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Emerson Copeland Scroll QF115L User Manual
Emerson Copeland Scroll QF115L User Manual

Emerson Copeland Scroll QF115L User Manual

Fusion compressor for refrigeration applications


Copeland Scroll
For Refrigeration Applications
User Manual
User Manual
Fusion Compressor



Summary of Contents for Emerson Copeland Scroll QF115L

  • Page 1 Copeland Scroll Fusion Compressor For Refrigeration Applications User Manual User Manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Leading Innovation in Scroll Semi-Hermetic Technology Technical Data Emerson realized an increasing need for a versatile, reliable, quiet, lightweight, serviceable compressor for the Cold Room market and set out to develop a solution for this need. In the development process, the company brought together Dimensional Drawings 70 years of semi-hermetic compressor expertise and 25 years of leadership in scroll technology.
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    – i.e. the air sucked in may mix with oil and gas. Such a mixture could • Use only refrigerants and oils approved by Emerson. Family Blank Mineral Oil explode due to high temperature in the scroll discharge •...
  • Page 4: Operating Envelopes

    Operating Envelopes Nameplate Information R22/R404A QF115/QF125/QF145/QF175/QF185 R404A R404A Figure 1. Nameplate and nameplate location Technical Data Evaporating Temperature QF115L QF125L QF145L QF175L QF185L QF205L Note: 20 C Return Gas Temperature. No Fan Cooling Model R404A QF115LE QF125LE QF145LE QF175LE QF185LE QF205LE R22/R404A Evaporating Temperature...
  • Page 5 50-100 ml less than the original charge. have been received. Defi ciencies should be immediately For low temperature applications the minimum cut-out reported in writing to your local Emerson Sales Offi ce. Lifting eye Lifting eye setting should not be lower than 0.3 bar(g) for a compressor...
  • Page 6: Dimensional Drawings

    Refer to catalogue or contact your All dimensions are in mm Figure 7. Piping guideline local Emerson sales offi ce for liquid line temperatures. Figure 6. Compressor connection and ports. For identifi cation refer to the Table on the next page.
  • Page 7 Electrical Installation Liquid Solenoid Valve High Pressure and Low Pressure Cut-out (Orange) connector. The wire size for these three pre- wirings is 18AWG. Settings A liquid line solenoid valve is effective in keeping liquid The compressor is supplied with a wiring diagram Figure 12, on the other hand, shows the recommended out of the low side when the system cycles on the A high-pressure control with a maximum cut-out setting...
  • Page 8: Wiring Diagram

    Wiring Diagram Wiring Instruction H G F Figure 11. CoreSense™ Wiring and Joints Step 1: Connect Compressor Motor Wires Step 2: Connect “PWR” Terminal Wires Step 3: Connect “CCC” Terminal Wires Step 4: Connect “Alarm” Terminal Wires Figure 10. Wiring Diagram Figure 12.
  • Page 9 Table 1: Glands and Wires Two restarts will be attempted after short delays, and M25, 6 Sensors if the oil level does not recover, the compressor will be stopped and locked out. An alarm message will be Gland displayed and the alarm relay will close. (Waterproof) Gland 1 Gland 2...
  • Page 10 (POE) lubricant Emkarate RL 32 3MAF. access valves and not on the vacuum pump; this serves to temperature should be around Emerson‘s recommendation In the fi eld, the oil level could be topped up with Mobil value within + 5K tolerance.
  • Page 11 Fault EXV will not work so compressor must stop an unshielded fl ame in a refrigerant charged system. Before Emerson Wiring Diagram opening up a system, it is important to remove all refrigerant Removing oil and refrigerant Compressor shutdown and automatic reset after 10 min...
  • Page 12 Tool List Item No. Tool Tool Tool Torque Value Components on Page 11 Description Specification (N.m) (Table) 16,17 Oil Level Sensor – 29 mm 130–140 13,14 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 22 23 Discharge Valve (Rotate) – 50 mm 54–60 9, 10 11 Rotalock Nut for Oil Out Tube...
  • Page 13: Contact Lists

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