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  • Page 1

    ENGLISH LT-42GZ78 LT-47GZ78 WIDE LCD PANEL TV INSTRUCTIONS © 2007 Victor Company of Japan, Limited 1007WKT-CR-MT GGT0195-001A-H...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    · Take a snapshot · View and search in multi-picture mode · “Timer” / “Channel Guard” Operate JVC recorders and other devices ··· 31 Customising your TV ······················ 33 Advanced picture adjustment ········· 35 · Reduce noise / Watch a more natural picture ·...

  • Page 3: First Things fi Rst

    fl ames, cloths, paper, See the included manual on mounting etc. on the TV may procedures. cause a fi re. JVC assumes no responsibility for damage due to improper mounting. Never expose to rain or moisture! To prevent fi re or electric shock, never allow liquids to enter the unit.

  • Page 4: Names Of All The Parts

    Getting started Names of all the parts IIIumination lamp Remote control sensor IIIumination lamp Power lamp lights while the ON: Lit (Blue) TV is on. OFF: Unlit Power lamp lights “IIIumination” (P. 34) while the TV is on. “Power Lamp” (P.

  • Page 5: Basic Connections

    When attaching the TV to the wall, use the optional JVC wall mounting unit Consult a qualifi ed technician. See the included manual on mounting procedures. JVC assumes no responsibility for damage due to improper mounting. 200mm × 200mm mount which conforms to VESA standards.

  • Page 6

    Set the menu language, installation location and automatically register the TV channels. These channels can be edited later in “Editing channels” (P. 11). To the previous screen Exit If the “JVC” logo does not appear or if you wish to make changes later “Language”, “Teletext language” and “Auto Program”...

  • Page 7: Editing Channels

    Editing channels Edit the channels registered with “Auto Program” in “Initial settings” When coming from “Initial settings” (P. 9), skip to ⁄. Display the menu bar Select “Set Up” Set Up Select “Edit / Manual” Set Up Auto Program Edit/Manual Language Video Video-1 Setting...

  • Page 8: Connecting External Devices

    Connecting external devices You can connect many different devices to the rear panel of the TV. Please read the user manuals of each device before setup. (Connecting cables are not supplied with this TV.) To “VIDEO-3” R/L “Technical information” (P. 40) Set-top box / Digital broadcast tuner Game consoles...

  • Page 9: Let's Try It Out

    Let’s try it out Enjoying your new TV! Watching TV PAGE View channel information Change the aspect ratio Register your favourite channels PAGE Watching videos / DVDs Watch high quality video (S-VIDEO) Switch between video and component signal PC position adjustment ·...

  • Page 10: Watching Tv

    Watching TV Set to “TV” Mute Power on The blue power lamp on the TV lights Press again to turn the screen off and put the TV into standby mode. Select a channel E.g. 15 : Move up or down a channel down Switch between mono / stereo / bilingual broadcasting...

  • Page 11: Viewing Teletext

    Viewing teletext This TV can display TV broadcasts and teletext on the same channel in two windows. Enter a teletext page Move up or down a page down View sub-pages sub-page Display your favourites list (RED) (GREEN) (YELLOW) (BLUE) Select a coloured button to save your page to (red) Bookmark your favourite...

  • Page 12: Watching Videos / Dvds

    Watching videos / DVDs Select the video source AV Select Operate the connected device and play a video Operate JVC recorders and other devices (P. 31) Select the video source using the side buttons Select the video source TV/VIDEO by move down.

  • Page 13

    Try the advanced features Useful functions Take snapshots of the screen Cancel Press “ ” again, or change the channel FREEZE Not available when the SUB-PICTURE is displayed, or when in PC mode. You cannot save or export the snapshot. Select the number of screens Selecting “...

  • Page 14

    Useful functions Display “Features” menu “Customising your TV” (P. 33) Features Timer Channel Guard Appearance Type A Blue Back Child Lock Auto Shutoff Favourite Setting IIIumination Power Lamp Eco Sensor select “Channel Guard” > Set ID No. 1 enter an “ID No.” (a secret number of your choice) 2 to the next column 3 set...

  • Page 15

    Useful functions While the channel is displayed Hold down for 3 seconds Press the number to register it on Recall the favourite channel Favourite 1 - 4? Register a Press the number channel to a you registered button FAVOURITE CHANNEL Customisations (P.

  • Page 16

    Useful functions Sound MaxxAudio MaxxBass MaxxTreble MaxxStereo MaxxVolume Balance Voice Enhancer select select Sound MaxxAudio MaxxBass MaxxTreble MaxxStereo MaxxVolume Balance Voice Enhancer adjust Adjustments to the four sound Enjoy the features of the selected preset sound “MaxxAudio” to your liking. setting that you like MaxxAudio...

  • Page 17

    Some models of JVC devices cannot be operated with this remote control. JVC DVD recorders and HDD recorders are set to code “C” or “3” by default. Note If the battery is removed, the remote control code reverts back...

  • Page 18: Just The Way You Like It

    Just the way you like it Customising your TV Display the menu bar Select a menu 1 select 2 next Select an item select RM-C1856 To the previous screen Adjust / Confi gure 1 adjust / Exit select 2 set The menu disappears after one minute of inactivity.

  • Page 19: Advanced Picture Adjustment

    Advanced picture adjustment By default, the TV automatically adjusts itself for the best picture. Display the menu bar Select “Picture” Picture Select “Features” Picture Picture Mode Standard Back Light Contrast Bright Sharp Colour Tint White Balance Cool Features Select an item RM-C1856 >...

  • Page 20: When You Have Trouble

    When you have trouble Troubleshooting Severe noise or snow Is the TV connected correctly to the aerial? Change the direction of the aerial. Is the aerial or its cable damaged? Consult your retailer Patterns, stripes or noise I can’t turn it on! Is the power cord connected to the AC outlet correctly? Is the aerial receiving interference...

  • Page 21: Technical Information

    Troubleshooting Problem Adjust the “MaxxBass” and “MaxxTreble”. If receiving a poor signal in “Stereo / t·u”, switch to “Mono”. Poor sound Adjust the channel reception using “Edit/Manual”. Wrong screen size Switch “Size” in “HDMI Setting” to “1” or “2”. No picture, no sound Use the cable marked with HDMI logo.

  • Page 22

    – a phenomenon common to all LCD panels. This TV is equipped with JVC’s original “Clear Motion Drive u” technology, which displays two frames (the original plus the new interpolated frame) in the time a 50Hz or 60Hz set displays a single frame. Resulting to double the typical rate, 100 frames per second (100Hz) or 120 frames per second (120Hz) and halve the holding time without reducing brightness or contrast.

  • Page 23: Ch/cc" List

    We may change the design and specifi cations without notice. Main unit Model LT-42GZ78 B / G / I / D / K / K1 / M (See “Technical information”, P. 40) PAL, SECAM, NTSC 3.58/4.43 MHz VHF low channel (VL) = 46.25 to 140.25 MHz VHF high channel (VH) = 147.25 to 423.25 MHz...

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