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Cleaning And Maintenance Attention - Frigidaire FEC450WH00 Use & Care Manual

Evaporative cooler



• Don't use chemicals when cleaning.
• Turn off the power and unplug it to avoid electric shock.
• Please use a soft cloth to wipe surface dust, if any: if it's too dusty, please
mix water with a soft detergent, wipe with soft cloth and dry.
• When cleaning, please don't use gasoline, corrosive detergent or solvent
that may damage the outer surface.
Cleaning of rear net and cooling pad
As excessive dust or specs can accumulate on the net, it may affect air
circulation, is recommended to clean it at least once every other month.
1. Unplug the power
2. Take out rear net and cooling pad (as in figure shown below)
3. Soak cooling pad in detergent for a few minutes, then clean and dry it.
Water tank cleaning
1. Unplug the power supply, un lock
the water tank by rotating the
knob to a horizontal position, and
pull out the water tank halfway.
2. Put your hand into the water tank,
rotate the fixing buckle 90°, and
then push the water pump box
assembly down to take it out, and
finally take out the water tank.
3. Wipe off the scale in the water
tank with a towel dipped in
detergent, and then pour out the
sewage after washing with water.
Cleaning of body surface
1. Clean the body surface with a wet
2. Don't use corrosive detergent or
solvent for cleaning.
3. When cleaning the body, please
be sure to turn off the power
switch and unplug the power cord
to avoid electric shock.

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