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Maintenance; Protecting The Environment; Service Information - Black & Decker BPSP125 Manual

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Be sure to move the tool gently forward, in a
straight line. Forcing, or exerting excessive pres-
sure, or allowing the wheel to bend, pinch or twist
in the cut can cause the motor to over heat and
tool to kick back dangerously.
When the depth of cut is over 20mm deep, make
2 or 3 separate cuts to prevent motor failure.


Your Black & Decker power tool has been
designed to operate over a long period of time
with minimal maintenance. Continuous satisfac-
tory operation depends upon proper tool care
and regular cleaning. Do not repair the tool your-
self. Please send your tool to authorized Black &
Decker service centers for regular maintenance
and service, or when a significant change in per-
formance is observed.
Carbon Brushes
Carbon brushes (Fig. F)
Remove and check carbon brushes regularly.
Replace when they have worn down to about
6mm or less.
Keep carbon brushes clean for free movement
in the holder. Both carbon brushes should be
replaced at the same time.
Use only Black & Decker carbon brushes.
Use a slotted screwdriver to remove brush caps
(5). Remove worn brushes, insert new ones, and
secure the brush caps.
Warning: Unplug the tool before you use a
cloth to clean the housing. With the motor running,
blow dirt and dust out of all air vents with dry air at
least once a week. Wear safety glasses when per-
forming this. Exterior plastic parts may be cleaned
with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Although
these parts are highly solvent resistant, NEVER use
Tool Care
Avoid overloading the power tool. Overloading will
result in a considerable reduction in speed and effi-
ciency and the tool will over heat. In this case, run
the power tool at no load for a minute or two until
cooled to normal working temperature by the built
in fan. Switching your tool on and off whilst under
load will considerably reduce the life of the tool.
To ensure product safety and reliability, repairs,
maintenance and adjustment (other than those
listed in this manual) should be performed by
authorized service centers or other qualified orga-
nizations, always using identical replacement parts.
Unit contains no user serviceable parts inside.
The performance of any power tool is dependent
on the accessory used. Black & Decker acces-
sories are engineered to high quality standards
and are manufactured from the best materials.
Stringent tests are performed before the accesso-
ries are launched in the market. They are designed
to enhance the performance of power tools.
Purchase Black & Decker accessories to bring
your Black & Decker power tools to greater per-
formance. Recommended Black & Decker acces-
sories are available at your local authorized dealers
or service centers.
Black & Decker offers a large selection of acces-
sories at your local dealer or authorized service
Note: Use only wheels rated at least equal to
the maximum speed marked on the tool.
Warning: The use of any other accessory not
recommended for use with this tool could be haz-
Warning: Only stone-cutting diamond wheel
can be used. Do not use grinding wheel or toothed

Protecting The Environment

In the event that you need to replace your tool
or if it is of no further use to you, please consider
the protection of the environment. Black & Decker
recommends you to contact your local council for
disposal information.

Service Information

Black & Decker offers a full network of our offices
and authorized service locations throughout Asia.
All Black & Decker Service Centers are staffed
with trained personnel to provide customers with
efficient and reliable power tool service. You may
contact your nearest Black & Decker service cen-
ter for technical advice, repair, or genuine factory
replacement parts.
Black & Decker's policy is one of continuous


Table of Contents

Table of Contents