Internet Portal; Freeview Play Platform - Toshiba 32W3753DB Operating Instructions Manual

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Internet Portal

HINT: A broadband internet connection is required
for high quality viewing. You must set the country
option accordingly in the First Time Installation
for proper operation of the internet portal.
Portal feature adds your TV a feature that allows you to
connect a server on the Internet and view the content
provided by this server over your Internet connection.
Portal feature allows you to view the music, video, clip
or web content with defined short-cuts. Whether you
can view this content without interruption depends
on the connection speed provided by your internet
service provider.
Press the Internet button on your remote control
to open internet portal page. You will see icons of
the available applications and services on the portal
screen. Use the directional buttons on your remote
to select the desired one. You may view the desired
content by pressing OK after selecting. Press Back/
Return button to return back to the previous screen.
Moreover, you can access some features using the
short-cut feature defined for the coloured or numeric
buttons of your remote.
Press the Exit button to quit the Internet portal mode.
PIP Window (depending on portal service)
Current source content will be displayed in the PIP
window, if you switch to portal mode while on any
active source.
If you switch to portal mode while watching TV
channels, current programme will be displayed in
the PIP window.
Possible application dependent problems may be caused by
the content service provider.
Portal service content and the interface may be changed at
any time without prior notice.
Third party internet services may change, be discontinued or
restricted at any time.
iPlayer Application
You can access BBC iPlayer using your TV. Select
BBC iPlayer application among the portal options.
Press the OK button on your remote control to start
the BBC iPlayer application.
Note: Broadband internet connection (minumum 2mbps) is
required for high quality viewing.
Playing a Programme via iPlayer
Select a programme and press OK button. The
programme playback will begin.
You can press the Pause button to pause playback.
Press the Play button to resume the playback.
Use the Stop button to stop the playback.
Press the Exit button to exit iPlayer. Press the Return
/Back button for going back to the previous screen.
Note: "Episode is unavailable" message may be displayed
on the screen if a problem occurs during the playback.
Searching a Programme
Highlight the Search tab using the navigation buttons
and press the OK button. Use the virtual keyboard to
type the letters. Select letters and press the OK button.
The results will be listed below. Highlight the desired
one and wait until the related videos appear. Select
one among the videos using the directional buttons
and press the OK button to start the playback.
Note: There are also some other BBC applications such as
Sport and News available on the portal.

Freeview Play Platform

Freeview Play platform provides catch-up TV and
On Demand services. Simply press the Freeview
Play button on your remote control to connect to the
Freeview Play platform.
The Freeview Play platform can also be accessed
from the main menu or internet portal. Press Menu
button and select Internet. Then highlight Freeview
Play and press the OK button. Or open the internet
portal of the TV and select the Freeview Play among
available applications. Then press the OK button.
You will have to agree to the terms and conditions
for Freeview Play services first if you did not agree
them during the First Time Installation. Highlight Yes
and press OK on the remote to confirm and proceed.
Integrated TV Player applications will be displayed.
Select one and press the OK button. Then select a
content that you want to play back and press the OK
button to watch.
Catch-up contents can also be accessed and played
back directly from the TV Guide. Refer to the section
Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) for more
The Freeview Play services may only be used if the
following requirements are fulfilled:
• Connecting the aerial cable to the TV and carrying
out digital channel scan. Make sure that BBC and
ITV channels are installed.
• Connecting the TV to the internet. A minimum
broadband speed of 2Mbps is required for proper
operation of catch up and on demand services.
• Agreeing to the terms and conditions of Freeview
Note: Freeview Play platform usage will count towards any
monthly broadband data allowance. Only selected channels
provide 7-day catch up.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents