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The Controls & Operation - Frigidaire FEC450WH00 Use & Care Manual

Evaporative cooler


After the product is taken out of the package, it can be used immediately by
just plugging it in.
Use of each function
1. When it is first powered on, the buzzer beeps twice and the device will
enter standby mode, with all function indicators off. All buttons will be
inactive except for the "On/Off" button.
2. "On/Off":
In standby mode, press this key to turn the unit into working
mode. The power indicator and speed indicator light will turn on
at the same time, and the current speed will be displayed. When
the unit is first turned on, the setting is at low speed and wind
mode is in the normal mode.
When the power is on, press this button to shut down. The buzzer will
beep. When the device is shut down, the system will return to the standby
state without any output or display.
In working mode, press to turn on/off the horizontal oscillation,
and the corresponding LED indicator will light up.
In working mode, press to turn on/off the vertical oscillation, and
the corresponding LED indicator will turn on.
Note: After powering on for the first time, the motor needs to swing
downward to find the original point first. The horizontal blades may close
for about 10 seconds and then swing upwards, which is normal.
When no oscillation is not turned on, the horizontal blade will swing to the
horizontal position and stop.
"Left-Right" Oscillation
"Up-Down" Oscillation

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