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Application Guidelines
Copeland Scroll Digital
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  • Page 1 Application Guidelines Copeland Scroll Digital Compressors ™ for comfort, precision and process cooling ZRD36KRE to ZRD92KRE Digital...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    About these guidelines ....................1 Safety instructions ................... 1 1.1 Icon explanation ....................... 1 1.2 Safety statements ......................1 1.3 General instructions ......................2 Product description ..................3 2.1 Common information about Copeland Scroll Digital™ compressors....... 3 2.2 Nomenclature ........................3 2.3 BOM Variation ........................
  • Page 3 4.3.2 High-pressure control ..................17 4.3.3 Low-pressure control ..................18 4.4 Discharge temperature protection ................. 18 4.5 High potential testing ..................... 19 Starting up & operation.................. 20 5.1 Strength pressure test ....................20 5.2 Tightness/pressure test ....................20 5.3 System evacuation ......................20 5.4 Preliminary checks –...
  • Page 4: About These Guidelines

    Besides the support they provide, the instructions listed herein are also critical for the proper and safe functioning of the compressors. Emerson will not guarantee the performance and reliability of the product if it is misused in regard of these guidelines.
  • Page 5: General Instructions

    General instructions WARNING System breakdown! Personal injuries! Never install a system in the field and leave it unattended when it has no charge, a holding charge, or with the service valves closed without electrically locking out the system. System breakdown! Personal injuries! Only approved refrigerants and refrigeration oils must be used.
  • Page 6: Product Description

    Product description Common information about Copeland Scroll Digital™ compressors The Scroll compressor has been under development at Emerson since 1979. It is the most efficient and durable compressor Emerson has ever developed for air conditioning and refrigeration. These application guidelines deal with Copeland Scroll™ Digital compressors for air conditioning ZRD36KRE to ZRD92KRE.
  • Page 7: Dimensions

    Dimensions Compressor Ø H model [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] ZRD36KRE 435.3 417.2 366.4 264.6 222.8 75.3 49.8 ZRD48KRE 397.1 294.1 252.5 75.3 49.8 22.2 ZRD61/72KRE 25.6 412.1 296.7 230.2-236.2 79.6 47.6 12.7 ZRD92KRE 129.7 412.1 296.7 230.2-236.2 79.6 47.6...
  • Page 8 Figure 2: Dimensions of models ZRD61KRE to ZRD92KRE C6.2.44/0219/E...
  • Page 9: Application Range

    It is essential that the glide of refrigerant blends (primarily R450A) be carefully considered when adjusting pressure and superheat controls. Oil recharge values can be taken from Copeland Scroll compressors brochures or Copeland™ brand products Select software at www.climate.emerson.com/en-gb. Compressor ZRD*KRE...
  • Page 10: Installation

    Installation WARNING High pressure! Injury to skin and eyes possible! Be careful when opening connections on a pressurized item. Compressor handling 3.1.1 Transport and storage WARNING Risk of collapse! Personal injuries! Move compressors only with appropriate mechanical or handling equipment according to weight. Keep in the upright position.
  • Page 11: Mounting Parts

    For reliability requirements, only Emerson-approved solenoid valves may be used for this application. All compressor warranties are null and void if the Emerson-approved valve is not used. For digital solenoid valve and complete tubing kits reference, see Emerson spare parts software available at www.climate.emerson.com/en-gb.
  • Page 12: Solenoid Valve Installation - General Recommendations

    From the top cap to the solenoid a series of bends and/or shock loops are required to dampen vibrations and resonance frequencies the assemblies might see during operation and start- up. Solenoid tubing mounting kits including solenoid valves are available from Emerson. ▪...
  • Page 13: Discharge Check Valve

    Figure 9: Control valve pipe connection Emerson has developed digital solenoid tubing kits for compressors with brazing stub tubes or with Rotalock connections and 24V or 230V coil – see Figures 10 & 11. The kits are optimized to fit with or without sound shell and are valid for all compressor sizes using an external visible solenoid valve.
  • Page 14: Shut-Off Valves And Adaptors

    The Copeland Scroll compressor versions with stub tubes have copper-plated steel suction discharge tubes. These tubes are far more robust and less prone to leaks than copper tubes. Due to the different thermal properties of steel and copper, brazing procedures may have to be changed from those commonly used.
  • Page 15: Oil Separator

    Rotalock 1 ¾" – 12 UNF 135-160 Table 4 NOTE: More information about adaptors and shut-off valves can be found in the Emerson spare parts software at www.climate.emerson.com/en-gb. Oil separator During any operating cycle of Copeland Scroll Digital compressors, there is a loaded state during which the compressor operates at full capacity.
  • Page 16: Suction Line Noise And Vibration

