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Media Playback via USB Input

You can connect 2.5" and 3.5" inch (hdd with external power
supply) external hard disk drives or USB memory stick to your
TV by using the USB inputs of the TV.
IMPORTANT! Back up the files on your storage devices
before connecting them to the TV. Manufacturer will
not be responsible for any file damage or data loss.
Certain types of USB devices (e.g. MP3 Players)
or USB hard disk drives/memory sticks may not be
compatible with this TV. The TV supports FAT32
and NTFS disk formatting but recording will not be
available with NTFS formatted disks.
While formatting USB hard drives which have
more than 1TB (Tera Byte) storage space you may
experience some problems in the formatting process.
Wait a little while before each plugging and unplugging
as the player may still be reading files. Failure to do
so may cause physical damage to the USB player
and the USB device itself. Do not pull out your drive
while playing a file.
You can use USB hubs with your TV's USB inputs.
External power supplied USB hubs are recommended
in such a case.
It is recommended to use the TV's USB input(s)
directly, if you are going to connect a USB hard disk.
Note: When viewing image files the Media Browser menu
can only display 1000 image files stored on the connected
USB device.

Recording a Programme

IMPORTANT: When using a new USB hard disk
drive, it is recommended that you first format the disk
using your TV's Format Disk option in the Media
Browser>Settings>Recording Settings menu.
To record a programme, you should first connect a
USB disk to your TV while the TV is switched off. You
should then switch on the TV to enable the recording
When the TV is turned on, it is a random choice which
connected USB drive will be picked out by the TV to
be the PVR drive.
To use recording your USB drive should have 2 GB
free space and be USB 2.0 compatible. If the USB
drive is not compatible an error message will be
To record long duration programmes such as movies,
it is recommended to use USB Hard disk drives
Recorded programmes are saved into the connected
USB disk. If desired, you can store/copy recordings
onto a computer; however, these files will not be
available to be played on a computer. You can play
the recordings only via your TV.
Lip Sync delay may occur during the timeshifting.
Radio record is supported. The TV can record
programmes up to ten hours.
Recorded programmes are split into 4GB partitions.
If the writing speed of the connected USB disk is not
sufficient, the recording may fail and the timeshifting
feature may not be available.
It is recommended to use USB hard disk drives for
recording HD programmes.
Do not pull out the USB/HDD during a recording. This
may harm the connected USB/HDD.
If the AC cord is unplugged while there is an active
USB-recording timer setting, it will be cancelled.
Multipartition support is available. A maximum of two
different partitions are supported. The first partition
of the USB disk is used for USB Recording ready
features. It also must be formatted as the primary
partition to be used for the USB Recording ready
Some stream packets may not be recorded because
of signal problems, as a result sometimes videos may
freeze during playback.
Record, Play, Pause, Display (for PlayListDialog) keys
can not be used when teletext is on. If a recording starts
from timer when teletext is on, teletext is automatically
turned off. Also teletext usage is disabled when there
is an ongoing recording or playback.

Timeshift Recording

Press Pause button while watching a broadcast to
activate timeshifting mode. In timeshifting mode, the
programme is paused and simultaneously recorded
to the connected USB disk.
Press Play button again to resume the paused
programme from where you stopped. Press the Stop
button to stop timeshift recording and return to the
live broadcast.
Timeshift cannot be used while in radio mode.
You can use the timeshift fast reverse feature after
resuming normal playback or fast forward option.

Instant Recording

Press Record button to start recording an event
instantly while watching a programme. You can press
Record button on the remote control again to record
the next event after selecting the next programme
from within the EPG. Press Stop button to cancel
instant recording.
You can not switch broadcasts or view the media
browser during the recording mode. While recording
a programme or during the timeshifting, a warning
message appears on the screen if your USB device
speed is not sufficient.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents