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Residual Heat Indicator - Haier HWO60S11TPX1 User Manual


Table of Contents
● Remove packaging,clean the interior of the oven.
● Take out and wash the oven fittings with warm water and a little washing-up liquid.
● Switch on the ventilation in the room or open a window.
● Heat the oven(to a temperature of 250℃,for approx.30 min.),remove any stains
and wash carefully.
Working model display
Child lock
ON/OFF button
Oven lamp
Oven function
Cooking time
End of cooking time
Child Safety Device
Time display
Temperature display
Clock Function
OK button
Selector Buttons
Speed cook
Current time
ON/OFF button
For on / off the oven.
Oven function
For upward downward selection of functional.
Oven lamp
For on / off oven lamp;Select a function, the light will turn on.
Used to set the clock, alarm, cooking time,end of cooking time.
Clock Function
OK button
Heating process used to confirm the selection.
After set a functions, touch this type you can set different
When set the clock, alarm, cooking time,end
Selector Buttons
of cooking time,touch this key time of addition and
subtraction can be realized
To enable rapid heating.After setting the function and
temperature, touch this button allows the oven temperature
reaches the set temperature quickly
As soon as the child safety device is engaged,the appliance can no
Child lock button
longer be switched on.
Use the function and temperature selector at the same time can turn on/off the oven.
Above is the control panel diagram, actual function please refer to product.
Select or set a function, must press button"
Heating Indicator
When the
" is on, that the oven is heating.
Also will show the heating status "
of the setting temperature.

Residual Heat Indicator

After oven stop working, temperature display
information. 5 sections each stand for 20% of setting temperature.
Speedcook function is mainly used for preheating the oven. And preheating functionis
not yet complete, you can by pressing the speedcook button"
do the following:
1. Setting the function and temperature (See steps on page 12 "Feature Selection
/temperature regulation").
2. Touch the rapid cooking button "
" the temperature display will show "
the rapid cooking function is activated.
", total 5 sections, each present 20%
" show the residue heat
"any time toexecute.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents