Cec And Cec Rc Passthrough; E-Manual (If Available) - Toshiba 32W3753DB Operating Instructions Manual

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CEC and CEC RC Passthrough

This function allows to control the CEC-enabled
devices, that are connected through HDMI ports by
using the remote control of the TV.
The CEC option in the System>Settings>More menu
should be set as Enabled at first. Press the Source
button and select the HDMI input of the connected
CEC device from the Sources List menu. When
new CEC source device is connected, it will be listed
in source menu with its own name instead of the
connected HDMI ports name(such as DVD Player,
Recorder 1 etc.).
The TV remote is automatically able to perform the
main functions after the connected HDMI source has
been selected.
To terminate this operation and control the TV via
the remote again, press Quick Menu button on the
remote, highlight the CEC RC Passthrough and
set as Off by pressing Left or Right button. This
feature can also be enabled or disabled under the
System>Settings>More menu.
The TV supports ARC (Audio Return Channel). This
feature is an audio link meant to replace other cables
between the TV and an audio system (A/V receiver
or speaker system).
When ARC is active, the TV does not mute its other
audio outputs automatically. You will need to decrease
TV volume to zero manually if you wish to hear the
ARC audio only (same as optical or co-axial digital
audio outputs). If you want to change connected
device's volume level, you should select that device
from the source list. In that case volume control keys
are directed to connected audio device.
Note: ARC is supported only via the HDMI1 input.
System Audio Control
Allows an Audio Amplifier/Receiver to be used with
the TV. The volume can be controlled using the
remote control of the TV. To activate this feature set
the Speakers option in the System>Settings>More
menu as Amplifier. The TV speakers will be muted
and the sound of the watched source will be provided
from the connected sound system.
Note: The audio device should support System Audio Control
feature and CEC option should be set as Enabled.

E-Manual (if available)

You can find instructions for your TV's features in
the E-Manual.
To use E-Manual, press to the Info button while main
menu is displayed on the screen or press Quick Menu
button, select Information Booklet and press OK.
By using the directional buttons select a desired
category. Every category includes different topics.
Select a topic and press OK to read instructions.
To close the E-Manual screen press the Exit or Menu
Note: The contents of the E-Manual may vary according to
the model.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents