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What if I'm getting Internet service but my speed is
• Be sure you know what speed you're paying for.
• Check the speed with a computer plugged into the modem.
Use one of the tools found when you search the phrase:
broadband speed test.
• If you get good speed when a computer's plugged into the
modem, you may have a router problem.
• Some video streaming services get bottlenecked, especially
at busy times like after dinner. See whether you have the
speed problem at less busy times.
• Try connecting your cable modem nearer to where the
coaxial cable comes into your home. This lets you see
whether your home's cabling is a problem.
• If you're using a splitter with your cable modem, try the cable
modem without the splitter to see if that helps. If it does,
you may need to get a better splitter.
What if I'm told that my cable modem isn't approved for my
cable modem service?
• That's probably not true. Leading cable service providers
have a list of certified cable modems, and you can check the
list for your service provider. You can also find information
about certifications at
Do you have any other questions? We have lots more
information at

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents