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  • Page 1 User Manual Built-in Electric Oven HWO60S11TPX1 Cod:0040304193...
  • Page 2 Recipes ........................28...
  • Page 3: Disposal Of The Appliance

    Make use of residual heat from the oven If the cooking time is greater than 40 minutes switch off the oven 10 minutes before the end time Important when using the timer appropriately shorter cooking times according to the dish being prepared Make sure the oven door is properly closed.
  • Page 4 1. Oven operation buttons 2. Display 3. Oven door handle 4. Oven door...
  • Page 5 The kitchen should be dry and have effective ventilation according to the existing technical provisions. Main lead behind the oven must be placed in such manner to avoid touching the back panel of the oven because of the heat it develops during operation. Remove any packaging materials(foils,artificial foam,nails,etc.)from the reach of children,because they represent potential danger.Children may swallow small parts, or suffocate with foils.
  • Page 6: Residual Heat Indicator

    Button Explanation ● Remove packaging,clean the interior of the oven. ● Take out and wash the oven fittings with warm water and a little washing-up liquid. ON/OFF button For on / off the oven. ● Switch on the ventilation in the room or open a window. Oven function For upward downward selection of functional.
  • Page 7 3. This time Top element+Grill+Bottom element+Fan simultaneously work, When functions conflicts rapid increase in internal temperature oven. ● )and the end Use ON/OFF switch “ ” turn off the oven, the cooking time(“ ” 4. After rapid heating to reach the set temperature,Icon “...
  • Page 8: Semi-Automatic Operation

    1. At power on,displayed “00:00”. Automatic operation keep flashing. 2. Touch clock button “ ” time display “12:00 ”,and “ ” Touch button “ ” to set end time only after set cook time. 3. Touch “ ” or “ ”...
  • Page 9 Circular heater Fan Do not wait until the oven is coated in grease to with Bottom Element run a pyrolytic programme. The smoke produced by pyrolysis is broken down This operates the fan oven with the by passing through a catalyser. convection element and the bottom element allowing for cooking with Please note: Before any pyrolytic programme,...
  • Page 10: Oven Cleaning

    Before any maintenance is started involving electrical parts, the appliance must be disconnected from the power supply. If the oven has been in use, let the oven cavity and the heating elements cool down before attempting any maintenance. Changing the bulb Unscrew the protective cover.
  • Page 11 ● Call the service centre ● Some minor faults can be fixed by referring to the instructions given in the table below.Before calling the customer support centre or the service centre check the following points that are presented in the table. “0.00”.
  • Page 14 Grill table Grill table HWO60S11TPX1 Temp( p(℃ ℃ ) ) Temp Temp ( ( ℃ ℃ ) ) Grill time Type of meat for grill Type of meat for grill Weight Weight Guide Guide Grill time (in grams) (in grams)

Table of Contents