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Air fryer instruction manual


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Summary of Contents for Haier HA-AF30A

  • Page 1 Air fryer instruction manual Model:HA-AF30A...
  • Page 2: Chapter 1: Precautions For Safe Use

     Chapter 1: Precautions for Safe Use: Warning: Be alert to risks that may result in personal danger, serious injury, or significant property damage. Caution: Pay attention to the risk of damage to goods that may cause personal injury; warning The temperature of some surfaces is very high during the operation of electrical appliances.
  • Page 3 heating food. 4.All packaging materials must be removed when used, otherwise the product will cause fire and burn in the process of work. 5.Ensure that the power cord does not come into contact with sharp edges, burrs, other protruding sharp objects or surfaces with high heat.In order to prevent leakage of electricity, causing electric shock or fire.
  • Page 4 send it to our after-sale service point for repair. Do not repair it by yourself to avoid danger. 12.In order to prevent electric shock or fire, please ensure that the power supply is disconnected in the following cases: when not in use, cleaning or moving the product, when the product fails.
  • Page 5: Chapter 2: Components And Functions

    Chapter 2: Components and Functions...
  • Page 6: Chapter 3:Method Of Application

    Chapter 3:Method of application 1. The product should be stably placed on the flat plate, connected to the power supply, and make the air around the product circulation, away from flammable substances. 2. Put the pan into the frying barrel before use, then push the frying barrel into the machine.
  • Page 7 3. Turn the temperature knob to the position of 100-200℃ and set the appropriate temperature according to the Food Baking Recommendation Table. 4. Turn the timing knob to the specified time position. In addition, the power indicator lights up, indicating that the power has been started. 5.
  • Page 8: Chapter 4: Maintenance

    ☆Preparation before first use: 1. Remove all packaging materials. 2. Take out the fryer. 3. Clean the fryer and baking tray with warm water, wipe the sides and bottom of the oven with a clean damp cloth, and allow to dry completely.
  • Page 9: Failure Analysis And Troubleshooting

    Failure analysis and troubleshooting The fault phenomenon The reasons causing The solution Product not working 1. Power is not plugged in 1. Plug the power cord into 2. The specified time was the socket not reached 2. Set the timing to the required cooking time No cooked food 1.

Table of Contents