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TIB #:
TI 09-08j Rev. A
PowerLite 735c / 737c / 745c /755c/ 765c / 835p /1705/1715/1815/1825/7850p
/ 8300 with option, Pro G5150/G5350 / 1725 / 1735W / 85 / 825 /
Release of EMP NS Connection for Windows & Mac Upgrade from v2.50 to
This bulletin was created to inform you of the release of the new version 2.51 of the
EMP NS Connection software.
Description of Change:
Improvements have been made to the EMP NS Connection utility.
The improvements to NS Connection V2.51 are as follows
Improvements(V2.50 ( V2.51
Addition of 10 new languages: Arabic, Ukrainian, Romanian,
Indonesian, Croat, Slovak, Bulgarian, Malay, Vietnamese and Hebrew.
Addition of troubleshooting function (Windows Only)
When pressing the troubleshooting button, the
corresponding troubleshooting and error number is displayed
in the error message window.
When experiencing problems with NS Connect, please report to
Epson the error number along with the failure information.
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   Summary of Contents for Epson PowerLite 735c

  • Page 1

    When pressing the troubleshooting button, the corresponding troubleshooting and error number is displayed in the error message window. • When experiencing problems with NS Connect, please report to Epson the error number along with the failure information. Error number Page 1 of 8 PSB.2009.06.002...

  • Page 2

    Also you can access troubleshooting by clicking Start All programs EPSON Projector EMP NS Connection EMP NS Connection V2.51 Troubleshooting. Page 2 of 8 PSB.2009.06.002...

  • Page 3

    Fixed error message displayed by the NVIDIA utility Failure Symptom When starting Quick Wireless/USB Display/NS Connection on a PC with the built-in NVIDIA graphics chip (ex.ThinkPadT61 NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M/NVIDIA Quadro FX 570M Display Driver), the NVIDIA utility displays consecutive error messages. As a result, some PCs will experience a lock-up.

  • Page 4

    Limitation All Operating Systems • When using EAP type of security that consumes a lot of CPU resources, projectors may disconnect from NS connection. The solution is to click Set Options of NS Connection and set Adjust Performance to Fast. •...

  • Page 5

    2.50 update for NS Connection. The files are extracted and copied to C:\EPSON\epson13123_EMP_NS_Connection_251. The user should be directed to this folder to find the bulletin. The program will automatically install after the download file is extracted.

  • Page 6

    2003 images 1.30 May 31, 2004 Support added for WPA and LEAP 1.31 June 18, 2004 Improved screen problem issue 1.32 January 18, 2004 Improved the internal function of connecting to the projector • Addition of Presentation Mode and Interruption 1.40 April 1, 2005 Prevention function...

  • Page 7

    Manufacturer Adapter Name Wireless LAN Utility Name Name Supported by V2.30 D-Link Air Plus XTREMEG DWL-G650 D-Link AirPlus XtremeG Utility (CD) NETGEAR WN511T Smart Wireless Utility Ver. BUFFALO Buffalo all products Client Manager 3 Ver.1.2.10(Web) ThinkPad products Access Connection(Web) *1 Ver.4 or later ThinkPad products Access...

  • Page 8

    Linksys WPC54GX Wireless-G Notebook Adapter With SRX Wireless Network Monitor v. 1.2 Supported by V2.40 Linksys WUSB54GSC Compact Wireless-G USB Adapter Wireless Network Monitor v1.05 Supported by Quick Atheros Atheros Client Utility Wireless Connection V.1.00 / NSC V2.50 Supported by Quick Broadcom BCM4311 / BCM2050 Broadcom Wireless...

  • Page 9

    America) with TCP/IP to Serial converter Release of EMP Monitor for Windows version 4.30 Subject: This bulletin was created to inform you of the release of the new version 4.30 of the Epson EMP Monitor software utility. Description of Change: Improvements have been made to the EMP Monitor software utility.

  • Page 10

    (2) Addition of Input Source (Only PowerLite 84 / 85 / 825 / 826W) Previous version of EMP Monitor included USB Display, USB and LAN as one source: EasyMP. The input source buttons for USB display, USB, and LAN are available as separate input sources as shown below: - Old version - EMP Monitor V4.22 EMP Monitor V4.22...

  • Page 11

    4.30 update for EMP Monitor. The files are extracted and copied to C:\EPSON\epson13055_emp_monitor_430. This file is a self-extracting archive and will start the installation utility for EMP Monitor. Follow the on-screen instructions during the installation process.

  • Page 12

    Software Upgrade History: Version Release date Remarks 3.00 December Supported PowerLite 735c 25,2002 3.01 February Supported PowerLite 7800p / 8300i 26,2003 3.02 April Supported PowerLite 7850p / 8300i with option 18,2003 module 3.03 November Supported PowerLite Cinema 500 21,2003 3.04 April Supported Serial -TCP/IP conversion adapter for PowerLite...

