JVC LT-42DA8BJ Instructions Manual

JVC LT-42DA8BJ Instructions Manual


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For users in the UK :
If you have any problems setting up your
new TV, please call the
Helpline on 0870 330 5000.
For users in the Republic of Ireland :
If you have any problems setting up your
new TV, please call the
Helpline on 1890-582500.
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  Summary of Contents for JVC LT-42DA8BJ

  • Page 1 LT-42DA8BJ LT-37DA8BJ LT-32DA8BJ LT-26DA8BJ WIDE LCD PANEL TV INSTRUCTIONS For users in the UK : If you have any problems setting up your new TV, please call the Helpline on 0870 330 5000. For users in the Republic of Ireland :...
  • Page 2 Attention: (Business users) This symbol is only If you wish to dispose of this product, please visit our web page www.jvc-europe.com to valid in the European obtain information about the take-back of the product. Union. [Other Countries outside the European Union]...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Expanding the world of beautiful images Digital terrestrial broadcasting (DVB-T) Digital channels  Analogue terrestrial broadcasting (VHF Enjoy rich multi-media with JVC / UHF) and analogue cable TV  Analogue channels Contents DVB-T / VHF / UHF broadcasting First things first! Digital camera ...
  • Page 4: First Things First

    TV on your own! procedures. It may cause overheating or a fire.  TV. (Make appropriate JVC assumes no responsibility for  arrangements for Handle LCD panel damage due to improper mounting. In order to prevent accidents, bedridden people.)
  • Page 5: Names Of All The Parts

    Follow instructions in on-screen guides.  When viewing teletext (P. 21)  When watching TV / Video Turn on “3D CINEMA SOUND” (P. 30)  When operating a JVC VCR Change the aspect ratio (P. 30) or DVD (P. 25)
  • Page 6: Basic Connections

    Consult a qualified technician.  2 Insert “B” into “A”. See the included manual on mounting procedures.  JVC assumes no responsibility for damage due to  3 Insert “A”. improper mounting. 4 Plug the power cord, and turn the power on.
  • Page 7: Connecting External Devices

    Connecting external devices VCR / DVD / other devices EXT-1 You can connect many different devices to the rear panel of the TV. Watching videos Please read the user manuals of each device before setting up. Output Input   (Connecting cables are not supplied with this TV.) ·...
  • Page 8: Initial Settings

    Start Scan  “Power supply for the indoor TV/DTV aerial” (P. 55)  If the “JVC” logo does not appear or if you 2 next wish to make changes later Scan digital channels Digital channel settings : “Configuration” (P. 39) ...
  • Page 9 Initial settings (continued) When the TV cannot find the digital channels Confirm the language  When change a language select Language for  LANGUAGE on-screen analogue Check the following points channel displays and menus (excluding the DTV menu)  Is the TV connected correctly to the aerial? ...
  • Page 10: Let's Try It Out

    Let’s try it out Enjoying your new TV! Watching Watching PAGE digital channels PAGE videos / DVDs  View channel information  Select a channel  Watch high quality video (S-VIDEO)  Listen to the radio  Name connected devices Watching PAGE ...
  • Page 11 Watching digital channels Set to “TV” Symbols Name of station Symbols  Mute Whenever  BBC ONE changing the channel, “Channel Now : 14:00 - 15:00 News Power on 14:00 Information” is Next : 15:00 - 17:00 Golf displayed. The green power lamp Channel Clock on the TV lights.
  • Page 12: Using Epg

    Using EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) You can find a digital channel programme from an eight-day programme guide, check its information, and make a reservation. Display the genre List (green) Switch to digital channels  Switch TV / RADIO Select a genre ...
  • Page 13 Viewing teletext Hold the Hold the current page Switch digital / analogue channels current page  When watching analogue HOLD channels (Analogue channels)  Release Press “ ” again  Display hidden information TEXT Reveal  When watching digital channels (answers to quizzes, etc.) hidden pages Operate according to the screen...
  • Page 14: Watching Analogue Channels

    Watching analogue channels Set to “TV” Channel information Time  Mute (No indication) BBC1 12 : 00 Channel information and Power on clock “Time” is displayed  only when teletext The green power lamp broadcasting can be on the TV lights. received.
  • Page 15: Watching Videos / Dvds

    Select a chapter (DVD mode) ID LIST EXT SETTING EXT SETTING 1 select EXT-1 DUBBING ID LIST EXT-1 DUBBING Some models of JVC devices cannot be operated with this remote control. EXT-2 EXT-2  EXT-3 EXT-3 S-VHS GAME 2 set Advanced functions ...
  • Page 16: Using Timer-Record

    Using timer-record DTV original function and setting, such as a recorder-linked timer-record setting, can be selected from the DTV menu. Input / confirm timer-record settings Switch to digital  Switch TV / RADIO Select the channel channels BBC ONE Start 17:15 Enter the time and date with number buttons 18:00...
  • Page 17: Useful Functions

    Useful functions 1 select Subtitle Selection : For “3D CINEMA SOUND” 2 set : Don’t display : Turns off “3D CINEMA SOUND” 3D CINEMA SOUND : Display By default, the language set in “Subtitle Language”  (P. 39) is automatically selected. ...
  • Page 18 Useful functions (continued) Display the menu FEATURES 1 select “SLEEP TIMER” SLEEP TIMER CHILD LOCK BLUE BACK FAVORITE SETTING APPEARANCE TYPE A 2 next SLEEP TIMER 1 select a time in minutes Select “FEATURES” Set a time for the TV to 1 select MENU turn itself off...
  • Page 19: Just The Way You Like It

    Just the way you like it Customising your TV Display the menu Menu Item Adjustments / Configurations PICTURE MODE Picture mode (BRIGHT / STANDARD / SOFT) MENU BRIGHT-1 Backlight brightness (Darker  Brighter) PICTURE SOUND CONTRAST Contrast (Lower  Higher) FEATURES SET UP Select a menu...
  • Page 20: Using Dtv Menu

    Using DTV menu Digital channels original function and setting can be selected from the DTV menu. Menu Item Adjustments / Configurations Switch to digital channels Timer Reserve a programme to record / watch (P. 27) Edit / Delete / Lock registered digital channels or add them to favourites. Edit PR (P.
  • Page 21: Advanced Picture Adjustment

    Advanced picture adjustment By default, the TV automatically adjusts itself for the best picture. Display the menu To reduce noise : Function is : When noise DIGITAL VNR turned off appears Select “PICTURE” 1 select MENU PICTURE SOUND FEATURES SET UP natural-looking outlines : Function is...
  • Page 22: Dtv Configuration

    DTV configuration Available for favourite channel selection and changing PIN code, etc. Country The country of installation United Kingdom only United Kingdom  Switch to digital channels Menu The language for on-screen menus English only English  Language Display the menu ...
  • Page 23: Dtv Setup

      the TV’s power is off. enter PIN code. Select “DTV”  When JVC or the broadcasting station informs you of the new software, download it as follows. 1 select 1 Select “Manual” 2 Select “Search for new” MENU...
  • Page 24: Dtv Installation

    DTV installation Available for registration of digital channels, checking of digital channels signal, and initialisation of all digital channels settings. 1 Set items Switch to digital channels Automatic : Scan automatically Scan Manual : Scan a specified channel range 1 select an item Network : You can select and register only necessary networks.
  • Page 25: Editing Digital Channels

    Editing digital channels Edit the channels registered with “Automatic” in “Initial settings” (P. 12). 1 Select “Name” 2 Change the name Switch to digital 1 select 1 select character  Switch TV / RADIO Edit PR List 14:00 05/05/2006 Edit PR List 14:00 05/05/2006 1.
  • Page 26: Editing Analogue Channels

    Editing analogue channels Edit the channels registered with “AUTO PROGRAM” in “Initial settings” (P. 13) 1 Begin 2 Select a destination 3 Finish When coming from “Initial settings” (P. 13), skip to @. Move a Switch to analogue channels channel’s EDIT EDIT select...
  • Page 27: When You Have Trouble

    When you have trouble Troubleshooting Problem Actions page  Analogue channels Severe noise or  Is the analogue channel reception poor, too?  Following the instructions in “Severe noise or snow” snow can solve this problem. Not displayed Digital channels are not displayed ...
  • Page 28 PIN code then turn it on again. “NO RECORDING” – A problem occurs at the recorder.  “ NO RECORDING When JVC or the – The displayed video cannot be recorded.  POSSIBLE” broadcasting station  Upgrade the tuner software by using the “Receiver Upgrade”...
  • Page 29: "Ch/Cc" List

    “CH/CC” List Technical information What is “T-V LINK”?  To use the INSERT function (P. 48), find the CH/CC number corresponding to the TV’s channel number from this table. If you want to know a particular TV channel’s channel menu, look in TV listings magazines or contact the broadcaster.
  • Page 30: Technical Information

    Technical information (continued) Power supply for the indoor aerial “Dolby Digital” output from the “DIGITAL AUDIO OUT” terminal When using an indoor aerial which needs external power, set “Antenna Power” to “On” during “Initial settings” (P. 11). Some digital channels are broadcasted with “Dolby Digital” signals. The TV will supply DC 5V 50mA (max) from the aerial socket through the cable to the aerial.
  • Page 31: Specifications

    Model LT-26DA8BJ LT-32DA8BJ LT-37DA8BJ LT-42DA8BJ If the TV detects channels that became receivable or if the TV was not able to receive a certain channel, a Broadcasting systems CCIR I message about updating the PR list will be displayed when the TV is turned on.

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