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  • Page 1 BD-HM59 BD-HM59C Blu-ray Disc Player ™ user manual imagine the possibilities Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product. To receive more complete service, please register your product at ENGLISH...
  • Page 2: Safety Information

    Safety Information Before connecting the AC power cord - Accumulated dust can cause an ● to the DC adaptor outlet, make sure the electric shock, an electric leakage, voltage designation of the DC adaptor or a fire by causing the power cord corresponds to the local electrical supply.
  • Page 3: Precautions

    Do not expose this apparatus to dripping The user is encouraged to try to correct 7. Do not block any ventilation openings. CAUTION : ● Install in accordance with the or splashing. Do not put objects filled the interference by one or more of the CLASS 3B VISIBLE AND INVISIBLE LASER ●...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Using the 3D function As the video resolution in 3D play mode ● is fixed according to the resolution of the original 3D video, you can not change IMPORTANT HEALTH AND SAFETY the resolution to your preference. Network Settings ....... 14 SAFETy INFORmATION INFORMATION FOR 3D PICTURES.
  • Page 5: Getting Started

    Getting Started Logos of Discs the player can Region Code play Both players and discs are coded by region. Before using the User Manual These regional codes must match for a disc to play. If the codes do not match, the disc will not play.
  • Page 6 - MPEG4 SP, ASP : If the problem continues, contact the USB HDD manufacturer. Below 1280 x 720 : 60 frames max SAMSUNG is not responsible for any data file damage or data loss. ● Above 1280 x 720 : 30 frames max Your player does not support NTFS compressed files, sparse files, or encrypted files.
  • Page 7: Accessories

    Front Panel AVCHd (Advanced Video Codec High definition) This player can play back AVCHD format discs. These discs are normally recorded and pLAy/pAUSE BUTTON ● used in camcorders. The AVCHD format is a high definition digital video camera format. STOp BUTTON ●...
  • Page 8: Remote Control

    Connections Remote Control Tour of the Remote Control Connecting to a TV Turn the player on and off. Turn the TV on and off. Connect an HDMI cable (not supplied) from the HDMI OUT jack on the back After setup, allows you to set the input of the product to the HDMI IN jack on your TV.
  • Page 9: Connecting To An Audio System

    Audio Audio ✎ NOTES Internet access to Samsung's software update server may not be allowed, ■ depending on the router you use or your ISP's policy. For more information, contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider). DSL users, please use a router to make a network connection.
  • Page 10: Settings

    4. On the TV Aspect screen, select the to your network. In compliance with the newest Wi-Fi certification specifications, Samsung Blu-ray desired TV Aspect Ratio, and then ■ To run the Initial Settings procedure, players do not support WEP, TKIP, or TKIP-AES (WPS2 Mixed) security encryption in press the v button.
  • Page 11: Wired Network

    Press Anynet+(HDMI-CEC) compliant a previous d Skip m move " Select the number buttons on your Samsung TV using HDMI Cable. remote to enter numbers. Use 2) Set the Anynet+(HDMI-CEC) 2. After the player verifies the the keyboard to enter letters.
  • Page 12: Accessing The Settings Menu

    ■ Auto Resolution of Resolution of Resolution, etc. options require that you have and a Samsung TV with BD Wise to TV input TV input an appropriate disc inserted into each other via HDMI, and BD Wise is 1080p@60F 3d Settings...
  • Page 13: Audio Settings

    movie Frame (24Fs) dVd playback digital Output Selection ● Setting the Movie Frame (24Fs) feature HdmI / connected Output Bitstream Bitstream to Auto allows you to adjust the Bitstream Setup HdmI mode Setup (Re-encoded (Re-encoded player’s HDMI output to 24 frames per (Unprocessed) dTS) dolby d)
  • Page 14: Network Settings

    dynamic Range Control Configuring your Network Bitstream Bitstream Bitstream Setup (Re-encoded (Re-encoded Connection (Unprocessed) Lets you apply dynamic range control dTS) dolby d) to Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Before you begin, contact your ISP Decodes main and Dolby True HD audio. Decodes main to find out if your IP address is static feature audio...
  • Page 15 ✎ 1. Follow the directions in Wireless - Wired - manual NOTES Ğ Network Settings Automatic through Step 5. You can get the Network values ■ If you have a static IP address or from your Internet provider. Select your network type. 2.
  • Page 16 10. On the Security screen, enter your Your player automatically acquires all For WPS connection, set your 1. Turn on the Wi-Fi direct device and ■ wireless router’s security encryption network's Security Code or Pass the network settings values it needs activate its Wi-Fi Direct function.
  • Page 17 ✎ ✎ Text files, such as files with a .TXT Through the player Using pBC NOTES NOTES ■ or .DOC extension, do not display You can connect to a device that What is a valid certificate? ■ 1. Select the Wi-Fi Direct device you ■...
  • Page 18: System Settings