    Individual system tests should be performed to verify acceptability of sound performance. If adequate attenuation is not achieved, use a muffler with a larger cross-sectional area to inlet area ratio. A ratio of 20:1 to 30:1 is recommended. A hollow shell muffler will work quite well. Locate the muffler at minimum 15 cm to maximum 45 cm from the compressor for the most effective operation.
  • Page 17: Electrical Connection

    Electrical connection General recommendations The compressor terminal box has a wiring diagram on the inside of its cover. Before connecting the compressor, ensure the supply voltage, the phases and the frequency match the nameplate data. Electrical installation Single-phase (PF*) compressors: Power circuit Control circuit Motor terminal connections...
  • Page 18 Three-phase compressors (TF*) with internal motor protection: Power circuit Control circuit Motor terminal connections Three-phase compressors are connected to the T1, T2 and T3 connections Legend B1 ..Room thermostat K1 ..Contactor B3 ..Discharge gas thermostat R2 ..Crankcase heater F1 ..
  • Page 19: Terminal Box

    4.2.1 Terminal box The standard terminal box is IP21 for all models with internal motor protection (TF*/PF*), enclosure class according to IEC 60034-5. Cable glands have an influence on the protection class of the terminal box. It is strongly recommended to use appropriate cable glands in order to reach the rated protection class. We advise installers/service providers to pay attention to this aspect every time they install or replace a Copeland Scroll compressor and to use cable glands according to EN 50262 or any other relevant standard of application in their country/region.
  • Page 20: Motor Protection

    4.2.3 Motor protection Conventional inherent internal line break motor protection is provided for all ZRD*KRE compressor models. 4.2.4 Protection devices Independently from the internal motor protection, fuses must be installed before the compressor. The selection of fuses has to be carried out according to VDE 0635, DIN 57635, IEC 269-1 or EN 60-269-1.
  • Page 21: Low-Pressure Control

    The minimum cut-out setting shall be determined according to the refrigerant and to the allowed operation envelope – see technical data in Select software at www.climate.emerson.com/en-gb. For example, a minimum cut-out setting of 0.5 bar(g) is required for ZR compressors using R513A.
  • Page 22: High Potential Testing

    Emerson subjects all scroll compressors to a high-voltage test after final assembly. Each motor phase winding is tested, according to EN 0530 or VDE 0530 part 1, at a differential voltage of 1000V plus twice the nominal voltage.
  • Page 23: Starting Up & Operation

    Starting up & operation WARNING Diesel effect! Compressor destruction! The mixture of air and oil at high temperature can lead to an explosion. Avoid operating with air. IMPORTANT Oil dilution! Bearing malfunction! Turn the crankcase heater on 12 hours before starting the compressor. Strength pressure test The compressor has been strength-tested in the factory.
  • Page 24: Charging Procedure

    ▪ Setting and operation of all safety features and protection devices ▪ All valves in the correct running position ▪ Pressure and compound gauges fitted ▪ Correctly charged with refrigerant ▪ Compressor electrical isolator location & position Charging procedure CAUTION Low suction pressure operation! Compressor damage! Do not operate with a restricted suction.
  • Page 25: Pressure Fluctuations

    5.13 Minimum run time Emerson recommends a maximum of 10 starts per hour. There is no minimum off time because scroll compressors start unloaded even if the system has unbalanced pressures. The most critical C6.2.44/0219/E...
  • Page 26: Sound Characteristics

    (available from Emerson) and install it in a system with the longest connecting lines that are approved for the system. The minimum on time becomes the time required for oil lost during compressor start- up to return to the compressor sump and restore a minimal oil level that will ensure oil pick-up through the crankshaft.
  • Page 27: Maintenance & Repair

    Maintenance & repair Exchanging the refrigerant Qualified refrigerants and oils are given in section 2.5.1. It is not necessary to replace the refrigerant with new unless contamination due to an error such as topping up the system with an incorrect refrigerant is suspected. To verify correct refrigerant composition, a sample can be taken for chemical analysis.
  • Page 28: Lubrication And Oil Removal

    Compressors supplied by Emerson contain oil with low moisture content, and it may rise during the system assembling process. Therefore, it is recommended that a properly sized filter drier is installed in all POE systems.
  • Page 29: Unbrazing System Components

    3. Emerson does not assume responsibility for the selection, use or maintenance of any product. Responsibility for proper selection, use and maintenance of any Emerson product remains solely with the purchaser or end user.
  • Page 30 The Emerson logo is a trademark and service mark of Emerson Electric Co. Emerson Climate Technologies Inc. is a subsidiary of Emerson Electric Co. Copeland is a registered trademark and Copeland Scroll is a trademark of Emerson Climate Technologies Inc.. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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