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Before servicing this chassis, it is important that the service person reads all SAFETY PRECAUTIONS and the
SAFETY NOTICE in this manual.
Power Supply:
120V AC, 60 Hz
Power Consumption:
6.7 lb.
External Dimensions:
17"x 3-1/4"x12-1/4"
Signal System:
Standard NTSC
Semiconductor laser,
wavelength 650 nm
Frequency Range:
(Digital Audio)
Audio CD:
4 Hz to 20 kHz
DVD Linear -
48 kHZ Sampling: 4 Hz to 22 kHz
96 kHZ Sampling: 4 Hz to 44 kHz
Signal-To-Noise Ratio: More than 112 dB (EIAJ)
Audio Dynamic Range: More than 106 dB (EIAJ)
Harmonic Distortion:
Less than 0.001%
Wow and flutter:
Below measurable level
(less than ± 0.001%
Copyright © 2000 Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc.
Operating conditions:
Operation status:
Video output:
S Video output:
Color Difference output: (Y) 1.0 V (p-p), 75Ω, nega-
Digital Audio output:
Analog Audio output:
9351 Jeronimo Rd. Irvine, CA 92618
All Rights Reserved
Ser vice
DVD Player
Temperature: 5 °C to 35°C
1.0 V (p-p), 75Ω, negative
sync., pin jack x 1
(Y) 1.0 V (p-p), 75Ω, nega-
tive sync., Mini DIN 4-pin x 1
(C) 0.286 V (p-p), 75Ω
tive sync., pin jack x 1
(Cr)/(Cb) 0.7 V (p-p), 75Ω, pin
jack x 2
(Bitstream/PCM) 0.5 V (p-p),
75Ω, pin jack x 1,
Optical connector x 1
2.0 V (rms), 330Ω, pin jack
2 CH L R x 2,


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric DD-5000

  • Page 1 Ser vice vice 2000 vice Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual MITSUBISH ELECTRIC DVD Player Model DD-5000 OPEN/CLOSE DD-5000 STOP PLAY PAUSE/STEP STANDBY TITLE TRK CHP TOTAL REMAIN MEMORY HDCD C D V D CAUTION Before servicing this chassis, it is important that the service person reads all SAFETY PRECAUTIONS and the SAFETY NOTICE in this manual.
  • Page 2 LASER BEAM CAUTION LABEL When the power supply is on, do not remove this laser caution label. If it is removed, laser radiation may be recceived. SAFETY NOTICE The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated “dangerous voltage”...
  • Page 3 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS LEAKAGE CURRENT CHECK Measure the AC voltage across the 1500 Ω resistor. Plug the AC line cord directly into a 120V AC outlet (do not use an isolation transformer for this check). Use an The test must be conducted with the AC switch on and AC voltmeter, having 5000 Ω...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS SECTION 1 GENERAL DESCRIPTIONS 1. PREPARATION FOR SERVICING ......... 1-1 3. TROUBLESHOOTING .............. 1-6 2. LOCATION OF MAIN PARTS AND 3-1. Main Circuit ................ 1-6 MECHANISM PARTS ............... 1-2 3-1-1. Servo System ..............1-6 2-1. Location of Main Parts ............1-2 3-1-2.
  • Page 5: Preparation For Servicing

    SECTION 1 General Descriptions 1. PREPARATION FOR SERVICING The Pickup Head consists of a laser diode that is very susceptible to external static electricity. Although it may operate properly after replacement, if subjected to electrostatic discharge during replacement, its life may be shortened. When replacing the laser diode, LSI's and IC's, use a conductive mat, soldering iron with ground wire, etc.
  • Page 6: Location Of Main Parts And Mechanism Parts

    2. LOCATION OF MAIN PARTS AND MECHANISM PARTS 2-1. Location of Main Parts Feed motor PC board EU01 Main PC board EU02 Power supply PC board EU05 Output PC board EU04 Power SW PC board Disc motor PC board Loading motor PC board EU03 Front display PC board Fig.
  • Page 7: Location Of Mechanism Parts