    This function is not available if the disconnect the USB device in the ■ HDMI cable does not support CEC. middle of playback. If your Samsung TV has an Anynet+ Your player supports the FAT16, ■ ■ logo, then it supports the Anynet+ FAT32, and NTFS file systems.
  • Page 19 USB Host jack. Samsung Electronics takes no legal To change the PIN, follow these steps: ■ When the software upgrade is Support Settings ■...
  • Page 20: Media Play

    Media Play Samsung Electronics takes no legal Auto Upgrade Notification ■ responsibility for player malfunction caused by an unstable Internet If you have connected the player to ✎ NOTES connection or consumer negligence Playing a Commercially your network, and then set Auto during software upgrade.
  • Page 21 ✎ 4. If necessary, use the ▲▼◀▶ Playing Content Located NOTES method 2 buttons to select a folder, and on Your PC or DLNA Device Even though the player will display ■ 1. Turn the player on. then press the v button. folders for all content types, it will through the Blu-ray Disc only display files of the Content...
  • Page 22 ✎ Controlling Video Playback Controlling Music Playback NOTES In pause mode, press the Even though the player will display 4 button. Each time ■ You can control the playback of Slow motion folders for all content types, it will only You can control the playback of music you press the 4 button, play...
  • Page 23 ✎ 5. Use the ▲▼ buttons to select the Repeat an Audio Cd (Cd-dA)/ NOTES playlist device to store the ripped files to, You can create a playlist with up to ■ and then press the v button. 99 tracks on Audio CDs (CD-DA). 1.
  • Page 24 ✎ 5. Repeat Step 4 to select and check Playing Photo Contents NOTES disc Copy to USB additional files. Depending on the disc or storage ■ 6. To remove a file from the list, device, the Tools menu may differ. Lets you copy video/photo/music You can control the playback of move to the file, and then press...
  • Page 25 Terms of Service Agreement and the ✎ NOTES and then press the v button. Samsung Service Privacy Policy. You selected appears at the top of the To return to the previous page, ■ must agree to both to continue. After field on the right.
  • Page 26: Using Pandora

    Terms of Service Agreement and ray player launches Pandora. the Terms of Service Agreement and the Samsung Service Privacy Policy. Activation is complete. Stop here. the Samsung Service Privacy Policy. You must agree to both to continue.
  • Page 27 3. After the video starts, press the 3. Repeat Step 2 to select more Current play List Videos my you Tube v button. The Control Panel letters or numbers. appears. 1. With a video running and the My You Tube lets you access your You 4.
  • Page 28: Appendix

    ● with the remote control. Operate the remote control at a distance of no more than 20 feet from the player. ● Samsung authorized service center. Remove batteries and hold down one or more buttons for several ● dLNA function minutes to drain the microprocessor inside the remote control to reset it.
  • Page 29: Specifications

    RW/-R discs; and CD-RW/-R discs. work on your player. We recommend you read this manually thoroughly, search for a solution on line at, or Discs other than those listed above cannot be and are not intended to be played by this player.
  • Page 30 AACS protected contents. Third party services may be terminated or interrupted at any time, and Samsung makes no The operation of this product and restrictions on this product may vary depending on your time representation or warranty that any content or service will remain available for any period of time.
  • Page 31 SAMSUNG will repair or replace this product, at our option and at no charge as stipulated herein, with new or reconditioned parts or products if found to be defective during the limited warranty period specified above.
  • Page 32 QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS? COUNTRy CALL OR VISIT US ONLINE AT WRITE Samsung Electronics America, Inc. 1-800-SAMSUNG IN THE US 85 Challenger Road Ridgefield Park, (726-7864) NJ 07660 © 2014 Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd. All rights reserved AK68-02473A-03 AK68-02473A-03...

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