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System - Picture Menu Contents
Energy Saving
Advanced Settings
Dynamic Contrast
Noise Reduction
Colour Temp
White Point
Picture Zoom
Film Mode
Skin Tone
Colour Shift
HDMI Full Range
PC Position
H Position
V Position
Dot Clock
While in VGA (PC) mode, some items in Picture menu will be unavailable. Instead, VGA mode settings will be added to the Picture
Settings while in PC mode.
You can change the picture mode to suit your preference or requirements. Picture mode can
be set to one of these options: Cinema, Game(optional), Sports, Dynamic and Natural.
Adjusts the light and dark values on the screen.
Adjusts the brightness values on the screen.
Sets the sharpness value for the objects displayed on the screen.
Sets the colour value, adjusting the colours.
For setting the Energy Saving to Custom, Minimum, Medium, Maximum, Auto,
Screen Off or Off.
Note: Available options may differ depending on the selected Mode.
This setting controls the backlight level. The backlight function will be inactive if the
Energy Saving is set to an option other then Custom.
You can change the dynamic contrast ratio to desired value.
If the signal is weak and the picture is noisy, use the Noise Reduction setting to reduce
the amount of noise.
Sets the desired colour temperature value. Cool, Normal, Warm and Custom options are
If the Colour Temp option is set as Custom, this setting will be available. Increase the
'warmth' or 'coolness' of the picture by pressing Left or Right buttons.
Sets the desired image size format.
Films are recorded at a different number of frames per second to normal television programmes.
Turn this feature on when you are watching films to see the fast motion scenes clearly.
Skin tone can be changed between -5 and 5.
Adjust the desired colour tone.
While watching from a HDMI source, this feature will be visible. You can use this feature to
enhance blackness in the picture.
Appears only when the input source is set to VGA/PC.
Automatically optimizes the display. Press OK to optimize.
This item shifts the image horizontally to the right hand side or left hand side of the screen.
This item shifts the image vertically towards the top or bottom of the screen.
Dot Clock adjustments correct the interference that appear as vertical banding in dot
intensive presentations like spreadsheets or paragraphs or text in smaller fonts.
Depending on the input source(computer etc.) you may see a hazy or noisy picture on the
screen. You can use phase to get a clearer picture by trial and error.
Resets the picture settings to factory default settings (except Game mode).
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents