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Table of Contents
Prepare to activate
By now you should have:
• Subscribed to cable Internet service.
• Connected your cable modem.
• Powered up your cable modem. To do this, the On/Off
button needs to be On. Wait for the green online
connection light
to stop flashing and remain solidly
lit. This may take up to 15 minutes.
You should have a recent cable bill handy because it
has your account number and you'll probably need
If you're asked for information about your cable
modem, you can find this on the label on the bottom
of the modem.
For some service providers, you activate by calling
them. Many service providers including Comcast and
Cox prefer that you activate by opening the Web
browser of a computer that's plugged into the
MB7420's Ethernet port.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents