an Authorized RCA Camcorder Servicenter, look below for the type of trouble you are experiencing. Then perform the simple checks and adjustments listed for that trouble.
  • Page 73 Trouble Checks Trouble Checks and Adjustments • Aim remote at camcorder’s remote control sensor. Camcorder does not • Remote’s lithium cell battery may be installed incorrectly. respond to remote See page 18. control • Remote control’s lithium cell battery may need replacing. •...
  • Page 74 Trouble Checks Trouble Checks and Adjustments Viewfinder displays • Lens is smudged, and image appears unfocused. are out of focus • Eyepiece focus control is misadjusted. • The small controls on the bottom of the viewfinder control the brightness and color of the viewfinder. These controls have been set at the factory and should require no adjustment.
  • Page 75 Error number • Try disconnecting power source. Wait ten seconds and then (E01, E02, etc.) connect power source again. If error number does not appears in disappear from viewfinder, consult your Authorized RCA viewfinder Camcorder Servicenter.
  • Page 76: Care And Maintenance

    Care and Maintenance Cleaning the Camcorder To clean the camcorder’s exterior, Caution: Use of strong cleaning remove any power source connected to products, such as those containing the camcorder and gently wipe it with a alcohol or benzine, may damage clean soft cloth.
  • Page 77 Authorized RCA Camcorder stick to the headwheel and damage the headwheel or tape. Servicenter. • Do not use an adapter/charger or •...
  • Page 78: Specifications

    Specifications General Camera Section Power requirement: 6VDC Image Sensor: 1/4" CCD Imager Power consumption: 5.9 watts (normal) Tripod Mount: One 1/4" x 20 threaded Weight: 1.8 lbs. (780g) hole Dimensions – Including Viewfinder Lens: f1/1.6 4-3/8"(W) x 4-1/2"(H) x 8-1/2" (D) 12:1 (4.2-50.4 mm) 110 (W) x 112 (H) x 213 (D) mm Diameter: 43 mm...
  • Page 79: Customer Assistance And Service

    Customer Assistance and Service Thomson provides a toll-free telephone You can reach Thomson at the following number: number to help you with any problems you may encounter with your camcorder. 800-283-6503 Many can be diagnosed over the phone, (Toll free inside U.S.A.) and if necessary, a replacement unit can Our toll-free Camcorder number be shipped to you.
  • Page 80: Limited Warranty

    Limited Warranty What your warranty covers: which validates date of purchase to • Any defect in materials or the exchange location and you will be workmanship. provided the new or refurbished unit. 4. If the repairs were covered by your For how long after your purchase: warranty, you will not be billed.
  • Page 81 336-1900 for the Authorized RCA eligibility. Camcorder Servicenter nearest you. • A brief note describing your • Take your unit to the Authorized RCA camcorder problem. Camcorder Servicenter of your choice. • Your name, address and phone • Show the Authorized RCA Camcorder number.
  • Page 82: Index (Alphabetical)

    Index Copying Tapes ....60-61 16x9 Indicators ....28-29,39 COUNTER R/M Button .
  • Page 83 Index Optional Accessories ....64-69 SP•SLP/T20•30•40 Order Form, Accessory ... . .67-69 Switch ...6,10,20,22,33,50-51 PAUSE Button .
  • Page 84 This will only add delays in service for your product. 10330 N Meridian Street Indianapolis, IN 46290 © 1995 Thomson Consumer Electronics, Inc. Trademark(s) ® Registered Marca(s) Registrada(s) Printed in Japan Part Number 95-CC616-1...

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