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Emerson Copeland Scroll Digital HLR Series Application Manuallines


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Application Guidelines
Copeland Scroll Digital
Receiver Units HLR


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Summary of Contents for Emerson Copeland Scroll Digital HLR Series

  • Page 1 Application Guidelines Copeland Scroll Digital ™ Receiver Units HLR...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    About these guidelines ....................1 Safety instructions .................... 1 1.1 Icon explanation ......................... 1 1.2 Safety statements ......................1 1.3 General instructions ......................2 Product description ..................3 2.1 Common information about Copeland Scroll Digital™ Receiver units HLR ...... 3 2.2 Product range ........................
  • Page 3 3.4.4 Electrical protection standard (protection class) ..........14 3.4.5 HLR Receiver unit electrical data ................. 14 Starting up & operation................... 15 4.1 Charging procedure ......................15 4.1.1 Refrigerant charging procedure ................15 4.1.2 Oil charging procedure ..................15 4.2 Rotation direction of scroll compressors ................15 4.3 Maximum compressor cycle ....................
  • Page 4: About These Guidelines

    Besides the support they provide, the instructions listed herein are also critical for the proper and safe functioning of the receiver units. Emerson will not guarantee the performance and reliability of the product if it is misused in regard of these guidelines.
  • Page 5: General Instructions

    General instructions WARNING System breakdown! Personal injuries! Never install a system in the field and leave it unattended when it has no charge, a holding charge, or with the service valves closed without electrically locking out the system. System breakdown! Personal injuries! Only approved refrigerants and refrigeration oils must be used.
  • Page 6: Product Description

    Product description Common information about Copeland Scroll Digital™ Receiver units HLR Emerson has developed the Copeland Scroll Digital™ Receiver Units HLR to meet refrigeration demands for compact solutions at highest efficiency levels. These units allow continuous capacity modulation from 10% to 100% and can be combined with various condenser concepts.
  • Page 7: Product Nameplate

    Table 1: Qualified refrigerants and oils 2.6.2 Application limits For application envelopes, please refer to Select software at Medium temperature range: Evaporating temperature from -25°C up to 10°C, condensing temperature range depending on evaporating temperature. See Select software or literature for further information.
  • Page 8: Main Components Description

    Copeland EazyCool Outdoor Condensing Units" 2.7.4 Pressure switch Single-compressor units are equipped with: ▪ Dual pressure switch with automatic reset Alco Controls PS2-W7A ▪ Electronic unit controller EC2-552 with HP and LP pressure transmitters Tandem-compressor units are equipped with: ▪...
  • Page 9: Liquid Line Equipment

    For precise setting of the control, external gauges must be used. The PS2-W7A has the following characteristics: ▪ Adjustable dual pressure switch Set point adjustment range: LP (left) = -0.5 to 7 bar and HP (right) = 6 to 31 bar Differential adjustment range: LP = 0.5 to 5 bar, HP = 4 bar Factory setting: LP = 3.5 / 4.5 bar, HP = 20 bar NOTE: The HP value should be set at maximum 26.2 bar (according to EN 12263).
  • Page 10: Solenoid Valve For Copeland Scroll Digital Compressor

    2.7.6 Solenoid valve for Copeland Scroll Digital compressor Copeland Scroll Digital compressors in HLR Digital Receiver units are equipped with a 24-volt AC solenoid valve. The electronic controller operates the solenoid valve used for digital compressor modulation based on the suction pressure. 2.7.7 Oil separator: Alco Controls OSH The Alco Controls OSH-407 oil separator is fitted as standard on tandem-compressor Digital Receiver units.
  • Page 11: Parameter Modification

    In case of password value equal to "0": the first modifiable parameter code is displayed (/1). ➔ To modify parameters see chapter 2.8.2 "Parameter modification" below. In case of password value NOT equal to "0": a flashing 0 is displayed. 1) Press until the password value is displayed 2) Press SEL to confirm password...
  • Page 12 Digital Scroll compressor; the maximum output could be set below 100% if the system requests less than the maximum capacity. In that case F3 > F2. NOTE: For further information, please refer to Application Guidelines C6.1.3 " Condensing ™ available Unit Controller Copeland EazyCool Outdoor Condensing Units" C6.1.7/1110-0519/E...
  • Page 13: Installation

    Installation WARNING High pressure! Injury to skin and eyes possible! Be careful when opening connections on a pressurized item. HLR Digital Receiver units are delivered with a holding charge of neutral gas. Since these units are used with remote condensers, they should be located in such a place to prevent any dirt, plastic bag, leaves or papers from covering the condenser and its fins.
  • Page 14: Connection Access

    Connection access 3.2.1 Access to refrigeration components Suction line Discharge line Liquid line Figure 5: HLR 13-ZBD30KCE, HLR13-ZBD45KCE, HLR 13-ZBD58KCE and HLR13-ZBD76KCE Suction line Discharge line Liquid line Suction line Figure 6: HLR31-ZBDT60KCE, HLR31-ZBDT90KCE, HLR31-ZBDT116KCE and HLR31-ZBDT152KCE 3.2.2 Access door to electrical box Use supplied key to open and close the electrical box door.
  • Page 15: Refrigeration Connections

    Refrigeration connections IMPORTANT Blockage! Compressor breakdown! Maintain a flow of oxygen-free nitrogen through the system at very low pressure during brazing. Nitrogen displaces the air and prevents the formation of copper oxides in the system. If allowed to form, the copper oxide material can later be swept through the system and block screens such as those protecting capillary tubes, thermal expansion valves, and accumulator oil return holes.
  • Page 16: Electrical Connections

    Electrical connections 3.4.1 Power supply connections The electrical connection of the HLR Digital Receiver unit to the power supply must be made by qualified technicians; the electrical diagrams are located inside the electrical connection box. Auxiliary relay K10 Contactor K1 Transformer T1 Circuit breaker Fuses F1, F2...
  • Page 17: Discharge Temperature Protection

    3.4.3 Discharge temperature protection Under extreme operating conditions internal discharge temperatures can reach very high levels. The HLR Receiver units are equipped with digital gas temperature control on the compressor top cap, connected directly to the EC2-552 controller. 3.4.4 Electrical protection standard (protection class) ▪...
  • Page 18: Starting Up & Operation

    NOTE: The oil level should be approximately halfway up the sight glass. Emerson recommends charging the unit with one of the following oil types: ▪ Emkarate RL 32 3MAF ▪...
  • Page 19: Checks Before Starting Up And During Operation

    ▪ Check that the electrical panel is closed. ▪ After starting up and operation conditions are stabilised, Emerson recommends to check the oil level in compressor(s) and if needed to add oil to ensure a sufficient oil level (halfway up the sight glass).
  • Page 20 The Emerson logo is a trademark and service mark of Emerson Electric Co. Emerson Climate Technologies Inc. is a subsidiary of Emerson Electric Co. Copeland is a registered trademark and Copeland Scroll is a trademark of Emerson Climate Technologies Inc.. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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