    2-2. Location of Mechanism Parts Tray Clamper stay Fig. 1-2-2 Mechanism chassis assembly (Top side) Loading motor PC board Mechanism chassis Fig. 1-2-3 Mechanism chassis assembly (Bottom side)
  • Page 8 Loading belt Gear Kick lever Gear Gear Loading motor Disc motor Cam Slider Fig. 1-2-4 Mechanism chassis assembly (Internal side)
  • Page 9 Front damper Front damper Sub chassis Gear A Pickup assembly Gear B assembly Rack gear assembly Rear damper Rear damper Fig. 1-2-5 Pickup mechanism chassis assembly (Top side) Feed motor Feed motor PC board Fig. 1-2-6 Pickup mechanism chassis assembly (Bottom side)
  • Page 10 3. TROUBLESHOOTING 3-1. Main Circuit 3-1-1. Servo System (1) Initial Operation after Power ON Power ON Send each LSI hard RST command and initial command. Pickup head is positioned at transmission initial position. Is tray closed? Pin 5 of CN502, TCLS=L Tray close operation Pin 6 of IC601: LDMP = H/L...
  • Page 11 The pickup transmission initial operation is carried out to determine the initial position by transmitting the pickup to the innermost position once (start-limit switch (pin 4 of CN503) Pickup (P.U.) transmission initial develops "L".) and to the external direction at low speed operation does not occur.
  • Page 12 Disc kind misjudgement Check laser current. (Initial setting is NG.) Are FE and SBAD 90 mA 50 mA Check laser current. signals for each disc normal? 50 mA 90 mA lop = Voltage between E522 and E523/3.3Ω Check pins 14, 15 Check wiring for Check peripheral and 16 of IC501...
  • Page 13 (2) Picture appears (PLAY) PLAY Disc motor (D.M.) forced accelleration (500 ms) Focus search Repeat three times. Is forcus servo CLV servo ON. Tracking balance adjustment Tracking servo ON. Focus gain adjustment Automatic adjustment is carried out when a disc is replaced after power ON.
  • Page 14 Disc motor (D.M.) does not rotate. Does pin 117 of IC502 (TP511) PLCK oscillate around 10 MHz ? Check peripheral Check peripheral circuits circuit of IC503. of IC510 and IC503. Check disc motor and wiring. Fig. 1-3-10 Focus servo is NG. Focus servo ON signal waveform Are FE, SBAD,...
  • Page 15 Tracking servo is NG. Is TE signal normal? Check peripheral Check IC501. circuit of IC601. Fig. 1-3-13 Signal waveform at Signal waveform at tracking servo ON (DVD) tracking servo ON (CD) TE signal Pin 151 (TP503) of IC502 1.65V RFRP signal Pin 153 (TP501) of IC502 Search ON (SRCH) Pin 38 (TP508) of IC502...
  • Page 16 Does pulse of Disc playback is NG (DVD). L = 1.65V and H = 3.3V develop at pin 131 and L = 0V and H = 1.65V develop at pin 132 of IC502? Is PLL locked? Check peripheral circuits (Refer to waveforms.) of IC502 and IC601.
  • Page 17 3-1-2. Location Diagram of Servo Test Point E594 DMDRV E595 FMDRV E596 TRDRV E597 FODRV CN501 CN801 CN503 IC504 CN901 IC501 IC502 CN502 IC601 IC305 CN301 CN602 E523 E522 TP505 VREF TP515 RF IC502 TP511 PLCK TP507 FSON TP501 RFRP TP508 SRCH Fig.
  • Page 18 This page is not printed. 1-14...
  • Page 19: Replacement Of Mechanical Parts

    SECTION 2 PART REPLACEMENT AND ADJUSTMENT PROCEDURES CAUTIONS BEFORE STARTING SERVICING Electronic parts are susceptible to static electricity and may easily damaged, so do not forget to take a proper ground- ing treatment as required. Many screws are used inside the unit. To prevent missing, dropping, etc. of the screws, always use a magnetized screwdriver in servicing.
  • Page 20: Tray Panel

    <Mounting > 1-1-3. Tray Panel <Tray Ejection> 1. The spring for tray side pressure is inserted into the portion “A”. (Refer to Fig. 2-1-2.) 1. Slide the slider (2) of the mechanism chassis assem- bly (1) with a screwdriver, etc. in the arrow direction, 2.
  • Page 21: Front Panel And Tray

    Tray (3) • After inserting the tray (3), confirm that the mark of the gear (4) matches with that of the rack gear on the tray (first tooth of the gear). (Refer to Fig. B.) Figure A Gear (4) Triangle mark Tray panel (4) Tray panel (4) Claws...
  • Page 22: Pc Board Replacement

    1-2. PC Board Replacement 1-2-2. Output PC Board 1. Remove the rear panel. (Refer to item 1-1-4 1-2-1. Main PC Board 2. Peel off the tape (1). Note: 3. Remove the connector (2). • Before removing the main PC board (4), be sure to 4.
  • Page 23: Power Pc Board

    1-2-3. Power PC board 1-2-4. Front PC Board 1. Peel off the tape (1). 1. Remove the front panel. (Refer to item 1-1-4.) 2. Remove the connectors (2) and (3). 2. Remove four screws (1) and remove the front display PC board (2) 3.
  • Page 24 1-3. Mechanism Parts 1-3-2. Loading Belt 1. Remove the gear (1) by releasing the claw. 1-3-1. Mechanism Chassis Assembly 2. Remove the gear (2). Note: 3. Remove the gear (3) and the loading belt (4). • When removing the mechanism chassis assembly (3), 4.
  • Page 25 1-3-4. Sub Chassis (with a pickup mechanism) 1-3-3. Loading Motor 1. Turn the mechanism chassis assembly (1) upside down. 1. Remove the loading belt. (Refer to item 1-3-2.) 2. Remove one screw (2) and release the boss “A” from the 2.
  • Page 26 1-3-5. Pickup Mechanism Assembly 1-3-6. Gear B Assembly, Gear A and Rack Gear <Removal> Assembly <Removal> 1. Remove four screws (1) and four washers (2) and then remove the pickup mechanism assembly (3). 1. Remove one screw (5) and remove the gear B assem- bly (1).
  • Page 27 1-3-7. Feed Motor <Removal> Positioning holes Gear B assembly (1) 1. Remove the gear B assembly (1) and the gear A (2). Pickup Head (5) (Refer to item 1-3-6.) 2. Remove two screws (1) and remove the feed motor (2) (with the feed motor PC board (3) attached).
  • Page 28 This page is not printed. 2-10...
  • Page 29: Standing Pc Boards For Servicing

    SECTION 3 SERVICING DIAGRAMS 1. STANDING PC BOARDS FOR SERVICING EU02 Power supply PC board EU05 Output PC board EU04 Power SW PC board EU03 Front display PC board EU01 Main PC board Fig. 3-1-1...
  • Page 30: Circuit Symbols And Supplementary Explanation

    2. CIRCUIT SYMBOLS AND SUPPLEMENTARY EXPLANATION 2-1. Precautions for Part Replacement • In the schematic diagram, parts marked (ex. • Using the parts other than those specified shall violate the regulations, and may cause troubles such as F801) are critical part to meet the safety regulations, operation failures, fire etc.
  • Page 31: Inductor Indication

    2-4. Inductor Indication Eg. 4 ... Η Unit None µ ... µH ... mH Tolerance None ... ±5% ... ±0.1% ... ±0.25% ... ±0.5% ... ±1% ... ±2% Type name ... ±10% ... ±20% Fig. 3-2-4 2-5. Waveform and Voltage Measurement Eg.
  • Page 32: When Replaced Rom Ics Or Upgraded Firmware

    2-6. When Replaced ROM ICs or Upgraded Firmware 1. When replaced the following ROM ICs, it is necessary 3. Connect a computer to the main PC board of the DVD to write the data into the new ICs. video player with using DATA UPDATE KIT (P/No. 79080074).
  • Page 35: Power Supply Block Diagram

    4-2. Power Supply Block Diagram Fig. 3-4-2...
  • Page 36: Front Display, Power Switch Block Diagram

    4-3. Front Display, Power Switch Block Diagram 4-3-1. Front Display Fig. 3-4-3 4-3-2. Front Display Pattern Fig. 3-4-4 3-10...
  • Page 38 /(9(/ 6+,)7 /(9(/ 6+,)7 /(9(/ 6+,)7 /(9(/ 6+,)7 /(9(/ 6+,)7 )2GUY )&6(55 6%$'' &''9' 'DWD ,) ˚ FRQ %86 ,)
  • Page 43 Part Loca- Part Loca- tion tion IC101, Pin IC101, Pin A 1 0 1 E G 0 3 C 1 0 1 E G 0 4 C 1 0 2 E G 0 5 C 1 0 3 E G 0 6 C 1 0 4 E G 0 7 C N 1 0 1...
  • Page 44: Main Circuit Diagram

    5-3. Main Circuit Diagrams 5-3-1. Main ICs Information TC9453F ADV7170 MD36710X, TMP94CS40AF MBM29F800TA-55 TC203G08AF PCM1727 TA1293F S24C01AFJ-TB KA3032 3-24...
  • Page 45 Main ICs Function Table 3-5-1 Ref. No. IC Name Function Detail IC613 S24C01AFJ-TB E E - P R O M Setup default, memorization of specification setting. ADV7170 IC306 Video Encorder Built-in D/A converter. Encodes digital video signal to analog video signal of NTSC/PAL system.
  • Page 46 Table 3-5-3 KA3032 Table 3-5-4 MBM29F800TA-55 Name Function Name Function OUT1 CH1 OP-AMP output Address input –1 – A IN2.1 CH2 OP-AMP input (+) IN2.2 CH2 OP-AMP input (–) OUT2 CH2 OP-AMP output IN3.1 CH3 OP-AMP input (+) G N D Ground –...
  • Page 47 Table 3-5-5 MD36710X (1/5) Table 3-5-5 MD36710X (2/5) Name Function Name Function Host Interface, CD-DSP interface, Sub ode interface (32 pins) HWID Determines data bus width of host interface. It can be changed only HD [15:12] When connecting HWID to V during reset.
  • Page 48 Table 3-5-5 MD36710X (3/5) Table 3-5-5 MD36710X (4/5) Name Function Name Function Digital video port (24 pins) A M C L K Audio master clock I/O. 384 fs, 256 fs, 192 fs and 128 fs of sampling V C L K VCLKx2 signal is divided by 2.
  • Page 49 Table 3-5-5 MD36710X (5/5) Table 3-5-6 PCM1727 Name Function Name Function Power signal (35 pins) PLL master clock input or crystal connector terminal G N D Digital GND P G N D PLL GND PLL power supply M C K O Master clock buffer output R S V Not connected.
  • Page 50 Table 3-5-8 (1/2) TA1293F Table 3-5-8 (2/2) TA1293F Name Function Name Function G N D P GND terminal R F D C DC feed back capacity LDO2 Drive terminal E Q B Boost adjustment MDI2 Monitor terminal E Q F Frequency adjustment –...
  • Page 51 Table 3-5-9 (1/4) TC9453F Table 3-5-9 (2/4) TC9453F Name Function Name Function – – – V D D 3 Digital power supply P D 0 DVD/CD data output D V S S Exclusive ground for DAC V S S 5 Ground R-ch output signal P D 1...
  • Page 52 Table 3-5-9 (3/4) TC9453F Table 3-5-9 (4/4) TC9453F Name Function Name Function T E S M 5 Test terminal T E B C Tracking balance control signal T E S M 6 F E B C Focus balance control signal T E S M 7 T E S M 8 D P D C...
  • Page 53 Table 3-5-10 (1/5) TMP94CS40AF Table 3-5-10 (2/5) TMP94CS40AF Name Function Name Function P00 – P07 Port 0: I/O port. Port 75: I/O port. D0 – D7 Data 0–7: data bus 0–7. B U S R Q Bus request: signal with memory interface Function is selectable by setting of AM0/1 terminal requested to be high impedance.
  • Page 54 Table 3-5-10 (3/5) TMP94CS40AF Table 3-5-10 (4/5) TMP94CS40AF Name Function Name Function P B 0 Port B0: output port. (Initializes to “1” output.) P E 4 Port E4: I/O port. C A S 1 Column address strobe 1: CAS strobe Timer output A: 16 bit timer A is developed.
  • Page 55 Table 3-5-10 (5/5) TMP94CS40AF Name Function R E S E T Reset: initializes device (with pull-up resistance) (schmitt input) V R E F H Reference voltage input terminal (H) for 10 bit A/D converter V R E F L Reference voltage input terminal (L) for 10 bit A/D converter A D V C C 10 bit A/D converter power supply terminal...
  • Page 56 5-3-2. Main Circuit Diagram Part Loca- Part Loca- Part Loca- Part Loca- Part Loca- Part Loca- Part Loca- Part Loca- tion tion tion tion tion tion tion tion R 5 4 1 R 6 2 8 C201 C544 CN302 E 5 5 4 E 6 4 4 IC615 C202...
  • Page 65: Output Circuit Diagram