  • Page 13

    Pro G5150 / Pro G5350 / 1725 / 1735W Release of Check Tool for Network Projectors V1.00 (for Windows) Subject: This bulletin was created to inform you about the release of Epson Check Tool software for Network Projectors version 1.00. Description of Change:...

  • Page 14

    Notes 4. Checks wireless LAN switching • Checks whether wireless LAN adapter is turned ON. • Checks whether EMP Quick Wireless Connection and EMP NS Connection’s Quick Connection mode can set the SSID on the user’s PC when trying to connect to a projector using EMP Quick Wireless Connection and EMP NS Connection’s Quick Connection Mode.

  • Page 15

    PC drops off network. • The Check Tool does not check whether the firewall of manufacturers of security software other than Windows may be blocking EPSON Quick Wireless Connection/EMP NS Connection. 2) Operating Environment Check Tool for Network Projector V1.00...

  • Page 16

    3) Location of download file: Check Tool for Network Projector V1.00 Download epson12794.exe from the Epson website ( This is a self-extracting file; please follow the screen prompts to install the Check Tool software. 4) Double-click the [EB_CHT.exe] icon 5) Read the contents of the [SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT], and click the [Agree] button.

  • Page 17

    7) The Check tool dialog is displayed. It takes a few minutes for the results of the verification are displayed 8) When two or more wireless LAN adapters are available on your computer, the adapter selection dialog opens. Select the wireless LAN adapter and press the OK button to continue. Page 5 of 7 PSB.2009.01.006...

  • Page 18

    9) When the verification is complete, the result is displayed on the bottom of the dialog. The result is stored in the same folder as the check tool. File Name: CheckInfo<****>.log **** indicates the created date and time. [Exhibit 1] Wireless LAN client list that NSC and Quick Wireless Connection stop their service process Manufacturer...

  • Page 19

    Linksys WPC300N Wireless-N Notebook Adapter Wireless Network Monitor v1.05 Linksys WPC54G Wireless-G Notebook Adapter Wireless Network Monitor Ver 3.1 Manufacturer Adapter Name Wireless LAN Utility Name Name Linksys WPC54GX4 Wireless-G Notebook Adapter with SRX400 Setup Wizard V1.1 Linksys WUSB54GP Wireless-G Portable USB Adapter WLAN Monitor v1.05 Linksys WUSBF54G...

  • Page 20

    EPSON RODUCT UPPORT ULLETIN Date: 09/17/2008 Originator: VS PSB #: PSB.2009.01.003 Authorization: TI 08-29e Rev. A Total Pages: 8 Reference: PowerLite 1735W, 735c, 737c, 745c, 755c, 765c, 835p, 1705c, 1715c, 1725, Product(s): 1815c, 1825, 7850p, 7950p, 8300i with EasyMP.Net optional module, Pro G5150 and Pro G5350 projectors EMP SlideMaker2 updated Version 1.30 –...

  • Page 21

    1) Selecting Aspect Ratio for the Projector being used: a) Properties Window b) Drag and Drop Window 2 of 8 PSB.2009.01.003...

  • Page 22

    2) How to Verify the Aspect Ratio of the Scenario: The resolution of the scenario is displayed in the window title of the Scenario Window and Scenario Preview as shown below: a) Scenario Window b) Scenario Preview 3 of 8 PSB.2009.01.003...

  • Page 23

    3) Location of download file: EMP SlideMaker2 updated Version 1.30 Download epson12812.exe from the Epson website ( This is a self extracting file, please follow screen prompts. After “Clicking” on the “Setup.exe” file, your will be prompted to: 4 of 8...

  • Page 24

    Select you language. 5 of 8 PSB.2009.01.003...

  • Page 25

    Click “Next” at this screen. 6 of 8 PSB.2009.01.003...

  • Page 26

    Click “Finish” to complete the installation. 7 of 8 PSB.2009.01.003...

  • Page 27

    4) How to User the software: Please refer to the original documentation that came with your Projector. 5) Operating Environment: Windows 98/98SE/Me/ 2000 Professional/XP Home Edition SP4 / XP SP1,SP2,SP3 Professional(32bit) / Vista non-SP,SP1 Home Basic/Home Premium/Ultimate /Business/Enterprise(32bit) Office Office2000、OfficeXP、Office2003、Office2007 At least Celeron 300MHz (Recommended: Celeron 400MHz or above) Memory...

  • Page 28

    Total Pages: 3 Epson EMP Monitor Product(s): EMP Monitor Version 4.21 Release Subject: This bulletin was created to inform you of the release of Epson EMP Monitor version 4.21 utility. New Functions and Improvements: New Functions, Supported Models Function / Improvement...

