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Adjusting The Height Of Your Image; Focusing And Zooming Your Image; Adjusting The Image Shape - Epson PowerLite 735c Product Information

Epson powerlite 735c: product information
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If you're using a laptop with Macintosh OS X:
You may need to set up your system to display on the
projector screen as well as the LCD screen. Follow these steps:
1. From the Apple menu, select
2. Make sure the
VGA Display
3. Click the
Make sure
Mirror Displays
is checked
4. Make sure the
Mirror Displays
Adjusting the Image
Once you see your image, you may need to make certain
❏ To focus or zoom the image, see below.
❏ If the image is too high or too low, see "Adjusting the
Height of Your Image" to the right.
❏ If the image isn't square, see "Adjusting the Image Shape"
to the right.
❏ If the computer image displays incorrectly, see page 6.

Focusing and Zooming Your Image

Use the tab to rotate the focus ring to sharpen the image.
Focus ring
Zoom ring
Use the tab to rotate the zoom ring and reduce or enlarge the
, then
System Preferences
dialog box is selected.
Select the
VGA Display
dialog box
checkbox is selected.
EPSON PowerLite 735c Projector
You can also change the image size by moving the projector
closer to or farther away from the screen. You can use the
buttons on the remote control to zoom in or
E-Zoom +
out on a portion of the image.

Adjusting the Height of Your Image

If the image is too low, you can raise it by extending the
projector's feet.
1. Stand behind the projector. Push the foot release levers
on either side and lift the front of the projector. This
unlocks the feet.
Caution: Do not hold the projector by the lens; this can
damage it.
2. Once the image is positioned where you want it, release the
levers to lock the feet in position.
3. To fine-tune the height of the image, rotate the thumb
wheels attached to the projector's feet.
If the image is no longer square after raising it, see the next

Adjusting the Image Shape

If the projected image isn't square or has a "keystone" shape,
do the following:
❏ If your image looks like
projector off to one side of the screen, at an angle. Move it
directly in front of the center of the screen, facing the
screen squarely.
❏ If your image looks like
side of the projector's
shape of the image. After correction, your image will be
slightly smaller.
, you've placed the
, press the
button to correct the
Use the Keystone
button to correct
EPSON PowerLite 735c Projector
left or


Table of Contents

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