    5-4. Output Circuit Diagram Fig. 3-4-1...
  • Page 66 CNX01 JX01 Composite video output C-16 (a) Pin (C (b) Pin (C CVBS output 100% color bar (Play) terminated 100% color bar V: 500 mV/div V: 1 V/div H: 20 µs/div H: 20 µs/div CNY01 JX01 S-video output D-16 (a) Pin (S DATA) (b) Pin (S CLOCK) (c) Pin (DA2CSX) S-Y/C...
  • Page 68 Output Circuit Diagram (With Sub Output Circuit) Sub output circuit is provided depending on units. For more information, please refer to the circuits below. EU52 SUB-OUTPUT CW92 47µ 10V-NP CNW91 B88-PH-K-S Lch +6dB Lch OUT Lch 0dB Rch +6dB Rch OUT Rch 0dB CW91 47µ...
  • Page 69 This page is not printed. 3-48...
  • Page 71: Parts List

    SECTION 4 PARTS LIST SAFETY PRECAUTION The parts identified by mark are critical for safety. Replace only with part number specified. The mounting position of replacement is to be identical with originals. The substitute replacement parts which do not have the same safety characteristics as specified in the parts list may create shock, fire or other hazards.
  • Page 72: Exploded Views

    4. EXPLODED VIEWS 4-1. Packing Assembly Fig. 4-4-1...
  • Page 73: Chassis Assembly

    4-2. Chassis Assembly ZG60 BID 3.0x6.0 ZG20 ZG63 ZG60 BID 3.0x6.0 EU02 ZG67 W901 W301 W503 ZG64 EU01 W501 W502 ZG74 EU05 ZG71 EU04 W102 ZG22 EU03 ZG26 ZG70 ZG03 ZG01 W602 Fig. 4-4-2...
  • Page 74: Mechanism Assembly

    4-3. Mechanism Assembly MC61 BID 2.6x8.0 MP01 MP60 MP16 MP91 PAN 1.7x4.0 MC04 MP61 MP92 PAN 2.6x1.5 MP37 MC03 W6.6P0.5D12 MP65 PAN 2.6x8 MP37 MP36 MC63 MC12 BID 2.6x3.5 MC11 MC14 MC33 MP36 FM01 EU05 MC65 MC10 BID 2.6x3.5 MG63 MC01 W6.2P0.2D12 RM01...
  • Page 75: Parts List

    5. PARTS LIST DD-5000 Parts List Part Number Description 79070428 BELT-LOAD 79080193 CABLE 79080196 CABLE 79080194 CABLE-13P 79080197 CABLE-13P 79080191 CABLE-18P 79080145 CABLE-4P 79080192 CABLE-6P 79070416 CHASSIS ASSY MECHANISM 79088007 CORD-POWER 79050041 COUPLER-PHOTO (TLP621) 79073035 COVER-TOP 79089034 DISPLAY FL 79073038...

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