  • Page 29

    SVGA (800 x 600) or higher resolution, 32 bit color display or higher Obtaining the Update: Download epson12456.exe from to get the version 4.21 update for EMP Monitor. This file is a self-extracting archive and will start the installation utility for EMP Monitor.

  • Page 30

    Software History: Version Release Date Notes 3.00 December 25, 2002 Added support for the PowerLite 735c 3.01 February 26, 2003 Added support for the PowerLite 7800p / 8300i 3.02 April 18, 2003 Added support for the PowerLite 7850p / PowerLite 8300i with the option module installed 3.03 November 21, 2003...

  • Page 31

    Auto and exit from the menu. The projected image will now look normal. This will now allow the Elmo HV-110XG Document Camera to sync and display the image properly to any other connected Epson projector without having to change the projector settings. Page 1 of 1...

  • Page 32

    1.11. Versions of EMP SlideMaker2 subsequent to version 1.12 are expected to incorporate the animations shown in Table 1 above. EMP SlideMaker2 version 1.11 may be downloaded at Download epson10855.exe to get this version of the software. If it is not necessary to use these animations listed in Table 2 above, continue to use the EMP SlideMaker2 version 1.12.

  • Page 33

    EPSON RODUCT UPPORT ULLETIN Date: 05/11/2005 Originator: PSB.2005.05.001 PSB #: Authorization: Reference: TI 03-42e Rev. B, TI 04-45e Rev. D Total Pages: PowerLite 735c Product(s): Supported Wired and Wireless LAN cards Subject: Reason: This bulletin is to inform you of the testing results for wired and wireless LAN cards used with the PowerLite 735c.

  • Page 34

    Evaluation results for the Wireless LAN cards: Wireless LAN card POWERLITE 735c 3Com,3crshpw 196, office connect Pass Cisco Aironet350 AIR-PCM341(2.4GHz) Pass FMV Notebook (Broadcom BCM4306) Pass FMV Notebook (Intersil Prism2.5) Pass Fujitsu FMV-JW181(Agere) Pass Fujitsu FMV-JW183(Agere HermesII) Pass Fujitsu FMV-W182(Intersil Prism2.5) Pass D-Link Airplus XtremeG DWL-G650 Pass...

  • Page 35

    SMC SMC8041TX Pass 3Com 10/100 LAN PC Card 3CCFE574BT Pass PCET100-CL Pass Linksys 10/100 PC Card Pass SMC 8041TX V.2, EZ PC Card 10/100, SMC Pass BUFFALO LPC-PCM-CLX Pass ELECOM LD-CDK/TX Pass Corega EtherII PCC-TD Pass PLANEX FNW-3700-TX Pass The following cards are NOT compatible: 01) 3Com 3CCFE575BT-JP 02) 3Com 3CXFE575CT-JP 03) 3Com 3CXFEM656C...

  • Page 36

    Subject: Evaluation results of Epson Projector PC applications tested in Windows XP with SP2. The purpose of this bulletin is to provide information on Epson PC projector applications tested under the Windows XP SP2 (Service Pack2) environment. Description: Information is provided about the evaluation results and recommendations for Epson PC projector applications functionality in Windows XP SP2 Firewall environment.

  • Page 37

    Executing the Software: When executing the software noted below for the first time after SP2 installation completes, the following security alert messages are displayed: [EMP NS Connection] Security alert screen (EMP NS Connection) [EMP Network Manager] Security alert screen (EMP Network Manager) Page 2 of 14 PSB.2004.10.002...

  • Page 38

    [EMP Monitor] Security alert screen (EMP Monitor) [EMP Multi Screen Adjustment] Security alert screen (EMP Multi Screen Adjustment) The Security Alert screen for EMP Multi Screen Adjustment is shown after clicking the Auto button of Network or clicking the Add button after entering an IP address in the IP Address box.

  • Page 39

    [Cinema Color Editor] Security alert screen (Cinema Color Editor) The functions of the three buttons displayed in the security alert screen are explained below. [Keep Blocking] --- Enables you to register a started application in the “Exceptions” program of the Windows Firewall. The network port that the application uses is blocked.

  • Page 40

    Operating Status Report When selecting the Keep Blocking button, the security alert message is closed and the main screen of each application is displayed. [EMP NS Connection Application] Port 3620 is necessary for searching for projectors. If this port is blocked, projectors are not detected.

  • Page 41

    [Caution] In case the check box for Don’t allow exceptions is checked (this box is not checked at the initial setting), a network port for software is not unblocked even though the software is checked on Exceptions. Make sure this option is not selected.

  • Page 42

    c.) Select the Exceptions tab and display exceptions program. [Caution] If this check box is not checked, the security alert screen is not displayed when starting software. •Exceptions screen d.) Check the check boxes for the software you don’t want to block. Page 7 of 14 PSB.2004.10.002...

  • Page 43

    [EMP NS Connection] • Check EasyMP Software box Unblock screen (EMP NS Connection) Page 8 of 14 PSB.2004.10.002...

  • Page 44

    [EMP Network Manager Application]• Check EPSON Projector box Unblock screen (EMP Network Manager) Page 9 of 14 PSB.2004.10.002...

  • Page 45

    [EMP Monitor Application]→ Check Software box Unblock screen (EMP Monitor) Page 10 of 14 PSB.2004.10.002...

  • Page 46

    [EMP Multi Screen Adjustment Application]→ Check EPSON Projector Software for Multi Screen box Unblock screen (EMP Multi Screen Adjustment) Page 11 of 14 PSB.2004.10.002...

  • Page 47

    [Cinema Color Editor Application] ---> Check Cinema Color Editor. Unblock screen (Cinema Color Editor) By following the above procedure, the network port that each application uses is unblocked and they can operate normally. Page 12 of 14 PSB.2004.10.002...

  • Page 48

    EPSON Projector EMP Monitor Software EMP Multi Screen Adjustment EPSON Projector Software for Multi Screen Cinema Color Editor Cinema Color Editor When selecting the Unblock button: The Security Alert screen is closed and the main screen is displayed. Then the search result is displayed.

  • Page 49

    VCOM Driver The following message is shown after the VCOM driver is installed on your PC. Select “No, not this time” item and continue the Plug&Play of the device. Notes: When you add the program to Exceptions list, the program can receive network communication from outside.

  • Page 50

    EMP NS Connection application. These remote control applications use a "Video Hook Driver" that conflicts with the Epson GDI Monitor driver that is installed and used by EMP NS Connection. Most remote control programs load a small client application at Windows startup and leave an icon in the system tray (located at the bottom right on the desktop) to indicate they have been loaded.

  • Page 51

    EPSON RODUCT UPPORT ULLETIN Date: 04/02/2004 Originator: TC PSB.2004.04.001 PSB #: Authorization: Total Pages: 2 Reference: Product(s): PowerLite 735c/7850p Configuring the Projector Name in EasyMP Network Screen Settings Subject: This bulletin was created to provide additional information on how to correctly set the projector name in the EasyMP Network Screen settings window.

  • Page 52

    Changing the Projector Name from the Projector EasyMP Menu Make sure the projector has a unique name so you can identify it when connecting to it from your computer. Follow the steps below to rename the projector: 1. Highlight the Clear button next to the Projector name, and then press Enter on the remote control to clear the text box.

  • Page 53

    EMP Monitor software has added support for the PowerLite Cinema 500 projector. All other support for previously supported projectors remains the same. This software update can be downloaded from the Epson website. Locate and download epson11017.exe. This file is a self extracting archive that will automatically start the program installer once the file is extracted to your computer hard drive.

  • Page 54

    EPSON RODUCT UPPORT ULLETIN October 17, 2003 Originator: VS Date: PSB.2003.11.001 PSB #: Authorization: TI 03-42e Rev. A Total Pages: 3 Reference: Product(s): PowerLite 735c / 7850p / 8300i with option installed Supported Wired and Wireless LAN cards Subject:...

  • Page 55

    Evaluation results for the Wireless LAN cards: Wireless LAN card PowerLite 735c PowerLite PowerLite 7850p 8300i with 3Com,3crshpw 196, office connect pass pass pass Cisco Aironet350 AIR-PCM341(2.4GHz) pass pass pass FMV Notebook (Broadcom BCM4306) pass pass pass FMV Notebook (Intersil Prism2.5) pass pass pass...

  • Page 56

    Wired Card name PowerLite 735c PowerLite 7850p 3Com 3C589C-TP pass pass 3Com 3CXE589ET-JP pass pass D-Link DFE670TXD pass pass Fujitsu FMV-J182 pass pass Hawking PN652TX pass pass Linksys PCM100 ver2 pass pass Netgear FA411 pass pass SMC SMC8041TX pass pass 3Com 10/100 LAN PC Card pass 3CCFE574BT...

  • Page 57

    The “Standby Mode” setting information was not included in the User Manual that is bundled with the projector, and is also not included in the User Manual posted on the Epson Website. However, when accessing the menu system on the projector using the remote control, the Advanced Menu does include the “Standby Mode”...

  • Page 58

    Leave the fields blank and click OK. Page 2 of 4...

  • Page 59

    This is the screen that appears after logging in to the projector’s Home Page. Page 3 of 4...

  • Page 60

    Below, note the section called Standby Mode. To the right of Standby Mode is the Network ON/OFF settings. Page 4 of 4...

  • Page 61

    Subject: wireless PC Cards This bulletin was created to inform you of issues that have been reported when accessing Epson Wireless Projectors using dual mode 802.11b/g or 802.11b/a wireless PC Cards, either in ad-hoc mode or through dual mode Access Points.

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